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Discussion in 'Places and People' started by Carolina2AK, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. Carolina2AK

    Carolina2AK New Member

    Hey guys, I am new to Alaska, and to this site. I posted in a thread I saw about Alaska, and it seemed to die. Being new in town sucks, so I figured it would help to at least chat and maybe get to know how things work around here.

    I have been smoking since I was about 14, so about 10 years. I haven't smoked in quite a while due to the move and not knowing anyone here. I hear it is legal here, so it sucks to finally be legal and now be the time I am not smoking. Kinda ironic.

    I went to that liquidation sale they had over the weekend for electronics, jewelry, and clothes and was shocked to see pipes there. I am from the south, the bible belt if you will, so seeing things that out and open is shocking to me.

    Seems like no one wants to talk about it though. I bought some weed shirts and dropped as many hints as I could to no avail. Did the same at a local head shop. I ended up buying some of that salvia just to have something to smoke. Figured something was better than nothing, but it is bad news haha.

    I guess just post and let me know how things work around here if you can. Would be nice to meet some nice people here. 420 friendly gamers are my people.
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  2. Ever think of self sufficiency? It is very rewarding.
  3. Carolina2AK

    Carolina2AK New Member

    I assume you mean growing? I have man, but I don't have any seeds and that would take months and I don't know much about it at all.

    Honestly, the thing is, I have a wedding to go to back home and all of my friends are going to want to party hard and I haven't smoked in the longest time since I started. I know I won't be able to keep up, so trying to get back into smoking shape so to speak before I head home.

    Thanks for the reply though, good to finally get one. what happened to all the people in the other Alaska thread?
  4. prorathack10

    prorathack10 New Member

    your area could be just dry or there aren't usually any people around there selling..
    you just got to know where to look and you will find..
    you might be looking in places that doesnt seem to have any good hookups
  5. Carolina2AK

    Carolina2AK New Member

    Thanks for the reply. I am completely new here, that is my biggest problem. Don't know anyone personally, and people aren't talkative about it, and aren't likely to help out a stranger I guess. I just have to try what I can.
  6. queso

    queso New Member

    i was watching crips on gangland, and while i was watching they said that they move to alaska to sell weed. so try to find one of them gang bangers, to sell you some lol.
  7. Carolina2AK

    Carolina2AK New Member

    Seems like sometimes this forum doesn't post my replies...

    Seems like a terrible idea queso haha, good show though. I must have missed that one.
  8. Zandijuana

    Zandijuana Member

    Not to thread hijack, but where are you from in the south? I've lived in TX for a while and we have plenty of stores with open pipes, bongs, scales, etc etc

    Fact is, plenty of people smoke and distribute it in AK. It is agaisn't the rules to provide a hookup, so all we can do is give advice. Keep trying around headshops etc, keep trying new friends, you will find somebody eventually, trust me. There's really nothing else I can say to help. We have quite a few alaska regular smokers here on the forums though I assume they just get it from a friend
  9. Carolina2AK

    Carolina2AK New Member

    Double posted. Before it didn't post at all, now I get a double? lol
  10. Carolina2AK

    Carolina2AK New Member

    As far as I know, it is pretty open in Texas. Never been there, just what I have heard.

    I am from South Carolina, hence the name. Moved to NC the last few years i was there. Seems the cops have nothing better to do than harass smokers.
  11. Zandijuana

    Zandijuana Member

    Ah, interesting. and that's too funny, carolina2ak, I didn't even catch it, I thought your name was Caroline. Lol. But yea, I wish I could help more, I know there's some AK fellas in here, but I can't speak for them

    I edited and added a few sentences to my last post also
  12. Carolina2AK

    Carolina2AK New Member

    A lot of people on xbox live ask if I am a girl because of my name too. Usually Brits, I always have to explain. My name is similar there too.

    Thanks for the tips. I just don't really have friends here yet, so hitting up head shops and things is my only option, but they aren't likely to help a stranger. Just have to keep trying I guess, but that is why I posted here, figure it can't hurt.
  13. emuhhleee

    emuhhleee emtard smash!

    my name is emily, i'm in palmer.
    if you can find me, i will help you out.
  14. Carolina2AK

    Carolina2AK New Member

    I doubt I would be able to find you haha. There is a dude on Craigslist right now claiming he mails it to people, but I think that has to be a setup. If it is too good to be true, it usually is. Has to be either a cop or a scam.

    I wish it was legal so shit like that would be legit. It would rule.
  15. Carolina2AK

    Carolina2AK New Member

    If you can give me some kind of hint of how I could find you, I actually have a way to get around tomorrow, might be a possibility. I am in Anchorage and don't really know my way around, but I have a gps.
  16. emuhhleee

    emuhhleee emtard smash!

    well, hit me up through mail... where abouts in anchorage are you, because i might be able to find something out there too.

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  17. Carolina2AK

    Carolina2AK New Member

    I am near Diamond Mall. I went to your profile page and it says you have no contact info...kinda new to this site, so I am probably missing something here.
  18. Zandijuana

    Zandijuana Member

    Send her a private message. Look up to where it says "Welcome, Carolina2AK." in bold at the top right of the screen under the tabs(home,news,forums,pics) click on the private messages link in blue then proceed to send her a PM(private message).
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  19. Carolina2AK

    Carolina2AK New Member

    Thanks man, I figured there would be a PM option on people's forum post or at least on their profile. I just started drinking, so that probably isn't helping. I usually don't drink, but can't smoke so what the hell.

    Thanks though.
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  20. Squatch88

    Squatch88 New Member

    Hey I recently moved to Anchorage from Oregon and am in the same situation. I've been dropping clues around town but no one is very open about it. I even asked the pizza delivery guy but he said he didn't know. I was just wondering if your search was successful and if you could help with my problem. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

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