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Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by Chunkz, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. Chunkz

    Chunkz New Member

    Ok guys, i want this post to have all the types of weeds, It will help others on the forum to see if they would ever buy it.

    Please add your types of weed smoked and give it an evaluation
    Like a weed dictionary!!!


    You smoke some bud,
    Name: _______________
    Rate it (out of ten)___________
    flavour: __________________
    Texture: ________________
    Harshness: ________________
    how smooth it is(smoke): _________________
    smell: ______________________
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  2. ctwalrus

    ctwalrus New Member

    OOOooo good idea i like it
    like an online rate list of pot
  3. Chunkz

    Chunkz New Member

    Name: Mango
    Rate it (out of ten)9/10
    flavour: Mangoey, sweet
    Texture: sticky
    Harshness: not harsh
    how smooth it is(smoke): thick tastey smooth smoke
    smell: Smells mangoey.
    High: Extreme high
  4. BigMac1337

    BigMac1337 Banned

    Name: Jack Hair
    Rate it (out of ten)8/10
    flavour: Piney, very flowery
    Texture: Poofy
    Harshness: Not that harsh
    how smooth it is(smoke):Very
    smell: Flowery
    High: Mix of mind and body
  5. vaqxıne

    vaqxıne New Member

    This is only a good idea if the people posting have smoked lots of different strains.

    You may have only smoked one or two strains and then you'd have rated them, like, 9.
  6. Olympia Hippie

    Olympia Hippie New Member

    thank you mr buzz kill
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  7. Mushroom Man

    Mushroom Man Feeling eternal..

    I'm pretty sure your talking about Jack Herrer, who was an pro marijuana activist.;)

    Name: Lotus flower
    Rate it (out of ten)10
    flavour: berry/tropical
    Texture: fluffy and very sticky
    Harshness: Smooth, with a little tingle
    how smooth it is(smoke): high
    smell: it smells like marijuana
  8. Audio

    Audio Ω∫§¥∂∞≈

    A lot of dealers use fake names or popular names for their weed(a lot of weed that dealers claim to be some kind of kush or haze is not kush or haze), most dealers do not actually know what strain they have. This will only properly work if the only people who post get from medical dispensaries or get from a grower. Sorry to be another buzzkill lol.
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  9. ctwalrus

    ctwalrus New Member

    Name: ni**er sweat
    Rate it (out of ten)7.7
    flavour: peppery but fruity
    Texture: dense and so crystalline it felt almost like it was coated in sand
    Harshness: very smooth at first but a cough creeps up on you
    how smooth it is(smoke): high
    smell: it smells like mild spices and has been referred to as smelling like "puppy fart"
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  10. Chunkz

    Chunkz New Member

    ive been smoking for almost three years i know what shit is good
  11. rich420

    rich420 New Member

    You should try picking up a Treating Yourself magazine, they have a good feature that covers this. Page for page on a full review of different medical strains. I don't know about you, but I would rather listen to reviews from more on a professional level then some random on the net. Im not bashing so don't take it that way. Still a good thread. :thumb:
  12. Chunkz

    Chunkz New Member

    Thanks for the advice but the mag is not sold in the uk unfortunatly.
  13. ganja-man

    ganja-man Groovy

    That would only be relevant if you were the only one posting in this thread.
  14. Dank_Jake

    Dank_Jake New Member

    Name: Green Crack
    Rate it (out of ten) 9.5
    flavour: apple and pine
    Texture: dense, flaky, sticky
    Harshness: Quite harsh
    how smooth it is(smoke): Extremely smooth and heavy
    smell: Pine and Just Dank
    High: Intense
  15. snatcher420

    snatcher420 New Member

    Name: Double Strawberry Diesel (REZ Seeds)
    Rate : 8.5 -9
    Flavor: Strawberries
    Texture: dense nuggets,sticky.Covered in crystals
    Harshness: None goes down smooth in vaporizer
    Smell: Like it tastes just Strawberries
    High: All in the head , very nice up vape

    Name: Big Buddha Cheese (Big Buddha Seeds)
    Rate: 8.5 -9
    Flavor: Creamy Cheese and Blueberry in vaporizer
    Texture: Dense,sticky,full of crystals
    Harshness: None nice and smooth
    Smell: Cheese,Blueberries and alittle skunk undertone.
    High: All in the Head

    I only vaporize now so can't comment on how it smokes. Also Ak47 but everyone has commented on it...It is outstanding and powerful lemon taste and smell..But the two i listed are outstanding...and even better when mixed together..Get a Strawberry Cheese cake taste.
  16. MXM

    MXM Sr. Member

    I think is a good thread even if you cant get yoiu know real facts, just to know how everyone feels bout their stuff? keep it up man. btw sometimes i get something 11/10 ;)
  17. Plainsman1963

    Plainsman1963 New Member

    alright now, way to set 'em straight mang! Don't let no body punk yo thread!
    On that note:
    1. strain = killah--is what the deal*r called it.
    2. color = medium brown with sparse red pistils
    3. smoke quality = mild to harsh; can be harsh if you take too big of a hit
    4. high quality = rapid onset of high--not a creeper; mind <thonk> if feels like you've been grabbed and slowed down ; things in slo motion.
    then you get drowsey after about 2 hrs; but high lasts for one hour
    5. scale of 1 to 10 , give it a 7.5
  18. nlancerstar50

    nlancerstar50 New Member

    unless you know for a fact that its mold i wouldn't necessarily say it was bad. Some weed is bad with legitimately YELLOW spots, but if you were like you described, stressing out then it could easily be that. Its like poison ivy if you think you walked in some and you start freaking out about it then you start feeling ichy.
  19. nlancerstar50

    nlancerstar50 New Member

    wrong forum hahaha stoner moment, i signed in and clicked on this one on accident when i read the last
  20. stonerr6758

    stonerr6758 New Member

    ive only smoked 2 strains so far cuz my towns usualy dry or just only these 2. so heres my ratings

    Name: KB
    Rate it (out of ten) 4/10 (kb is supposed to pretty good but in my town it always has seeds in it and not very sticky.)
    flavour: varies on quality of bud
    Texture: usualy not to dense but crystals and what ever you call the orange things but it has lots of orange things if you get some good bud.
    Harshness: usualy semi harsh its not very smooth hitting but when your smokin the first few hits of greens you atleast get some nice thick smoke but you also sometimes have a burning on your throat.
    how smooth it is(smoke): not very smooth at all
    smell: very strong but i cant think of anything it smelld like.
    High:semi good high depending on how much you smoke and how good the quality of the bud is

    Name: headies
    Rate it (out of ten) 7/10
    flavour: dosnt realy taste like any foods or spices or w/e
    Texture: crystals and very sticky
    Harshness: not harsh
    how smooth it is(smoke): smooth
    smell: not too strong at all even after you smoke it you cant smell it very well
    High:gives you deep thoughts and you dont realy pay attention to anything and it takes alot less bud to get high then the kb ive smoked.

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