Amount of money spent on drug war ever

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    Hi, everyone! I'm happy to be registered now and I have a little question.

    I've been looking all around the web for a figure of how much money has been spent on the drug war but i'm having no luck. Could somebody please help me out? I guess the count could start in 38' when the tax act was passed. Thank you!
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  3. JackWeedseed

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    Yes I've seen that but it only counts the money spent this year, i'm looking for an estimate of TOTAL money spent since 38'
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    It's difficult to say... I found this on Wikipedia, it doesn't give the total since '37... But it puts a tiny little perspective on it...


    "The U.S. government estimates the cost of the War on Drugs by calculating the funds used in attempting to control the supply of illegal drugs, in paying government employees involved in waging the war on drugs, and to satisfy rehabilitation costs. This total was estimated by the federal U.S. government's cost report on drug control to be roughly $12 billion in 2005. Additionally, in a separate report, the U.S. government reports that the cost of incarcerating drug law offenders was $30.1 billion—$9.1 billion for police protection, $4.5 billion for legal adjudication, and $11.0 billion for state and federal corrections. In total, roughly $45.5 billion was spent in 2005 for these factors.[3] The socioeconomic costs, as well as the individual costs (i.e., the personal disadvantages in income and career), caused by the incarceration of millions of people are not included in this number. Nor are the many real wars fought in the name of the "War on Drugs" included.
    In 1998 the total cost of drug abuse in America was estimated at $143.4 billion.[4] This number, however, includes indirect costs and includes some costs of drug policy enforcement, and so is not directly comparable."

    Also, you should go to YouTube and look at: GRASS - The History of Marijuana - parts 1-8.
    Here's a look at part one: [ame=""]YouTube - GRASS - The History of Marijuana - part 1[/ame]

    It is a full length documentary cut into parts of about 9 1/2 to 10 minutes each. (Narrated by Woody Harrelson too!! :thumb:) So, about an hour and a half... It's very interesting, (not to mention humorous :rofl: ) and it will tell you the total amount of money spent from decade to decade or whatever, so you can add it all up as you watch each episode.
    I just watched it the other day, and I would love to watch it now, but don't have the time tonight.
    So, when you have the time, watch it all. It is great!! You will get your total from 1937-1947 on part 3... That was at $220 million. That's where the tallying begins. But it is worth it to watch the whole thing... In my opinion. :D

    Hope this helps.....
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    Thanks a ton. I've heard of that movie but never watched it, i'll check it out.
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    so why dont they help our poor? or other shit that sucks in our country? idiots
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    $ Trillions

    Jack, I know your post is old, but I was also looking for some figures. Didn't find any so I estimated my own. Using a quick estimated 4% escalation for every year since 1937 I figured the government has spent about $1.4 Trillion :eek: since 1937 and about $1.2 Trillion since 1970. I used 2005's $45.5 Billion in my calcs.


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