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    I'm not sure if this is the right forum but... Okay, I'm a recovering drug addict. I've spent the last 7 months in and out (been out for a month now) of mental/behavioral heath institutions for a combination of 'issues'. I wasn't into weed I'm not really sure why but there was some mild experimentation with home-grown-not-ready-****-that-was-killed-with-soap. I'm not satisfied with a clean life. So instead of jumping back into the destructive drugs I've invested my time in doing some research about weed. I got the impression that it can be used responsibly. And that's pretty much my conclusion. As long as you have the right attitude, mentally stability, and it's use is for recreation or something along the lines of that you should be okay. I've have been clean for a while now and really made sure that I would not be using for the same problem causing reasons as before. I've found a friend of a friend that can hook me up continuously. I went as far as making a stable friendship with him and I'm convinced he can be trusted for that madder. Anyway I'm extremely close to lighting up with a friend that's really supportive and wouldn't let me fall apart. I've gotten into hemp jewelry making but I break out in an itchy rash with little red bumps that look like mini bug bites. Is it possible to be allergic? Would the steam of the plant have the same reaction as smoking the leaves? Is the possible allergy due to the plant itself or maybe the chemicals they put in the hemp? I also thought that I should mention that I'm allergic to all metals except silver and gold, adhesives, silicone, some ingredients in deodorant, and even the plastic beads on bracelets irritate my skin. So far, I'm mean I'm young and there could be more. Have any ideas or know where I might be able to find the answers to these questions? Thanks a lot! I know this is long!
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    Holy Sh*t

    I know exactly what you mean. The same thing happened to me. I had eaten weed in brownies and never gotten any bad side effects until the first time i smoked. The following day afte smoking with my friend i had a bunch of little red bumps that looked like bug bites. It weent away after 3 weeks but i wasn't sure wether or not it was from the weed. The only way to find out was to light up again so i did and im happy to say that i didn't have the same reaction.... i smoke about once a week... and its all good..
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    I'll go ahead...

    yeah, I think I'm gonna go ahead and just try. I mean what harm is an itchy rash anyway? I think I'll start out small, and wait for any reactions. If there is then,...well I'll see how bad it is. If I am then I wonder if they can give me those ingections increasenly to make my body immune to it. :laugh: Hey, I haven't even smoked real weed and I already sound like a pothead! Well...not really I guess a pothead couldn't be allergic to pot, but I sure do like that smile! And I even gots me a signature!
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    Allergies to marijuana are rare, but they do happen. they can be severe enough to land you in the hospital, although such reactions are virtually non-existant, expecially when you consider the number of people who smoke pot compared to the number of people who are allergic to pot, and we are talking about a small percentage of that small percentage being hospitalized. Play the lotto to, who knows, ya might win.

    If you are really nervous, I wouldn't recommend doing a lot of at once, expecially if your amped about the potential allergy. Set and Setting are just as important, if not more so, than the marijuana you are smoking. You mental outlook, your expectations, your worries and the enviroment that you are in are KEY to your high.

    I would develop a little plan of action in case you do have an allergic reaction. Do this when you are sober, and make it specific enough to where everyone knows what to do in the event one actually occures, maybe have some benadryl handy. This will help alleviate the fear of one, and make it less likely that you suffer one psycho-symaticially (getting sick because you think your getting sick, the brain causes the body to simulate the symptoms because of the belief that you are indeed sick). If one does happen, then you have a plan to fall back on to take care of the problem.

    And last but not least, don't do it because people on these boards tell you to, or because your friends want you to. Do it because you want to, and no other reason. The first step to being a responsible marijuana user is control of the reason you smoke. Sobriety, expecially for a recovering addict, is something that is hard won, and can be easily lost. People can become addicted to marijuana, it does happen. So make sure you are comfortable with your reasons for using marijuana. And always be honest with yourself about your usage.

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    That's a good idea becuase I am a little worried. I'm shooting for this Saturday, so I'll keep you posted if anything does happen. Later...

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