allergic to pot???

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  1. my friend had bad trips every time he used so he went to his doctor to see what was wrong one time when it got very bad. his doctor said that he was allergic to marijuana. i am very skeptical of this and find the mere thought quite ridiculous as i have never heard a reported case of marijuana allergy. i was wondering if it is even possible to be allergic to it and what your thoughts are about the integrity of the doctor's diagnosis
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    Allergic? Never heard of that... I suppose it could be possible.. but allergy tests are actually done to determine whether or not one is allergic to whatever it is, and clearly no allergy test for marijuana was done.. I would assume your friend smoked too much and tripped out :shrug: I don't think any of us can say we haven't been there at some point.
  3. he said that his doctor ran blood tests and diagnosed him based on those
    ( i neglected to put this in my origional post srry)
  4. Blunted

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    From what I've gathered from reading these boards, and personal experiences in the outside world, most of the time "bad trips" are some form of a panic attack.

    How many times has he smoked, and what type of environment was he in ?

    Could just be an inexperience thing too... maybe try less next time.
  5. he said he smoked alot for four years and then it just started happening all of a sudden and it was in good enviroments.
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    Does your friend have any history of anxiety or mood disorders? Smoking marijuana can sometimes "bring out" latent psychological problems and cause panic reactions.

    My own experience:
    Earlier this month I was smoking up at home when all of a sudden my heart started racing and I freaked out. I tried to calm myself down, but half an hour later my heart was still racing, I felt like the world was about to "cave in" on me. (Sorry if that seems vague, but that's the best way I can describe it.) Finally, I woke up my girlfriend and got her to take me to the ER. They took my vitals, and said my blood pressure was at 165/74 and my pulse was close to 135 bpm. This went on for another three hours before my heart finally slowed down and I was able to relax. The doctor couldn't come up with any definite explanation for what happened and sent me home with a prescription for Xanax for anxiety and Toprol for my blood pressure. I haven't been able to smoke since it happened because I'm so worried about having another attack.

    Was your friend's experience similar to this at all?
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    You can develop an allergy to anything. After five years of smoking I developed an allergy to marijuana. Every time I smoked, all of my mucus membranes would swell up and I could hardly breathe. I quit for several years and when I tried it again the allergy had burnt itself out.

    I question whether an allergy could cause a psychological reaction like a panic attack or "bad trip", unless it was brought on by respiratory distress.

    Blood tests are not used to determine what a person is allergic to. They scratch the skin and apply the substance to see if there is a reaction.
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    an allergy is possible, but unless the simptoms were physical than its probably just a bad trip,

    and buzzby is your mucus membrane swelling up actualy an allergic reaction to it cause that has been happening to me for a while and i know i have some allergies to other thing like grass and cats, my throat doesnt close up or anythin crazy like that but my nose completely shuts or clogs or something like that
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    Blood test cant determine an allergy, and allergy is an overpowering immune response to a particular substance that isn't actually harmful to the system. Tripping out is not an immune response, sorry.
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    A friend of mine was allergic to pot. He smoked one time and basically just fell over. His breathing slowed down alot and he had red hives on his face. It was scary but we took him to the hospital, and they said that he was allergic to pot and if he smoked it again, there was a possibility that he could die. The doctor said it was some heredity thing that went back to his middle eastern roots or something like that. It all might have been BS, but i cant think of any other reason he would do that because i smoked the same weed earlier and i was fine.
  11. "Was your friend's experience similar to this at all?"

    yeah he read it with me and said it was similar to that. he says that he was tripping out his throat closed up and he couldent breathe and his pulse was at about 170 very similar to what buzzby said.
    perhaps he should give it up for a few years and then try it again.
  12. well anyways he is reluctant to ever try it again no matter how much advice he is given oh well takes different strokes
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    ya some people just physical cant handle extra THC in their system, i know a kid that shouldnt smoke mainly because he has a realy bad heart since he was born and his heart rate excellerates way more than anyone elses does when they smoke, not sure if he smokes anymore cause i lost touch with him but the doctor told him that if he kept smoking than every time he did he ran the risk of heart failing on him or possibly tearing, not sure how legit what the doctor said was but hell you never know

    thank god this kinda stuff only happens to a handful of people
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    Allergic to Pot

    ok people, i've been smoking pot for a long time. Got myself a pot card and happily went to the green room and bought the medical pot, which included several hybrids. For the last 1-1/2 years my eyes have been itching so bad (right eye more so than the left eye) that i wanted to rip it out and throw it on the wall. (dramatic, yes, but it's the only way I can describe how bad it was). Then, my whole body began itching, tips of toes and finger tips hurting. Go figure? Went to my dermatologist. Thinking it was make up, i stopped wearing it, as the min. I'd put it on, intense itching. Every month i would get a steroid shot,(Kenalog shot), and the itching would cease, but only for a month, it came back the min. The shot wore off. Finally, my sister read where a guy that had smoked for 9 years DEVELOPED, OUT OF NOWHERE, AN ALLERGY TO POT, HE had same exact symptoms, intense itching in one eye more so than the other. runny nose, itching ears, you name it. It was pot, people. I Stopped smoking, and i'm well now. Omg, i won't go near it now. Do these hybrid pots being produced today intensify the pollen? Whatever it is, It made me miserable. I'm done with pot.
  15. paperorpipe

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    Personally I think that would be the worst allergy to develop. Aside from something like being allergic to air or water or something like that.
  16. donewithpot

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    It took me forever to accept the fact that It was pot. The sad truth hit when the moment I lit up, INSTANT ITCHING of the eyes, nose, ears, you name it. The more I tried to stay with it, the more my body gave me mean signals. I kept thinking of the problems with white tigers, right? I wonder if hybrids are a bad idea? Messing with mother nature is bad m-kay? Either way, it's no longer worth it. I wanted to warn those who this might happen to.
  17. newcarcaviar

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    I'm pretty sure I've got at least a mild allergy to weed. I'm allergic to ragweed, goldenrod, dust, etc. so it only makes sense to me that the pollen from weed would get me going. I've sneezed like crazy after grinding up some pollen-y herb. ? Had my eyes itch like mad. Runny nose. People say that MJ opens up the airways, but it always seems to have to opposite effect on me. I cough and weeze a lot of times that I smoke.

    This has always been a minor setback though and many of these things only happen if I'm using "regularly". Meaning, if I smoke 2 or 3 bowls a week I'll probably be fine. But 5 or 6 bowls a day could mean a bit of itchiness and sneezing. "Regularly" is a bit vague, I know. :)
  18. donewithpot

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    Yah, well, the good news is: I can put two sentences together! Thinking I was gonna die, I turned to Jesus! He's better than any kind of chemical/ pollen high.
  19. Lpwn_Ranger

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    This is a pretty common effect of smoke in general. I've noticed that if I either try to show off and do a French inhale, or am smoking a blunt and exhale the smoke out my nose I get crazy congestion that usually only clears up after a night's sleep.
    Just saying, it might not be what the smoke is from, but rather the smoke itself.
  20. High

    High as a kite

    donewithpot, have you ever tried vaporizing? Or smoking oil? Or even better, Vaporizing oil?
    Because like Lpwn said, I think it is just the actual smoke itself.

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