Am I in the clear?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by catsruleerything, Mar 31, 2013.

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    I'll try to keep this short, but about a week in a half ago my mom smelt doob smoke on me after I had been smoking an hour before my mom and step dads expected arrival back home. She came downstairs and said goodnight and questioned if I had been smoking pot. I told her I didn't even know what weed smelt like when it was physically on you haha, so that next morning she was like "I'm not naive blah blah I can tell when someone has been smoking pot" and I told her I had been at my brothers apartment while he was smoking and that's why I smelt that why (she knows that he smokes and I warned him that I sort of used him as a scape goat and he was cool with it, because he's been through the same *s word*.) Anyway a week later I told her it was all apart of a sociology experiment for class, and that the assignment was to either talk about a topic, or shock your parents into a topic explaining their family dynamics. To prove it to her I showed her the paper and she seemed to believe it. A few days after that she asked me if she were to give me a drug test would I take it, I said yes cause I figured if I said no it would raise suspicion. Then I went on to ask her if she didn't trust or if she didn't believe that it was really an experiment I got my brother to play in on as well. She basically said that she did actually trust me, she said that she envied me for keeping a good head on my shoulders the past three years in highschool, and staying responsible and safe. She said that she would only give me a test if she felt she had a valid excuse to, or a specific reason to. So with that said I really want to smoke still, but part of me says I should stop for a bit and wait, while the other part of me says as long as I don't smoke while I'm at her house I'd be alright . So am I in the clear? Advice is greatly appreciated, I've tried asking some of my friends but haven't really gotten a clear answer. Thx doods
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    is it worth having your mom know you lied and smoked ? it's up to you

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