am i screwed?

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by mrjane, Mar 30, 2012.

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    im a freshman in highschool and i sold once about 2 weeks ago to a buddy of mine whos still in middle school. we made the deal over text. i just found out that about 20 kids from that middle school got suspended bc of bud today cuz theyre doing some sort of sweep. they all got their phones taken away and some had to get picked up by their parents at the police station. last year i went to that same middle school and had the same shit that happened to them, happen to me there. so they already know about me there. i asked this kid that i sold to over facebook if he mentioned my name at all and deleted the texts. and he said hes not sure. am i like screwed or what? its been like 8 hours and no cops came bustin in my door yet. and even if they see the texts do u think theyd come after me? i mean im not a dealer.... arent they really just trying to catch the bigger fish? im wicked stressed out right now? they still got my buddies phone. now this kid is in middle school but hes a huge stoner.... he probably has texts about weed from like a lot of other ppl. do u think the cops are just gonna ignore me? i hope so. i hope they dont think i sell just because they read a text on his phone where i agree to sell him a measely .5. what do u think will happen?
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    See, this is why you should always delete weed related texts immediately. But as far as your situation goes, I wouldn't worry about it much. I doubt that they would try to track you for a small deal like thay, but who knows?

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