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  1. Diloot

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    ok so ive been 6 weeks and a few days clean when i took the official drug screen for pre employment. the day before i took a home test and came up negative. I may or may not have taken an aleve in the morning of my drug screen i cant even remember cus i take one everymorning for pain in my joints. if i did it would've been around 7am ish. when i took the drug screen it was around 10am, i also took 2 81mg aspirins 30 mins before the drug screen. With the aleve that i may have taken, am i screwed with a false positive? if so would they go in deeper to check and find traces of thc even if its totally out of my system from the 6 weeks?? would the aspirin help save me in this case. Can i call quest labs and ask for my results?? they gave me a copy with a number in long beach i think. this is driving me crazy.

    thanks please help :)
  2. 1tokeovertheline

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    False positives are a thing of the past. GC/MS confirms the test and eliminates false positives.
    The one that pays for the test can get the info on the results. Relax, you should be fine.
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    thats a releif to hear 1toke, i was wondering if drinking an 18 oz concentrated bottle of gatorade would come up as tampering. Im not certain that its as concentrated as i think but i used two whole scoops which is in the gatorade can and 18 oz of water. is that alot? the fat and sodium build up ive been loading on in the past week before the test i feel was much but i only did that as a measure to cover up any old thc fat cells if there are any.
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    Relax. The average person will test clean in 30 days. You had 6 weeks plus a few days clean. You passed a home test the day before. You should be fine. You are going to drive yourself crazy by over analyzing your test.
    You already took the test and you can't change what you did. Now all you have to do is wait for the results. I think you will pass.
  5. Diloot

    Diloot New Member


    Well i got my results, and i passed since i got a hire start date..Thanks everyone!
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    Congrats on your new job!!!

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