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Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories' started by Shutterdragon, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. Shutterdragon

    Shutterdragon Subscriber

    Yo guys , ive seen alot of you keep your stash in those airtight jars that latch and seal. I think their called mason jars? Anyways I was wondering where you guys got em from? What kinda store would carry them?
  2. Jake

    Jake Sr. Member

    Head shops, maybe a few gas stations.
  3. Jack_Torrance

    Jack_Torrance The Other One

    i dont call the jars with the latches mason jars, to me mason hars have a 2 piece cap; a top with a rubber edging to seal and the band to hold the top on. below shows 4 mason jars, 2 with the tops off. the one on the right is the kind of jar you are talking about i think, tho really big (i dont use that one to actually hold nuggets). i think the mason jars seal much better than the latch ones. the grocery store near me has all these sizes of mason jars and more, they are real cheap usually like $9 for a case of 12 (the only sell them by the case). they are used for canning fruits and stuff so at whatever stores sell taht stuff, i have also seen them sold one at a time at craft stores. i have tons of these laying around, they are great and reusable and very cheap to replace if they get too old or broken.

    also, on a side note shutter, what makes you want to come to a marijuana board if you have never smoked marijuna?

  4. SurfThis

    SurfThis Subscriber

    I get mine from the grocery store, just ask them if they carry canning jars. Or maybe wal mart or something
  5. Shutterdragon

    Shutterdragon Subscriber

    yeah thats what i was thinking. Would you all agree this is a good way to keep bud for maybe a month at max? Just long enough for me to smoke what i have and stay fresh or?
  6. SurfThis

    SurfThis Subscriber

    Yeah, they'll work pretty good, just make sure to keep it out of the light. I tape a piece of black paper around it to keep all light out, especially if you're going to hve it for a while.
  7. Shutterdragon

    Shutterdragon Subscriber

    Heh... i should make the post i made a sticky, ive gotten this question countless tiems and it always comes back bad on worries though, your probably just curious..i dunno either way here a post i made awhile back.

    it explains most of it.
  8. Those mason jars work really well...I also think the two-part lid gives a better seal than the latch ones...

    Either way, they are a good way if you're gonna hold your bud for over a week or two...
  9. SuperTorch

    SuperTorch Sr. Member

    If you have an airtight seal you can keep things fresh for 5-10-20 years. I put a banana peel in a mason jar and it stayed yellow for 8 years, just like the day it was peeled. If you have Zero new air then whats inside becomes a frozen state. Bannana peels as you know turn deep black in in 12 hours yet this one I put in a small mason jar was as yellow as could be in year eight. If you don't beleave me give it a try. Weed in a small jar will not grow 1 micron of mold or age one second even if its been in there for 5 years. The key is the abosolute absences of oxygen.
  10. kansastoker

    kansastoker New Member

    they sell them at the hardware store i work at. They are "canning" jars, they're not specifically made for marijuana or anything, so i doubt a head shop would have them.
  11. dreamsurge

    dreamsurge New Member

    I use film canisters.
  12. wojo420

    wojo420 New Member

    Wouldn't a lack of oxygen require sucking out all the air in the jar to create a vacuum of sorts? Like those vacuum sealers for food, foodsavers i think they are called. Theres infomercials for them all the time.
  13. I think they mean no circulating open air.
  14. SuperTorch

    SuperTorch Sr. Member

    No because what oxigen is in there isn't enough to let the MJ degrade it needs a new supply for there to be any orgainic change. Thats why the banana peel was just by chance the perfect proof, because if you have ever left one on a shelf you know it totaly black in 24 hours. This set insdde this air tight glass jar for 8 years and it was as yellow as the day it was peeled and in 3 minutes went in. Just get a mason jar and put a fresh banana peel in it and after a month with no change you'll realize how good of storage it is. Fresh MJ can be kep't for even 50 years in an air tight glass container.
  15. wojo420

    wojo420 New Member

    tight! good to know, thanks guys.
  16. ADIDAS

    ADIDAS Represent. KY

    So that means it doesnt lose potency either??? Im going to have to get one of these mason jars because my jar is a piece of shit. Got it at Wal-Mart for 1 dollar and it dried my shit out in a matter of hours. That banana peel thing is really cool though, gonna have to try that.
  17. SuperTorch

    SuperTorch Sr. Member

    Well if you had an air tight glass jar it shouldn't have dried it out much at all, the banana peel still had its moisture after 8 years it came out soft and yellow. The only thing you can't do is set it in direct sun light. A jar with a sock around it is best or any light blocker. Any type of living thing that reproduces needs oxygen to live, decay is really small bacteria breaking the organic material down, but once the oxygen runs out then the bacteria are kind of put in a dormant state. There are caves in the world where animals have fallen to their deaths and because of the lack of oxygen at the bottom of the cave, you can go there and those animals loooked like they died yesterday even though it was 500 years ago that they died there, because of the lack of new oxygen they have no decay whatsoever. The banana proved it to me after 8 years I had to say that muthas gonna be yellow forever. I don't know all the issues and sun light will damage it oxygen or no oxygen but thats from the suns radiation. Needless to say mason jars are easy to find and you get the joy of seeing your weed inside :), I'd buy 4-6 of the smallest they have and put your stash in those, because each time you open a jar and reclose it, the marijuana will age a little, so try to have a set up that whatever you open your going to smoke. There are also machines that will pull the air out of mason jars allthough that may be overkill, they run about $50-$75 and will vaccum seal a mason jar. In fact any glass jar you see at a store will work, little mayo jars rock, just be sure to clean them so you buds dont smell like mayo, also although the lids work fine for a really long time, if you feel like your not geting a super tight seal, just use about 1-2sheets of suranwrap over the opening of the jar and then put you lid on and you'll be good to store that rare KB you stumble upon, for for years on end for rare occasions. The smaller the jar the better in my opinion, little jars that hold 1 days worth of buds are the ideal goal.
  18. Jdezle21

    Jdezle21 Jr. Member

    You should look into a career as a "Mason Jar Specialist" :laugh:
  19. endo420

    endo420 New Member

    i need to stash at least a half for 2-3 months, whats the best way to preserve it without it losing its potency or without it getting moldy.
    Ive heard alot about mason jars but will the "420 stash" jars to the job just as well?
  20. WeedMILF

    WeedMILF New Member

    The best airtight stash jar... Herb Preserve. Keeps your herb fresh like the dispensaries for over six months. Everyone should be using one.

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