All the types of weed

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  1. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    ^ For what its worth, "headies" and "KB" aren't really strains of weed, but more like "classes" of in schwag, middies, KB, headies (in ordder from worst to best). For example, White Widow is a strain that most would classify as "headies". "Headies" however, is not a strain.
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  2. ezkb420

    ezkb420 New Member

    You smoke some bud,
    Name: Zed
    Rate it (out of ten)7
    Texture: sticky and dry very dense
    Harshness: pretty smooth
    how smooth it is(smoke):
    smell: extremly a good way..almost sweet
  3. NarcotiKzz

    NarcotiKzz New Member

    Name: Sour Diesel
    Rate it (out of ten)8.5
    Texture: pretty dense
    Harshness: smooth
    how smooth it is(smoke): smooth
    smell: hmm, smells like honey and marijuana
    High: crazyyy
  4. k1ngTHC

    k1ngTHC New Member

    Name: Blueberry
    Rate: 9.5/10
    Flavor: Blueberry Muffin
    Texture: sticky as can be!
    Harshness: none
    Buzz: Made me want to be active and work.
    Worth 50/100? Totally.
  5. Ranchack

    Ranchack Guest

    Name: Blue Dream
    Rate it (out of ten) 9/10
    flavor: Almost like a blueberry but a lot more sour
    Harshness: Mild to slightly harsh
    how smooth it is(smoke): Very smooth
    smell: like fresh greens ;)
    High: chill but intense at times
  6. seklo

    seklo New Member

    Name: Sour Deisel
    Rate it: 9/10
    Flavour: Sweet, Slightly deiselish, very tasty
    Texture:Very dense, Soft and sticky
    Harshness: Mild harshness
    how smooth it is(smoke): Thick, sweet smoke
    Smell: Very dank smelling, very potent, almost orange smelling
    High: Extremely good high
  7. hazanko

    hazanko New Member

    2 of my recent strains

    All the types of weed

    You smoke some bud,
    Name: Chemdog
    Rate it (out of ten). 8.5

    Flavor: kinda like wet dog and decomposing wood

    Texture: rock solid dense with lots of hairs...triched out

    Harshness: Smaller hits are extremely smooth but trying to hit huge will make you cough
    how smooth it is(smoke): kinda thin whispy smoke, but it is smooth and bigger hits are easier
    smell: woody
    High: indica couch lock.....get some munchies and good music
    You smoke some bud,
    Name:Sour O.G.
    Rate it (out of ten) 9.0
    flavour: sour (duh) and fruity
    Texture: extremely dense, solid nugs
    Harshness:depends on device used to smoke (bongs are great, but blunts and joints are harsh
    how smooth it is(smoke): thick white plumes of very flavorful smoke
    smell:grassy with a huge skunky after smell
    High: just sit down relax and let your mind wander

    P.s. Be careful with dosage cause if you smoke to much you will trip out pretty bad
  8. Hello Avalanche

    Hello Avalanche New Member

    What a great idea! I like being able to see how other people liked/disliked different kinds.

    Name: Kandy Kush
    Rate it (out of ten): 8.5
    Flavour: Mild, but very sweet. Fitting considering the name. ;)
    Texture: Dense, but flaky.
    Harshness: 4.5
    How smooth it is(smoke): 5
    Smell: A subtle skunky smell, masked with a sweet odor.
    High: I felt very active, awesome body high. Which was perfect for today, as I was running errands and getting stuff done.
  9. smokedsober420

    smokedsober420 New Member

    Name: pineapple
    Rate it 8
    flavour: citrus
    Texture: compaq coated with crystals
    Harshness: mildly
    how smooth it is(smoke): good
    smell: Cirtrus
    High: Head high realxed
  10. AstroCoaster

    AstroCoaster Sr. Member

    LOL ! It .. lol.. It looks like we all got are weed at some sort of "Weed Market" or something.

    I'll give the weed that smells like pine a 9.0575445.9999999 and then I'll add some colors and a few magical stars.

    Now I'm wondering which weed is going to win the race. There all these bud's and there all flying around this race track and the guys shouting PLACE YOUR BETS PEOPLE ! PINEAPPLE EXPRESS COMING UP IT THE EIGHTH ! PINEAPPLE EXPRESS ! OH, AND HE LOSES TO BLUEBERRY !

    I wonder who really gambled durring that round ? lol..
  11. Miketheman420

    Miketheman420 New Member

    Since Everyone is doing strains, im gonna do varietys as strains very rarley roll into my city/

    Name: Beasters
    Rate it (out of ten) 6 out of 10
    flavour: piney and chemicalish
    Texture: crisp and sticky
    Harshness: either very harsh or very smooth
    how smooth it is(smoke): regular
    smell: peppery and fruity
    High: Decent. Its usually abou 70% indica and 30% sativa.
    And heres my favorite strain that we get on occasion

    Name: Strawberry Cough
    Rate it (out of ten) 9 out of 10
    flavour: Strawberry and Weed
    Texture: Small Buds and sticky
    Harshness: Extremly Harsh. Its called strawberry "cough" for a reason
    how smooth it is(smoke): Thick clouds if you smoke it in a blunt
    smell: Strawberry and weed
    High:Amazing. 4 hits gets you STONED
  12. Dankitydankness

    Dankitydankness Sr. Member

    Alright so this sounds like a fun thread. But for the rating out of 10, it's hard to say cuz ppl are gonna interpret the numbers different. Like a 9 or a 10 I think has to be like the dankest of the dank. I don't think any regular old kush can be a 9. So....

    Blueberry kush
    7.5 or 8
    very very dense
    not able to judge taste to accurately cuz I used joints or blunts alot
    smell is very skunky/fruity, and it cannot be contained! I will seap through and wreak up a room no matter how many bags u wrap it in!
    Smoke is rather harsh compared to other strains
    has a couchlock buzz, but at the same time, u get a nice head buzz

    Blue dream
    very very dense and loaded with crystals. Color is green with hint of blueishness
    tastes kindof spicyish
    smells very musty
    terrific high. Only way to describe the high is to point you to the name. You smoke a few bowls of this stuff, and suddenly you are just feeling awsomely great and very dreamy. I highly recommend this strain as it is prolly my most favorite next to white widow
  13. 420_clumzy

    420_clumzy New Member

    Name: Marijuana
    Rate: 10/10
    flavour: Weed-ish
    Texture: Indescribable
    Harshness: Non-harsh
    How smooth it is (smoke): Very
    Smell: Marijuana
    High: INDEED!
  14. D.0.B

    D.0.B New Member

    name: plain ol' simple normal weed
    rate: 10
    texture: planty
    high: of course
  15. drd8nk

    drd8nk New Member

    The "big wreck" is a "home run hitter"!I've been growing this strain for three(3) years now and it's one of my favorites.This strain does not produce a lot of "weight",but what it does produce is well worth growing.this strain is a cross between "big bud" and the "train wreck".60%indica(the offspring took the genetics from the "big bud")and 40% sativa(the offspring took the genetics from the "train wreck").the buds off this plant are covered in trichomes.the buds are small but dense.and the "high" is very intense for the first 20 minutes or so and lasts for a good 2 hours.smells like cat pee when it's drying.has a real "earthy" taste to it.all around good weed.and that's just one of the amazing seven(7) or so strains I've been working with.marijuana is my medicine and my hobby!!!
  16. hamalamadimgdong

    hamalamadimgdong New Member

    Name: blueberry (no name)
    Rate it (out of ten)8.54
    flavour: a subtle blueberry
    Texture: light and fluffy real easy to break up
    Harshness: if you rip it gentle it will treat you gentle if you rip it hard your going to cough
    how smooth it is(smoke): very
    smell: not strong at all more of a pinee smell very simple and smooth smell to it
    High: it start out slow and creeps up on you but over all really strong body high moderate head high
  17. RicanBlaze

    RicanBlaze New Member

    Name: Sour Diesel
    Rate it (out of ten) 9 out of 10
    flavour: taste pretty good,kind of fruity
    Texture: fluffy,easy to break up, crystally
    Harshness: you WILL cough
    how smooth it is(smoke): smooth
    smell: pretty strong,had it in a bag in my bagpack,buddy walks in the room and could smell it
    High: head high,very potent
  18. Karigrandi

    Karigrandi Active Member

    Name: Satori
    Rate it (out of ten)7-8/10
    flavour: Interesting taste, very sweet
    Texture: Pretty heavy, breaks up easily and a little sticky
    Harshness: Depends on the rip, however if you start coughing you are fucked
    How smooth it is(smoke): Thick milky smoke with strong aftertaste
    smell: Extremely strong skunky smell definately strongest I have encountered, tho from close up big nugs smell like ass :rolleyes:
    High: Hits you very fast, Intense head high I mean it will fuck your brains out last time I was toking I got some buffalo wings and as I was eating them I got this thought that they were human fingers:yikes: and the time before that I couldn't look at my shiny grinder because it kept reflecting light and made my eyes hurt. Downside of high is that it doesn't give strong munchies.
  19. Love4TheNugg

    Love4TheNugg NorCal MushroomCloud

    Name: Purple Urkle
    Rate it (out of ten): 7-8/10
    Flavor: Tingly, little hint of purp
    Texture: Fairly dense, breaks apart nicely, covered in crystals. Very green.
    Harshness: Not the harshest, but not the smoothest, I usually at least cough a few times per rip
    Smoothness: ...Fairly thick smoke
    Smells: Chron
    High: Little big of a head high, lasts a decent amount of time, I'm a heavy smoker and it lasts a little over an hour, which any experienced/heavy smoker knows, thats probably as good as it's gonna get unless you take a t-break.

    VERY stoney bud, this being an Indica-dominant hybrid, not typically my thing, BUT this bud really does it for, the hint of sativa really improves the bud immensely imo.
  20. youngblood00

    youngblood00 Active Member

    Name: Chocolate Diesel
    Rate it (out of ten): IDK first and only strain tried
    flavour: Citrus
    Texture: Dense, hard nugs
    Harshness: pretty harsh when smoked
    how smooth it is(smoke): cough comes up
    smell: pine
    High: hazy, energetic, productive

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