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  1. blumpkinzrule4444

    blumpkinzrule4444 New Member

    Name: __Church_____________
    Rate it (out of ten)__9/10_________
    Flavor: ___Orangy_____
    Texture: Keef covered bud, red haired,and brittle once dried.
    Harshness: _Very Smooth_______________
    how smooth it is(smoke):___Expect Cotton Mouth____________
    smell: ____Like a silk bag of puppies__________________
    High:___Head high____________
  2. kris23

    kris23 New Member

    You smoke some bud,
    Name: Hydro
    Rate it (out of ten) 8
    flavour: Clean taste
    Texture: Red hair, sticky
    Harshness: Smooth
    how smooth it is(smoke): Smooth smoke
    smell: If delicious could be put into a bag and mixed with more delicious and then sprinkle a little more of delicious on it, you would understand the smell.
    High: Fun, energetic, Light feeling, Stuff you hear sounds wierd
  3. ENC-weed

    ENC-weed New Member

    how much of MANGO could i get for $20?
  4. kris23

    kris23 New Member

    $20= 1.4g where i live
  5. ENC-weed

    ENC-weed New Member

    well i live in CA, u?
  6. kris23

    kris23 New Member

    South FL lol
  7. Jeb-420

    Jeb-420 New Member

    Name: Razzleberry
    Rate: 8/10
    flavour: Fruity till the last sip.
    Texture: Never saw it, was packed in a j.
    Harshness: None whatsoever.
    how smooth it is: Smoothest I've ever had.
    smell: Raspberries with the smallest hint of earth.
    High: Amazing. Zoned out every few seconds. And had an awesome body high too.
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  8. Lpwn_Ranger

    Lpwn_Ranger Sr. Member

    lmao, I have been keeping a note book of my personal ratings of bud ever since I got my red card.
    I'll post some now, and more later.
    Name: OG Diesel (og kush and sour diesel hybrid)
    Rate it (out of ten) 9.6
    flavour: Flowery inhale, fruity exhale with a fuel aftertaste
    Texture: dusty feeling with really strong stems
    Harshness: like smoking marshmallows, assuming that marshmallows are not harsh to smoke
    how smooth it is(smoke): pretty smooth
    smell: skunk's taint
    High: very psychedelic, heavy indica, be careful not to overeat, the munchies are hard to ignore. The perfect strain to sit around and listen to music and pig out.
    Name: Oxygen kush (O2 kush)
    Rate it (out of ten): 8.5
    flavour: Pineapple with skunk aftertaste
    Texture: Small, firm buds, pretty much solid grey color, slight purple tint near the stem, no visible green
    Harshness: About as harsh as a baby's ass
    how smooth it is(smoke): See the baby ass comment
    smell: The smoke smells like steamed rice, the bud smells like lemon pledge
    High: Strong indica, but a very hyper high, not good for the munchies.
    Name: Herojuana
    Rate it (out of ten): 9.5
    flavour: Pine with a hint of citrus
    Texture: Sticky
    Harshness: Not harsh
    how smooth it is(smoke): Average, not the smoothest smoke
    smell: Pine skunk
    High: The body high to end all body highs. Comes on in pulses, the first 10 mins you feel nothing, after that the first wave hits and you feel tingly, five minutes later the second wave hits and euphoria kicks in, fifteen minutes later and the munchies begin to take over (and food tastes amazing), but couch lock is almost inevitable.
    Name: Cali Orange
    Rate it (out of ten): 6.5
    flavour: marijuana flavored, not even any fruit undertones
    Texture: Loose, medium sized buds, thin stems, gingery red hairs
    Harshness: Like smoking thistle
    how smooth it is(smoke): Not very
    smell: Slight skunk
    High: Decent blend of indica and sativa. In my notes for effects I just wrote "jack of all trades, master of none", that pretty much sums it up, it's great if you plan on smoking a heavy sativa later, or are mixing it with other strains, but by itself the body high is about 60% of what it could be, and the mental high was about 50% of what it could be. This strain is not top shelf, but close to it.

    I'll post more later, I've got several pages.
  9. Lpwn_Ranger

    Lpwn_Ranger Sr. Member

    I'll post some more.
    Name: Lemony Snicket
    Rate: 10/10
    Flavor: Lemon and citrus, almost no hints of marijuana flavor
    Texture: large dense buds that turned to powder when you broke them up
    Harshness: not the least bit harsh
    How smooth it is: easily the smoothest smoke I've ever had
    Smell: Lemon citrus with a slight hint of pine, the smoke smells like someone sprayed lemon pledge to cover up the smell of really skunky weed
    High: My favorite strain, the high was extremely psychedelic, couch lock is easily preventable, no burn out, happy and mellow high, but you still have enough energy to do whatever. Great strain to smoke on a hike or any other outdoor activity. Also it made District 9 into a fucking AMAZING movie, seriously, I watched it again and smoked some grape kush, it was meh.
    Name: White Rhino
    Rate: 8/10
    Flavor: Run of the mill marijuana
    Texture: Average sized buds of average density. Tends to look like mids
    Harshness: Average
    How smooth it is: 5/10
    Smell: Like run of the mill marijuana smoke
    High: This is where white rhino comes into it's own. I've had strains that tasted and smelled amazing but the high was nothing special, white rhino looks like mids, but the high is very potent and enjoyable. A great strain for smoking all day.
    Name: Holy Weed of the Cosmos
    Rate: 6/10
    Flavor: Slightly pine
    Texture: Small, dense buds, dark green with some red hairs
    Harshness: not particularly harsh
    How smooth it is: 8/10
    Smell: Slight skunk smell
    High: Only good if you want to fall asleep. My friend designed this strain, and it's a work in progress, the next plant will be ready soon, it already looks and smells a lot better than the first time around. I came up with the name :)
  10. mallitia95

    mallitia95 Sr. Tokemaster

    My dealer sold me a strain called candy dro but i just assumed he meant kush so could you please tell me if it had a sort of fruity pebble smell so i can confirm the strain?
    name: northern lights x skunk 2
    rating: 8/10
    flavor: actualy not to good tasting lol. It just reminded me of what a pipe smells like 2 hours after your done smoking.
    texture: Small but very compacted, dense, buds that were a kind of darker green.
    harshness: A very harsh hit that could get you coughing up a storm, its probly better to smoke this from a water pipe.
    smell:a family of skunks living ina pine tree.
    high: a medium mind high, but a realy intense bodily stone and you get very sleepy.
  11. James Hodson

    James Hodson Guest

    Name: Chronic Haze (although it was hard to believe it had any sort of Chronic to do with it)
    Rate it: 6/10
    Flavour: Very hard to tell, as it didn't really produce any. It was mostly just the tokeback that gave me a leafy aftertaste
    Texture: Gravel-like, in the way that you could almost have the THC just drop off by touching it
    Harshness: Not very harsh at all, unless you jet it and then it gets abit coughy
    How smooth it is: Completely smooth as a normal smoke
    Smell: Dank as fuck, incredibly strong. It stunk out my room even when I put it in my smell proof bag
    High: A right creeper. It only hits after you've had a sit down for about 10 minutes, and the hit is just that of a 100% indica. The thing that's weird though is that I'm almost completely sure it wasn't Chronic, but I could definitely taste a Haze. It being an indica high doesn't make sense when I look back, but it's what my mate said it was and the high is what I say it is, so I don't know what else to tell you.

    I gave it a 6 because even though the high was one of the most mellow I've had for a few years, the smoking experience wasn't much to talk about. I dunno, if I could find some nice Pineapple with the exact same high then it'd be a definite 10.
  12. James Hodson

    James Hodson Guest

    Name: Blueberry Cheese (maybe a hybrid, unsure about the other strain)
    Rate it: 8/10
    Flavour: The fruitiest you'll ever taste, especially when you take a backdraft and toke it super hard, with an oily-fuel aftertaste
    Texture: No texture whatsoever when it's damp (as I stated in another post somewhere else), but when it's dry, it's just like cracked streets on top of a gritty subject
    Harshness: Harsh but you can't tell, as the fruit overtakes everything else in this bud and forces you to lick your lips
    How smooth it is: Insanely smooth for something that, in the first place, is harsh
    Smell: Pure fruit, and nothing but. I've had this bud a thousand times, half of a year last year, and it's just the same, apart from the afterhit
    High: Slow and steady, lasts for about an hour and a half. When you think it's about to fade, it shoots back up unexpectedly. A cheeky one and quite a nice buy if you're not in the mood to move most of the day
  13. blazed74

    blazed74 New Member

    Name: AK-47
    Rate: 7.5/10
    Flavour: almost tasteless except for a marijuana aftertaste
    Texture: just like a mid
    Harshness: starts out smooth ends up coughy though expect cotton mouth
    How Smooth: its not the smoothest but its decent like a 5/10
    Smell: straight up skunk anus hard to hide for sure
    High: its the best body high I've had in a long time it makes you tingley all over
  14. sativaking

    sativaking New Member

    Name : Gheez
    Rate it (out of ten) 8.5/10 flavour: Very heavy cheese, a bit sweet
    Texture: sticky
    Harshness: not harsh
    how smooth it is(smoke): very smooth smoke
    smell: Cheese
    High: Good above average, floaty buzz

    Not super strong, but this is my favorite tasting strain, yet I havent seen it around much:(
  15. sativaking

    sativaking New Member

    Name: Banana
    Rate it: 8
    Flavour: Banana
    Texture: Not too dense, crystaly
    Harshness: Harsh
    How smooth is it: not too smooth
    Smell: Stinky bananas
    High: Intense , sedated mind high.

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