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    Gosh, I may be new here but I see so many people asking or saying "HELP HOW DO I PASS" or "Any tips for passing a drug test?".

    Let's be up front and honest. The plain and simple truth is just to not smoke...but let's be real and avoid that Yahoo answer bullshit. I've passed successfully several drug tests. I actually find it kind of fun to detox my body.

    Without further personal detox method.

    1.) Exercise and sweat

    THC clings to fat cells...unfortunately meaning the fatter you are the more difficult it will be. If you can exercise vigorously you will aid the THC out of your body much quicker. Burning fat cells...burns THC out through both sweat and urine. Fat is secreted through both.

    I find even sleeping in sweat pants will cause some perspiration thus getting even more out while you sleep.

    NOTE: Avoid exercise immediately before test. (1 entire day) As it will continue to secrete THC into urine and it will be more prevalent.

    2.) Eat healthier

    As I previously stated about the fat cells...THC clings to them. If you eliminate as much fat going in it will have less to cling to over time. Therefore allowing it to pass quicker. Avoid the McDonalds and try eating some vegetables, fruits, or low-fat foods. This is just overall better for you anyways.

    3.) Niacin (You knew it was coming)

    Niacin can aid you but heed the warning of it can permanently damage your liver and other organs if you take to much. Especially over prolonged periods. The way Niacin works has two components. First, it actually inhibits the breakdown of fat cells. Allowing it to pass through quicker. Secondly, it makes capillaries get larger. Aiding in more water into the blood stream and flushing it out. You will need flushing Niacin. This can be found cheaply at any local drug store.

    4.) Purge

    This is a unorthodox method that makes sense and is easily done. I have no idea if it works but it's free and good for you nonetheless.

    Shower. Specifically I want you to start by taking as hot of shower as you can muster. Get your body completely red. (This is blood coming to the surface of your skin) It is also getting as much blood from your organs as possible. Once you've become beat red turn it as cold as freakin' possible! I'm talking COLD! The type of cold that takes your breath away. This will immediately push all of your blood from the surface of your epidermis back into your organs. It will purge of your organs of toxins and flush them. The first time I did this I felt so good I was giggle happy for an hour or so.

    5.) Tea, eh' chaps?

    At any grocery store go to the tea section. Look around for Detox tea. It should be around $5. This tea supports liver and kidney health. It also gets toxins out of your body. They taste great. They're great for you. Drink 2 or so of those a day for detoxifying results.

    6.) Got a $20?

    If you have $20 dollars go to your local Health Hut and pick up a ReadyClean. You drink one of these an hour or two before your test. Wait 15 minutes...fill up the same bottle again with water or something acidic. (i.e. Cranberry juice, Grapefruit jucie) Urinate 2-4 times before the test. You should be fine off just this.

    Final notes: Like I said...the best way is just not to. These are my personal ways of detoxing.

    Good luck and smoke on!
  2. Gil Smash

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    Wouldnt ReadyClean be basically the same as drinking alot of water and doing the B-12 and creatine method?
  3. VILenin

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    No, ReadyClean is a masking drink. It is designed to mask THC immediately before a drug test. You have an opening of 5-6 hours with it.
  4. VILenin

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    I decided to come back to this thread and post one more solid way to get clean.

    7.) Sauna

    If you have or can access a sauna you can take out a considerable amount of THC quickly because of obvious factors. The intense amount of humidity causes large amounts of perspiration (sweating). You will immediately begin to pour out sweat from nearly every pore. Though it doesn't work in the same way as exercise it will produce similar processes of exercising. This may or may not be more effective. Also, it is without question a great alternative for out of shape individuals. We wouldn't want you to have a heart attack.

    WARNING: If you are a diabetic (like me) watch your blood sugars. The heat will diminish sugars in your blood at a very catalyzed rate. Whether you are or not a diabetic a sauna will dehydrate you quickly. So be sure to drink a copious amount of water. If diabetic, I'd suggest a Gatorade or something with non-hollow carbohydrates and sugar. The Gatorade will of course elevate your blood sugar but while sustaining positive nutrients to more safely proceed with this course of detoxification.

    Good luck, and well for this thread, don't smoke on.
  5. VILenin

    VILenin New Member more that came to mind.

    8.) Anti-oxidants.

    These dudes are unequivocally amazing for you. They fight cancer (free radicals) that are responsible for arthritis and other joint diseases, lung problems like emphysema and bronchitis, and atherosclerosis, the leading cause of heart disease. They all take nasty stuff from your body. Recent scientific discoveries have uncovered super foods. Such as Goji and Acai berries, unfortunately, this can be very expensive items. Fortunately, there are substitutes that are much cheaper and still effective.

    #1: Black rice

    #2: Sweet potatoes

    #3: Apples

    #4: Certain beans

    #5: Dried cranberries

    #6: Coffee

    #7: Green tea

    This is an amazing thing for you regardless of drug test or not.


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