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  1. HappyMan

    HappyMan Subscriber

    I just finished looking through the backthreads for information on AMTRAK. Does anyone know to what extent AMTRAK searches for marijuana? Sometime in the next little while I will be taking the train from Boston to L.A, through Chicago. I would like to take a small amount, with me. Being the paraniod I'm trying to do a risk analysis and decidec weather or not it is to great.
  2. Daniel

    Daniel Moderator

    I did a 30 day trip on Greyhound a few years back and was never searched. (though I didn't smoke at the time)

    In Arizona, Texas and California, the Border Patrol stopped us often, but didn't seem to care about our luggage.

    In Vegas, either DEA or ATF (I cannot remember which) came on the bus and asked everybody a question or two, and also asked for permission to search their bags, everybody said yes and they finally searched somebody's bag.

    I don't think that you should have a problem. I'd personally keep it on you. Just don't put yourself in a situation to be searched.

    Good Luck!

  3. HappyMan

    HappyMan Subscriber

    I plan to take such small amount that I can go through overly elaborate measures to hide the smell.
  4. Megaweapon

    Megaweapon New Member

    Not sure exactly how tight security will be, but in the wake of recent events id assume it would be a little tighter. Hey HM, give me a buzz if you stop in chicago... we can burn one down. :)
  5. StonedOnSativa

    StonedOnSativa New Member

    Happy man you are talking to the right guy.

    Heres my story, Over New years break I took a train from toronto, Ontario to New York City. I was on Amtrak. At customs officers were crawling all over the whole train with dogs too. # people on my car alone had their bags searched and were taken off the train for weed. SAme thing on the way back. I wouldn't advise it if you cross the border but a domestic train ride in Canada is perfectly safe and most likely safe in the states too but you can never be too sure......
  6. Niteshift

    Niteshift L.E.O. in Good Standing

    One thing.....unlike Greyhound, Amtrack has it's own police dept. Personally, I'd count on them being more visible now than a year ago.
  7. HappyMan

    HappyMan Subscriber

    My research into this matter seen to point toward profiling as leading to drug arrests on Amtrak. I doubt that I fit a profile, I paid for my ticket in advance with a credit card and I'm fairly clean cut and will be hauling 60 LBS os SCUBA gear. But, I'm also a young man, traveling alone............My plan for hidding the stash involves 5 redundant 'airtight' containers, with a little eleboration out of shear fear.

    My big question is Chicago, how is the sercurity at the train station? Boston is fine, I wander through South Station at least twice a month and have never seen dogs. Heck, I took Amtrak from Boston to Baltimore in october without showing an I.D.
  8. TypeSKid

    TypeSKid New Member

    NO way.

    At the Train Station here, there are cops WITH Dogs EVERYWHERE.

    This has been after 9-11 but still.

    Chicago is a MAJOR city, obviously. Bush is budgeting for more and more homeland security.

    I wouldn't risk it. :(
  9. dialcg

    dialcg New Member

    I just rode the Amtrack on a domestic trip on the West coast (Medford, OR -> Seattle, WA) I was never searched or questioned in any way. I could have carried ounces if I wanted to. On my return trip I did bring an ounce in my backpack. There was only 1 security guy on the train, but it was very relaxed (like riding the local bus).

    Just my experience, but, I feel safe on Amtrack...

    Chris D;)
  10. HappyMan

    HappyMan Subscriber


    Do you live in Chicago? Some first hand knowlege of the Chicago station is what I need. I'll only be in the city for a few hours, long enough to get a sandwich and snap a few pictures.....Boston is no concern, and once I get on the train I doubt anyone will hassel me. But Chicago, is a major city. Anyone have any more imput?
  11. davebowman

    davebowman New Member

    Traveling by train

    Ok, let's say you do not like plane travel and you want to go somewhere in the US by train...perhaps Amtrak. Ok?
    Now let's say you want to carry a little MJ with you, but not much...say a quarter or less.
    And let's also say you have to travel by bus during this train trip for a couple of hours...

    Where would you put it? How great is the chance of being searched on the train or the bus?

    Anyone ever done this? Is there a thread on this? Thanks in advance for your input.
  12. BartSimpson

    BartSimpson Sr. Member

    Trains are cool!

    There are none of the issues with security when travelling by train that you experience when flying. However, practice common sense and maintain your stash in a location that is always under your control. Smoking is not allowed on a train, so it is common for many to get off at the station stops to have a cig - so hitting a bat or sneak-a-toke is easy. Use that common sense again and be discrete about it - it is best to do so on your own and not invite others to join you.

    Amtrak perhaps? Unless you own a railroad there is no other choice. Good Travels.
  13. blazinjeeps

    blazinjeeps New Member

    Yeah, at train stations there is no luggage check or anything like that. No security like at an airport. You simply walk on the train with your luggage and put it above your seat or by your feet. Same with the bus. Just don't have it in plain view and you should be fine.
  14. vende86

    vende86 New Member

    I guess there are down and upsides to no security on a train...
  15. BartSimpson

    BartSimpson Sr. Member

    All Aboard!

    Until they start turning left and right, trains are not much of a threat to national security. However, train stations are something of a target and I have the expectation of being "inspected" upon entering major stations (major city stations). This inspection is not by an agency that needs the statistical benefit of finding MJ like the TSA, and is practical in nature. They size you up and visually inspect your luggage, and I trust they are actually looking for terrorists.

    Perhaps our NYC friends will offer some advice.
  16. Amtrak_Issues

    Amtrak_Issues New Member

    Reviving an old thread here. I'll by traveling to LAX by way of amtrak tomorrow night. Planned on bringing a bit with me, but after all this terrorist crap flaring up again, I'm a little worried, with LA being a major city and everything. Any advice would be great.
  17. BartSimpson

    BartSimpson Sr. Member

    In general, transportation security is at the point of departure, not the destination - so that you are arriving in Union Station at Los Angeles does not reflect in the need to keep it on the down low. Think about it, screening you after you get off the train is of little value other than to thank you for not doing something on the train.

    If you have not traveled by train, note that they are all non-smoking; so at most station stops, the smokers get off and smoke. The potheads can get off and smoke as well, but generally out of sight. Done it myself on many train trips with a sneak-a-toke.

    There is currently no screening of the train passenger, save metropolitan New York and Washington - however there is a security presence in the system. Consider that security cameras are in use at stations and keep your behavior appropriate. The train crew will respond promptly to reports of smoking in the restrooms so that's never recommended, but overall there is no problem traveling by train with your weed. In fact, it is a downright pleasure of train travel to be able to freely move about and even cop a buzz at the stations.

    Practice safe handling and you will be fine. Keep it on your person or in your carry-on next to your seat, keep it on the down-low and be nice to the train crew. Good Travels!
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  18. Secs

    Secs New Member

    I travel the Empire Builder quite frequently, although not all the way to Chicago. there are plenty of border patrol agents that come on the train at certain stations looking for illegal aliens, not really paying attention to the luggage or passenger's belongings. they just walk through the center aisle, looking from side to side at the passengers, but not looking at or through the belongings.
  19. AppleBeanCult

    AppleBeanCult New Member

    I live in St.Louis. I take the Amtrak to Kansas City fairly regularly and have never encountered any security which would detect marijuana, this may be because i depart and arrive at the smaller suburban stations but I have never noticed anything at bigger stops either.
  20. janatra

    janatra New Member

    i'll be traveling via amtrak v. soon, going to nyc. i'll be leaving either from indy or cincy. Any tips, precautions, recommendations anyone can make? I only wanna take a small amount (1/8). I doubt I fit any profile. I'm clean-cut and middle-aged. Thanks for any and all advice.

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