Alaskan thunderfuck

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by N i c k, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. N i c k

    N i c k New Member

    Ok so ive never really bought weef before And ive only smoked a couple times and thatwas my friends weed. But yesterday this guy sold me some stuff that he said was alaskan thunderfuck with some purple..and now im hearing about "how rare" alaskan thunderfuck is and i'm starting to wonder wether the shit is really what this guy you guys think is real alaskan thunderfuck "with some purp" (as he put it) or was hejus tryin to make it sound like sum bomb ass shit? Thanks in advance.
  2. Ghost of Gravity

    Ghost of Gravity New Member

    He was just trying to make it sound like some bomb ass shit. You did not get alaskan thunderfuck, you will never get alaskan thunderfuck unless you get it from the grower his or herself. Read any thread in this section and you will find that 99.9999999% of the time whatever crazy shit your dealer says his weed is called, it most certainly is not.

    When buying weed you should be examining the weed first, checking for quality, and maybe even take a sample toke if you are cool with your dealer like that. If it gets you high the way you want it to, then it is good product. Don't ever ever ever concern yourself with the name.
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  3. AstroCoaster

    AstroCoaster Sr. Member

    It's the same as Matanuska Thunderfuck or what ever who ever desides to call it. You don't know what kind of weed it is you really have. Unless you get it from a seed bank and grow it yourself, are buying it from a grower or are buying it from a dispensary. Weather your sure or unsure of what it is just enjoy it if it's good weed. :D
  4. iMpArAnOiD

    iMpArAnOiD New Member

    that is hilarious, i just got offered some "alaskan thunderfuck" myself. since i dont know the grower i just passed, i like knowing where my herb comes from!
  5. iSmoke 'N Toke

    iSmoke 'N Toke New Member

    It varies. Depends what it looked like, and what it smoked like. If you believe when you smoked it that it was some high quality shit, then yes, why wouldn't it be that? Most dealers put names on their weed just to get rid of it faster, but some dealers are also legit, and you're getting what you paid for. How much did you pay, and how much did you get if you don't mind me asking?
  6. kimdead

    kimdead New Member

    iv had Alaskan thunderfuck befor. at least i thought it was that.
    i live in vegas, and the dealers are big in the area and everyone knows em, so i wouldnt think theyd lie, but they did sell it at $10 a gram sometimes
  7. GROstrain

    GROstrain New Member

  8. chr0nik

    chr0nik New Member

    dank shit i agree
  9. matthew420

    matthew420 New Member

    i thought thats when sara palin takes a big dump!?!?! but most names are bs unless they puchase there seeds, thats why i bought white widow, but people should just enjoy there bud, no names.
  10. GROstrain

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  11. Phenom

    Phenom Banned

    Who cares about the strain name. As long as it's well grown, flushed, and cured I'm happy.
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  12. Love4TheNugg

    Love4TheNugg NorCal MushroomCloud

    I've had ATF (Alaskan ThunderFuck) from a club here once in Cali. Very good stuff, highly recommend getting it if you can find the real deal.
  13. Mister Panda

    Mister Panda New Member

    My buddy grew some and ohhhh my lord...nuff said
  14. soul sativa

    soul sativa New Member

    Doubtful it was legit. MTF is virtually impossible to get your hands on. It has a piney, spruce nose and a 50/50 head/body high. Smooth smoke and stinks so bad double bagging doesn't fix it.

    I live in Alaska (the valley) and its rare even for us locals.

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