alcohol and cigarette affect on drug tests

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by txtx, May 21, 2010.

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    I have heard different things from different people about this. The guy who owns the headshop where i get my home tests asked my situation and after i told him, he asked if i smoked cigarettes. I told him that i do, daily. He shook his head and said that this was a real bad thing. Ive avoided alcohol and smokes for the past couple of weeks thinking that i might as well avoid all toxins before the test. It will have been 23-24 days since i last smoked and I plan on following the dilution method and taking a practice test the night before the test to make sure. My question is...will alcohol and cigs have any effect whatsoever in terms of my passing/failing it? I would love to go out with some friends and have a few drinks since ive been all nerves since learning i have to take this test, but part of me wants to keep my body as clean as i stupid to even worry about this? I searched around but couldnt find a square response. Any help is appreciated.
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    unless you're getting tested for alcohol and tobacco I wouldn't worry.
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    You have been lead astray by your friend at the head shop. Drug tests are very specific. Neither alcohol nor tobacco will have any effect on your test results - unless you're being tested for them.

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