Allergic to THC?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by BudSmoker92, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. BudSmoker92

    BudSmoker92 Sr. Member

    Is it possible? I had a friend awhile back who told me his sisters bf was allergic to thc and since he lived with him and his sister, he could never try it because the bf might break out...Anyone else ever hear about this? I thinks its prob bs. Sorry if this isnt right forum. I figured it was a medicinal question.
  2. BluntedDaily

    BluntedDaily New Member

    You know, I had this same question a while back and would love to hear it answered. I remember reading some anti-marijuana post online about this lady who was allergic to touching it, being around the smoke, etc. My thinking is he might not be allergic to THC directly, but maybe some of the carcinogens or chemicals released in the smoke. Tell him to vape ;)

    On another note, does anyone know if marijuana can cause you to make your body throw up? My buddy Levi throws up EVERY time he takes a hit. I really wish I could be lying to you, but if he takes as a little as one hit, he's going to be throwing up. Some crazy shit if you ask me.
  3. TheQuestionMark

    TheQuestionMark Sr. Member

    Guy at work says he use to be a huge pot head but the last 3 times he did it (years and years ago) he threw up.
  4. MestUp7

    MestUp7 Sr. Member

    A friend of mine told me he smoked with his gf and she was allergic to it. She had to go to the hospital because she was high for so long...

    Not sure if it's true but he's not the kind of guy that would make something like that up.
  5. Up In Smoke

    Up In Smoke Guest

    Its possible. Theres an allergy for everything these days.

    One time I met this guy who claimed he was allergic to Pot and Booze.

    I further inquired. his answer:

    "My parents told me I was allergic to it"

  6. Nando

    Nando Sr. Member

    If I would be allergic to THC.. I would probably kill myself.
    Or move out of Amsterdam...
  7. Hashishi

    Hashishi Unf*ckwit'able

    Any number of compounds in cannabis can cause allergies. When I've been handling bud I get a typical histamine reaction from touching my face and skin afterwards, but I doubt its THC that I'm allergic to. I also doubt whether the smoke's allergenic at all.
  8. BluntedDaily

    BluntedDaily New Member

    She may in fact be allergic, but that whole part of "she had to go the the hospital because she was high for so long" doesn't add any evidence to support that. She was probably just a noob smoker who had too much and got scared that it would kill her or something. Just because you're allergic to it doesn't mean you'd get a longer high for any reason. Tell your friend to stop over exaggerating his stories or to get his facts straight, because that makes no sense at all. That would be the equivalent of me saying "I'm allergic to alcohol, and I had to go to the hospital because I took one shot of vodka and I was drunk all night".
  9. 420 Medical

    420 Medical New Member

    If I ever become allergic to THC, you gonna have to shoot my ass.:hail:
  10. jellybean88

    jellybean88 New Member

    I used to know two people who were allergic to weed. One would always just cough really really hard. Like his eyes would water and shit. and the other one would throw up almost every hit and he would smoke fat sessions with us so he would constantly be throwing up. It was gross we wouldn't let him put his lips on the blunt

    but you can be allergic to it
  11. MrProtein

    MrProtein Active Member

    People need to get their facts and stories straight
  12. December

    December New Member

    Do any of these people that are Allergic take any Allergy medicine(or any daily medication) because one guy i know cant smoke if he took it that day or he will violently puke for 5 minutes or so but if he doesnt take his medicine he's perfectly fine
  13. pvsurfer

    pvsurfer New Member

    I know someone who is allergic to THC, he loves to sesh but always gets really sick after he does. So hes moved over to very strong off topics that I can't talk about. But like whenever were at a kickback with him we are seshing and hes doneing some really narly drug next to us :(
  14. SleepyJohn

    SleepyJohn Sr. Member

    4 forum sites up from Here is a list of the chemical ingredients in marijuana. People, being human, have a diverse metabolism reaction probability's. Since it's a plant, there are many allergic people, who for some chemical imbalance reasons cannot handle photosynthesized materials. Of course this is very rare,and the old excuse for somebody not wanting something that another has, but they don't like. If it hurts hitting Your head with a hammer, don't hit your head with a hammer.
  15. MrProtein

    MrProtein Active Member

    Well, I thank my lucky stars. Because I am alergic to tree's and grass. Not terrible, but my allergies leave me chronically nasal 365 days a year. I also have sports induced ashma or bronchial spasms caused by physical exertion. Weed gives me zero problems aside from the paranoia from time to time.
  16. adam914

    adam914 New Member

    that's almost happened to me before with salvia. if the pipe is really dirty the gag can be induced from the bad taste
  17. Lateralus420

    Lateralus420 New Member

    I am no doctor/expert, but I will throw in my :2cents:.

    Allergies are due to an abnormal antibody response (i.e. over expression of IgE antibodies.) This can only occur after at least your second exposure to the allergen. This is because your first exposure triggers your white blood cells to produce the allergen specific antibodies. Then the subsequent exposures can trigger a massive release of these pre-primed antibodies.

    As far as an allergy to THC, I'm not sure if that is possible since there are very similar compounds in our bodies naturally. (your body has a complicated mechanism to prevent it from forming "self-antibodies"... though rare auto-immune disorders do exist). Any "pot allergies" are likely due to other plant components, and not the THC. (once again, I'm no expert, just seem unlikely)

    As for throwing up, perhaps these people have very sensitive gag reflexes triggered by the smoke. Do these people experience the same thing from cigarettes? Maybe cooking/eating the weed wouldn't have the same effect?

    Sorry to write so much, hope it helped though... Peace
  18. MrProtein

    MrProtein Active Member

    good points

    1. as others have stated, it might not be the "thc" causing an allergy, but rather some other plant particle, who knows

    2. even with an allergy, vomiting just does not seem like a reasonable allergy side effect

    3. I am with you with the gag reflex probably being the cause of sickness
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  19. Somebody can be allergic to THC due to another allergy : POLLEN! don't you know THC is pollen?
    some people can have strong allergy to pollen..

    So this means that if someone is "allergic" to THC, he's probably allergic to pollen firstly.
  20. Lateralus420

    Lateralus420 New Member

    Um... :think:

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