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  1. t-1000

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    So I'm sitting here at 4:20pm, high off black afghani hashish and thinking about this last year we are about leave.

    Ive been in the State of Qatar for around 7 months. Before I left for this country I was a daily smoker of chronic quality ganja. I came here expecting zero marijuana of any kind, as this is a very strict and somewhat dangerous country to smoke in. Many people have been busted since I got here.

    This is a place where big dealers get run down in the desert by police and shot in the head. This is a place where a plant can get you arrested for 10 years, while diabolical driving conditions are part of every day life. Hypocrisy of the first order. People die here every day while the traffic remains largely unregulated, while peaceful pot smokers lose their lives in prison.

    Within 7 months I have gone from lone american to deep in the "underground" of smokers here. Somehow, when you're a pothead and you know the culture, it seems no matter where you go, the ganja tends to appear. For most people the nature of the police in this country would prevent them from smoking. I find it almost has the opposite effect. I just have to give them the bird. Because I'm sick and tired of seing all the wrong people get fucked.

    You would think in a country full of tobacco smokers, you would find plenty of people who prefer something that doesn't cause cancer. Sadly this is not the case. Fortunately though, this does lead to rare chances to meet interesting people from all walks of life.

    Ive smoked with a security guard from Ghana. About 6.5ft tall, I commiserated with him on the low quality of smoke here. Good bud is impossible to find. I have had the opportunity to smoke it on 3 occasions, but nobody sells... friends only. My friend from Ghana unfortunately was used to picking fresh green from the local lands. He said it was "all freeeshh" and "we would fill bottles of alcohol full of fresh buds" and "make tea and all kinds of food" and you could just "go out and pick it" and smoke whenever you want.

    I have met Lebanese weed growers, Egyptian pot heads, and every other kind of nationality/smoker stereotype imaginable.

    It's nice to see how far reaching the marijuana culture has become.

    Nonetheless though, I think every day about how good the smoke was in Texas, and I can't wait to get back. I was so happy before I came here. Everything about this country is disappointing, bar some of the food.

    The human rights issues in this country are atrocious. People come here with promises of making a good living, and it turns out to be only slighty above modern slavery. I can't think of a more screwed system in the world. The truly horrible crimes against humanity go unchecked, while the personal choices about daily life are rigorously controlled. Qatar, fuck you! fuck you very much

    Any time you feel like your life sucks. Just imagine you could have been born with your highest attainable quality of life being a blue construction suit, 10 hours of sun blazed work a day, and a $300 paycheck for compensation each month. That buys you a few bowls of rice and beans and a nice ramshackle room to sleep in.

    Or you could be standing outside all day long waiting for the next brand new Range Rover or Land Cruiser that needs its tank filled. The driver has a salary of around $400,000 per year, for which he has hardly worked a day in his life to achieve. The only difference between him and you, is he was born in Qatar, and you were born in Pakistan.

    kinda makes the always unhappy side of your mind shut up for a while

    I'm done typing for now. I'll come back and give stories and pictures if people want it.

    P.S. where is the spellcheck?
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  2. Hashishi

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    Best edit out the dealing references to save a mod the hassle: discussing dealing is in violation of our discussion rules in here. It`s pretty much just your fourth paragraph that needs attention.

    Thanks for sharing, though!

    Yeah, I`ve heard about this: the Arab states exploit migrant workers worse than anywhere in the world. Sounds like an experience though, dude. I had a friend of the family move there to look after some sultan`s stables and she had to move back to due the oppression of being female.

    Why did you go out there in the first place, if that`s not too invasive a question?
  3. Dedbr

    Dedbr Domestic War Veteran

    Thanks for the view of life there in Qatar. It's interesting isn't it, that before the war, we had one of the biggest storage depots in the world there of American equipment, humvees and just about anything else you could think of........:D

    We still do, too.........;)

    Some Where In Ded Land...........
  4. t-1000

    t-1000 Sr. Member

    and it is truly an herb lover's nightmare

    I know one lebanese guy who grows alot of plants back in lebanon, and likes to bring in small amounts for personal use and friends only. I smoked with him (yes his green is some amazing skunk variety) and he told me getting out of the weed underground here is probably about the smartest thing I could do now.

    There is a local "secret police" that anyone can get into. I'm getting out of the weed circle because I have been hearing that many of the pot smokers are actually secret police too.

    A couple of them got in trouble and now they have been setting their "friends" up. A good 20 people got busted recently. They're getting sentences like 20 and 50 years.

    if I was sentenced to 50 years in an Arab prison. Honestly I think I might kill myself.

    I can't wait to get back to the friendly US. This country is at the bottom of the list for quality of life. I nearly get killed every day on the roads here.
  5. Viper420

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    You need to be real damn careful over there or you'll be making your own version of Midnight Express and it may not end as pretty as that one did.
  6. t-1000

    t-1000 Sr. Member

    Yes, females are oppressed, but foreigners are oppressed even more. White people don't really have issues though.

    Any non-Qatari is considered an underdog. White people are the top underdogs. You would think they would have a bit more respect considering the only thing keep Saudi Arabia from rolling in and taking all their precious oil and gas is an American aircraft carrier sitting off the coast, along with the gigantic airbase we have here.

    I came here to earn a BS degree. I could have stayed in the United States, but I was told by family who live here that Qatar would be a better place to go to school. Unfortunately I think they are dead wrong, which they have been admitting lately.

    Instead I am now planning on enduring one more semester here (just finished the first) and then getting the hell out. I will be transferring to the main campus located in the US. So I basically just did it for the experience of being here and going to school for the better part of a year. I think experiencing this part of the world will give me a much greater appreciation for our great country the United States. Especially considering I am in about the richest country in the middle east, and it still sucks ass.
  7. t-1000

    t-1000 Sr. Member

    Ya, you think there is a feeling of paranoia about smoking in the US? think again, my friends

    You don't hear too often about people getting run down and shot with rubber bullets, or cornered in the desert and outright murdered by police. I have heard of multiple cases of the former occuring recently, and a couple of the latter that occurred not long before I came here.

    Rubber bullets and life sentences for smokers, and death sentences for big dealers. There is no death sentence, so the cops just shoot you and make shit up.
  8. FunkySkunky

    FunkySkunky Gentille, allouette

    Wow, things seem incredibly backwards there. I was honestly unaware of the severity of the situation in some middle eastern countries. I assumed at first that most middle eastern countries decriminalized marijuana for the most part. I suppose I was wrong.
  9. Dedbr

    Dedbr Domestic War Veteran

    A few years ago, maybe not that long, we had several articles about Jamaica and how they were going to legalize herb in the country. It was stopped dead in it's tracks when the U.S. said that they would cut all foreign aid to them if they went thru with it.

    Pure and simple blackmail, but Jamaica couldn't make it without the foreign aid that comes from us, so they scrapped the idea.

    The U.S. government is the main reason that the war on drugs continues worldwide. Our foreign policy as far as drugs are concerned is that you follow the party line and get your money, or you do what you want but without the medicines and aid provided by us.

    Probably the same way in Qutar as elsewhere in the world, they just go about it a tad rougher than we do....:rolleyes:

    Some Where In Ded Land.........:)
  10. t-1000

    t-1000 Sr. Member

    Yes, it depends largely on the country in question. Go to Egypt or Pakistan and you can get bricks of hashish for the price I pay for 3.5 grams here. In Pakistan, bud grows freely in the wild, so you even get fresh bud there. Here you get jack shit for the price of next year's cannabis cup winner.

    If you paid as much in the US as here, you would expect some Super-Bubble-Orange-Purple-Passion-Skunk-Haze-God-Spice-Kush-Thunderfuck served on a naked model's belly and free Volcano and RooR bong service to boot.

    Sadly you get half a pinky's worth of mid quality black hash.

    Keep in mind a few other things though. Two neighboring countries are Saudi Arabia and Iran.

    Currently both countries serve harsh sentences for homosexuality. In Iran, gay people are regularly executed in public.

    Some of the Islam dominated countries are basket cases of human rights violations. Extremist and/or fundamentalist (whichever you prefer to call it) attitudes are a serious problem. Not simply from the aforementioned government scale human rights issues, but also in more liberal muslim countries. For example, Egypt has a large christian and muslim population dwelling together. Unfortunately, there is also a large threat from villages of muslim extremists who attempt to infiltrate cities and attack civilians for demonstrating a "western influence"

    An Egyptian friend of mine stated that both Arabs and Westerners are attacked. He explained that he would be killed on sight by extremists, simply because he wears a t-shirt. He has personally viewed the aftermath of a mall suicide bombing. As well, they don't always blow themselves up. They are known for doing drive-by shootings of buses full of civilians.

    There are a lot of problems over here, for sure.
  11. O High O

    O High O Sr. Member

    Good luck over there, man. I was under the impression that Qatar was one of the better countries in the Middle East.. Big houses, nice cars.. I've seen it on TV, but I'm guessing that's a small minority of the population. Stay safe.

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