Aluminum: Hazardous To Your Health?

Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by Budd8089, Aug 4, 2001.

  1. Budd8089

    Budd8089 New Member

    There are several posts on this forum about it, and none of them really clear it up. For now, I guess I'm finding something else. Most of us are only going to use aluminum for a home made pipe/bong in desperate times. These ARE desperate times, so I ask you: IS burned aluminum unhealthy?

    I can't really understand how anybody would want to put aluminum on food products if it was dangerous when heated, let alone smoke with it.

  2. DaisyCrazy

    DaisyCrazy New Member

    that's a very good question and I'd also like the answer to be a fact not just your regular old monkey moltings.
  3. deadhed

    deadhed Guest

    From a thread that I had started before on another forum:

    I read up on the Alzheimer's-aluminum connection, and the most reliable sources seem to indicate that not enough evidence exists to link the two. I put this in this forum to relate to my thread MJ Facts vs. Agitprop, as an example of bad facts happening to good people. I did a search, and several well-established and respected members of this site have said that aluminum can cause Alzheimers (I am guilty of this too.) Can anyone provide a link from a reliable source that refutes the below statements?

    Positions of Major Alzheimer's Groups:

    Alzheimer's Society:
    National Institute of Aging, NIH:
    Alzheimer's Association:

    The flame vaporizes very little of the aluminum and its oxides, so although inhaling the small amount that it does can not be good for you, I wouldn't worry about it at all.
  4. Nash

    Nash New Member

    id like to know this also, the only thing i've heard about smoking with aluminum is that it could bring on alzheimers(sp?) at an earlier age.. but i've also heard that this is a myth. are there any adverse effects other than the alzheimers thing?
  5. Budd8089

    Budd8089 New Member


    Well, I did find this...

    ">Since a toxicologist is out there, what about using aluminum pipes or
    >aluminum foil for burning resins, is there an Alzheimers disease link?

    It is no longer believed that aluminum is a causal factor. The consensus
    is that Alzheimer's is caused by aberrant proteolysis of a normal cell-surface protein, amyloid precursor protein, to generate fragments of beta-amyloid protein in the extracellular spaces. The beta-amyloid peptides then aggregate into macromolecular deposits known as plaques. It is unclear how the plaques themselves lead to cell death. Apparently there is a strong genetic component to this disease.
    Nicholas V. Cozzi, Ph.D.
    Department of Pharmacology
    East Carolina University School of Medicine
    Greenville, NC 27858"

    I have no idea about half of what he's saying...but PHD says not. Hmm.
  6. Fryth

    Fryth New Member

    Aluminum produces aluminum oxide when burned, which is toxic. Smoking through aluminum = bad for you. Just how bad, well, I don't really care to find out. Never heard of any Alzheimer's link...
  7. deadhed

    deadhed Guest

    to Fyrth

    For sure inhaling vaporized aluminum oxide is bad for you, but the amount created from holding a lighter to weed for 2-3 seconds is negligable.
  8. I agree Deadhead, I think the aluminum scare is much to do about nothing. We have been cooking with it for years and years now. You would think we would have heard something by now about it being bad for you. Let's also note that when you cook your food in aluminum, it withstands high temperatures for much longer than an aluminum bowl would, giving it much more of a chance to contaminate your food. If you think it is bad, lets see evidence, and not speculation.
  9. Panama

    Panama Seasoned Activist

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  10. Budd8089

    Budd8089 New Member


    Did Fryth just casually ignore my post, or does he also have a PHD? :)
  11. Fryth

    Fryth New Member


    I think he's saying that in Alzheimer's patients, some kind of protein residue is formed outside the cell, and that it somehow attacks and destroys cells, leading to Alzheimer's disease, and that none of this is in any way related to aluminum oxide poisioning. It does not, however, mention anything about what aluminum oxide poisioning actually does, or if the amount consumed when burned through tinfoil is significant.

    So, there's still nothing really answered there...
  12. BoodahSmokah

    BoodahSmokah Guest

    okay, today I was in quite a desperate situation and I had to make a bowl out of aluminium foil, now I'd be really interested in how hazardous Aluminium oxide actually is to your health. Does anyone know WHAT exactly it damages, and in what quantity it's harmless? any figures?

    btw, after smokin out of that aluminium bowl there was a peculiar taste in my mouth, could this have been caused by the aluminium? dunno, it could've also been the wooden pipe I attached the bowl to, I havent smoked out of it for a month..

  13. weedprophet

    weedprophet Guest

    any answers?

    even if smoking with aluminum does not lead to alzheimers that does not mean its not harmful. I would also like some answers if anyone has any...

  14. justchillin2

    justchillin2 Guest

    aluminum bowl hurt my heart

    i only smoked out of an aluminum foil bowl one time in a desperate situation, my friend couldnt find his bowl, anyways, aside from the awful taste, after the high was over and i was trying to go to sleep i had horrible chest pains which actually lasted through the next day...the only time ive ever had that after smoking, never had it before, never since, and i dont want to smoke out of an aluminum pipe again to see if that was the cause. just a thought
  15. Bongzilla

    Bongzilla Seasoned Activist

    Back in the days of homemade bongs, my friend used to make a bowl out of a metal cap (similiar to those on olive oil bottles) and have some tinfoil on it.

    Tin foil burns, so don't try that :)

    But about your question, I wouldn't try anything but glass. Aluminum does breakdown a bit when heated, and that would be very bad on your lungs, and who knows what diseases it can cause.
  16. BoneyDragon

    BoneyDragon New Member

    If you ask me, smoking with a piece of aluminum is only a couple steps above licking shake off the floor. It just seems so dirty and cracked out.

  17. HillBilly

    HillBilly Guest


    Howdy! (standing in the ripples of unchartered water)

    What do ya think about the disease process itself? Unless said patient has profound clinical symptoms, the diagnosis cannot be 100% without an autopsy (in Alzheimer's disease). And even with profound symptoms, the disease can only be verified with post partum pathology reports.

    (this means you'd have to be dead for anyone to know 100% if you've got alzheimer's disease)

    Your local nursing home probably has many residents with Alzheimer's disease. Did they all smoke pot from a soda can? doubt it.. So I agree with the PhD, there's some genetic precursors there.

    WIll your makeshift Budweiser bowl give you Alzheimer's disease? I seriously doubt it after one or a couple uses. I would not recommend stopping at the soda machine every time you're gonna need a bowl.

    Why does burning aluminum (thought to) contribute to Alzheimner's? OK... I'm assuming that there's the oxidation process. (introducing fire to something burns the oxygen out of it, and the byproduct could be / is a toxic fume) Kind of like watching your old bike rust, but in a hurried manner, with a toxic byproduct.

    The plaques that PhD was talking about probably are toxic in high levels. And depending on their action on brain tissue, I reck'on could cause cerebral atrophy. (process in which brain tissue / cells: die, or shrivles, or becomes no longer useful).

    For there to be conclusive evidence as to whether or not aluminum bowls do or dont cause Alzheimer's disease would take a study... which I seriously doubt will ever be done

    example of long term study:

    group A: who smokes from an aluminum can pipe three times a week.

    group B: who smokes through a glass pipe three times a week

    conclusion: after 45 years of observation, group A shows a 4.6% higher incidence of Alzheimer's disease than group B.

    Do you see how this effort would be useless. How many people would have genetic factors to begin with? How many people would be compliant with this study?

    very very hard call to make. Don't eat paint chips unless your life depends on it :D

  18. TheEnemy

    TheEnemy New Member

    i thought that in my science class they said that they thought that alzhiemers disease was hereditary. meaning that you have to have a family history. i will ask my biology teacher who has a phd if its hereditary or not. that probably will answere it once and for all. because if it is hereditary there is no way you can just get it like from smoking from aluminum cans.

  19. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    There was talk in the early to mid 80's that aluminium (specifically cooking in aluminium cookware) could increase the amount of aluminiumn in the blood stream and that an increase in Al was a trigger to a genetically pre-disposed individual to the onset of Alzheimer's Disease. Not a cause, a trigger.

    This was never actually proven, though the blood scans of Alzeheimer patients does show increased aluminium levels.

    Hope that helps.

    Don't forget to add what your teacher with the PhD. in genetics has to contribute. The more information we can gather, the more knowledge we can gain!

  20. HillBilly

    HillBilly Guest


    Increased blood levels of ANY metal, or ANY mineral, or ANY drug can potentially be dangerous.

    Aluminum, zinc, lead, and other metals have indeed been found with examining sections of affected people's brain tissues.

    People with Alzheimers disease have many changes in their brains. Two common ones are the clumping and distortion of fibers in the nerve cells, called "neurofibrillary tangles," and clusters of degenerating nerve tissue, called "neuritic plaque." These changes occur in the parts of the brain that control thinking, learning, sleep and memory and disrupt normal brain functioning.

    Some scientists believe a virus causes alzheimer's disease.

    Some cases have been related to head injury.

    Family history vs. environmental factors?

    A family usually grows up together, sharing the same water, foods, living spaces, and also viruses and bacteria.

    Does it make sense that if alzheimer's disease was "in the water" that yes, an entire family would be exposed to disease causing organisms?

    Romans invented plumbing.. Using LEAD pipes and fixtures (easy to manipulate) Latin for lead is plumbum. Increased blood levels of lead lead to neurological deficits and eventually psychosis and death. Many believe that an epidemic of lead poisioning and crazy citizens started the fall of the Roman empire. Many also think that the Roman Empire higer-ups all went nuts because of their elite plumbing systems... price we pay for being fancy, huh?

    What actually causes Alzheimer's disease is UNKNOWN. It could be, and probably is a host of factors, with the same physiological result. I am inclined to agree with your professor, that family history pays a very important role.. but it is definitely not the end-all-be-all factor.

    Using any search tool, type in Alzheimer's disease and do some independent research. You will find much information, many of it conflicting. We still know very little about the disease, and the is very little effective treatment, absolutely no cure, and the few medicines that are available are only useful for making the first stages last longer, so that the affected person will remail cognitive longer before progerssing, or regressing (however you see it) to the next stage.


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