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Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by glasseyes, Sep 23, 2001.

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    I go this HQ of some nice hydro. It was good, I mean REALLY good from the bong especialy., well, after a week, 1/2 the bag was gone, and it sat for a week, now i have this nice tight packed size bud with white crystals all over it, its sweet. it seems to have compacted on its own over the week in airtight storage, and the white of the crystals have shown up over this week as well. theres just one thing, it smells like amminia! could that be the hydro chemicals?, or any other chemicals? i know its definitely not laced with anything. its just that the ammonia smell overpowers the smell of the weed. i think im gonna smoke it anyways though. ammonia!! and it didnt smell at all like that when i bought it. when i bought it i could open up the bag and the whole room would reak!!:eek:
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    hmm, i once bought a quarter of some schwag that smelled like ammonia. smoked the whole thing too, with no problems. but it was dumb to smoke it.. apparently what happened was a shipment of weed came into my town that'd come across a border wrapped in ammonia soaked rags. i doubt thats whats wrong with your bud, its possible though that the weed smelled stronger than the ammonia to start with and since it aired out you can smell the ammonia instead of bud... i dunno, if in doubt, dont smoke it.. just cause nothing happened to me doesnt mean its not dangerous, im not really an expert in the ammonia smoking area :rolleyes:
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    The amonia is possibly a breakdown of fertilizers that remained in the bud. NItrogen is used as a plant fertilizer as it promotes green growth.

    My suggestion, leave bag open for a few hours :eek:

    Move weed to a fresh ziploc... To re-hydrate without molding: place a 2" x2" piece of fresh lettuce into the bag, seal it up wait over nite.

    Should cure the problem.

    Hope it helps

    Mama Budz
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    hey thanks guys
    ill let it air out
    hey that lettuce idea is cool iv never head that before

    sweet hauls,:p
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    well i changed the bag, let 'er air out, and i burned 'er///:splat:/// EXCELENT!!! thanks for tha'advice/ didnt use the lettuce idea but will keep in mind! l8r.
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    I did the search on the subject, and found a few threads, but none of them answered what i was looking for, so I reposted to this thread.

    Sometimes,we get weed that has an ammonia smell. The weed i have right now smells like it. I talked with a friend of mine (he woudl tell you he was a weed and he told me that sometimes when it gets wet, it will start to get an ammonia smell. Is this true? If it gets wet in shipment (or if they wet it for weight) will it get that smell to it? Not too long ago, our guy handed us a bag that had black and moldy weed...and when I opened the bag, it knocked me off my ass!! It smelled like a cat had gotten into the bag and pissed all over the place. Our guy is a very good friend, and I never send the weed back, but this time I did. He was very apologetic and went and got us more. The weed was in a brick, and just the outside of the brick was like that. The inside was green, sticky, and had just a slight smell of ammonia. Now I have smoked ammonia smelling weed before that would give you a headache that would knock you over.

    So, are they packing it in ammonia? Or is it getting wet and turning to that smell? Or is a cat pissing on the package? I know my guy gets it from out of this country, and it isn't grown locally....but commerically. For the prices we pay though, it gets us high. lol But recently, all of it has had a slight if not potent ammonia smell....someone help I don't like the ammonia smell or taste, but don't want to be disloyal to our friend either.

    I have tried airing it out, adding lettuce, I have tried apple peels, orange peels, and nothing will get the smell out.
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    You dont want to be loyal to him? This is a business, if his products are not top quality let alone potentially harmful dont buy from him! Tell your friend that you dont want this ammonia smelling/tasting **** and if he cant get anything better move on.
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