An excuse to smoke w/o getting caught by parents?

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by BlowtreesBurnHerb, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. BlowtreesBurnHerb

    BlowtreesBurnHerb New Member

    I just had an idea. This seems like a really good idea atm because im stoned. BUT, for you other teenagers who are living with your parents, you know sometimes especially at night you might need a reason to go outside without your parents getting suspicious. Like its hard to just go outside, smoke and come back in without getting analyzed. But yeah like thats only for solo smoke sessions. get a pet. like a cat (they r free and awesome to blow 2nd hand smoke into lol), then you can take it outside at night to let it use the bathroom and smoke then. ur parents will just think ur taking ur pet outside.
  2. Buds_Of_Steele

    Buds_Of_Steele Your Undisputed Disputer

    3...2...1... thats the countdown to the incoming surge of people who are going to tell you about how cruel it is to get animals high.
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  3. euphoric dreams

    euphoric dreams Sr. Member

    Suposing that this cat is an indoor cat.... it will jet the second you put it outside - bye bye kitty.
    Suposing that this is an outdoor cat, you don't need to watch it take a shit. Cat's are so independent that you never even need to think about it when it's outside.

    Open door, let cat out, close door, done.

    Get a better excuse (like a dog) OR some kind of physical activity. "Hey mom and dad, I'm taking my bike out for a ride around the block because I'm bored"
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  4. Kushy

    Kushy down

    Since when are cats free?
    And why would you blow smoke into it's face. Do you like it when someone does that to you?
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  5. Blackbear

    Blackbear Sr. Member

    It starts off with blowing smoke into cats, and progresses to keeping little girls locked up in your basement for years :yikes:

    also yah, I had an outdoor cat and he didn't need watching in the least. He'd usually stay out all night beefing with the other local cats in the area
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  6. Mushroom Man

    Mushroom Man Feeling eternal..

    Cats use litter boxes. Outside cats don't get let out for 5 minutes in the backyard.

    Hopefully this won't turn into another "Getting animals high " thread.
  7. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Get a telescope. I always found that to be a good excuse to go out at night.

    If someone had blown smoke into my cat's face, he would have come away with half a nose.
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  8. Frid

    Frid New Member

    A friends cousin of my blew smoke into my dogs face without asking. I broke his nose. What is wrong with you? :soapbox: :soapbox:
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  9. Marley's Bong

    Marley's Bong New Member

    say your going outside because you have to smoke some weed.
  10. lizardqueen

    lizardqueen New Member

    This one only works a few times but be like 'Oh i can't find my phone i think i left it outside' and pretend to go out and look for it & go smoke.
  11. thefirsttimer

    thefirsttimer New Member

    This is a serious question I am about to ask you.....are you high right now?
  12. BlazedBabe_42o

    BlazedBabe_42o New Member

    Lmfao, 0bviouslyy. Didnt you see his brilliant plan.?xD

    Uhmm, Arnt yuh suppose to take dogs on walks.?? :] Catss.?? Lmaoo, :] Theyy Runn away (;
  13. BlowtreesBurnHerb

    BlowtreesBurnHerb New Member

    hahaha dude u were so right man. that's funny as hell.
  14. BlowtreesBurnHerb

    BlowtreesBurnHerb New Member

    i try the bike thing and it usually works its just really lame because as i said i cant come straight inside without getting my eyes examined, etc. so i have to wait outside for my high to wear off which isnt much fun.
  15. BlowtreesBurnHerb

    BlowtreesBurnHerb New Member

    i love it when someone does that to me. shotguuuuns son.
  16. BlowtreesBurnHerb

    BlowtreesBurnHerb New Member

    i was stoned as shit when i wrote tht. but forreal i dont condone getting animals high. its cruel. getting an animal high is animal cruelty. i was simply joking. i dont do it myself but my friends always do that, they like blow smoke into their animals faces, pour beer into their bowls for them to drink it. and the animals dont seem to mind. and i wouldn't beat their asses for doing it. what they do with their pets is their own business.
  17. Frid

    Frid New Member

    Did the animals tell you they didnt mind? I really hope you were "joking" about that. I could never do such a thing to a person let alone one of my closest buds (my dog).
  18. djonkoman

    djonkoman New Member

    about the beer, I discovered once my rats love beer... was drinking a beer and watching tv with one of them on my lap petting it
    and a little beer got on the outside of the can and that way on my fingers, and the rat suddenly starts licking my fibgers like crazy
    so I gave here a few drop of my finger, not enough to get drunk(don't want a drunk rat), but iof she enjoys the taste like me, she can taste just a bit for that

    the few times I went outise to smoke(before I was 16, since I'm now allowed to by my parents), I went outise wghen my parents where already asleep, problem is that I got a bit paranoid they would hear a sound and discover the door was not on the lock and lock it locking me outside, or that they would catch me getting back in and start asking questions(as soon as I was in the hallway again it was ok because then I can just use the toiletexcuse, our toilet is downstairs)
    but when I was 15 I mostly smoked on saurdayevening when I went to the 'keet in the village(youthhangout, they're a lot here in the rural parts of the netherlands, mostly famous for the quantities alcohol consumed there, also by <16)(or other places I went too on saturdays)
    or I waited till my parents where asleep, put a bathrobe(are 2 old ones of my parents wich they never use still in my room)under the door, open the window and blow everything out of the window and holding the joint partly out of the window too
    only time my mom smelled something(or at least said something about it) was when I just put open the window but laid in my bed smoking, just blowing the smoke into my room

    if I wanted to go outside at night/evening while my parennts are still awake and there would be some reason i didn't want to tell I went smoking, I would now just say I go outside to check on my weedplants(but that doesn't really work in winter, and I don't really have reason to use that because I can just vaporize in my room)

    I just think of another good reason btw, but only works during the day
    say you go to the store(to get some candy or chips for yourself for example, or get some groveries for your parents, my parents always go to the same supermarket but there are 2 others in the other direction, so sometimes I get things that are for sale, or just cheaper, in those pther supermarkets and then I get half of the saved out money, not much but easily made if I go there anyway)
    I did that a few times too to smoke(and I got lucky there's a nice smoking spot on the way, a bench looking out on the meadows and a farm, bench is next to a not very busy bicyclepath, sometimes there do pass some people from the village, and on nice days some old people, but nobody cares if you're smoking a joint there, only disadvantage is that it is windy there)
  19. BlowtreesBurnHerb

    BlowtreesBurnHerb New Member

    well i mean if my friend blows smoke into his dogs face, if the dog didnt like it i think he would leave and not get closer to the blunt and look up at him as if to say "hit me again" i mean i love animals, but i just don't understand why people rage and go into riot mode over people doing things like that.
  20. BlowtreesBurnHerb

    BlowtreesBurnHerb New Member

    I'm doing abit of research on the matter. "smoking marijuana around your pets is a bad idea, not because I actually have a "grudge" against smoking weed, I smoke it myself. It is actually bad for your cats, because marijuana smoke, like ALL smoke has carcinogens and toxins that stay inside of your cats fur, which is OBVIOUSLY bad for your cat. so stop getting your cats high... if you actually love your cats and care about their HEALTH and well-being" you know I thought that since pot was harmless for humans it would be harmless to animals. but its definitely something worth reading into more.

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