anti-depressants and marijuana

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  1. raegp1

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    Hi, here are some major facts about marijuana and anti-depressants that I have personnaly experienced in my lifetime.
    - When you smoke marijuana while taking antidepressants it can cause some anxiety but usually not a lot.
    - Drinking alcohol while on anti-depressants is far worse than smoking dope while taking anti-depressants. I used to drink all the time with antidepressants and this isn't a good combination. Alcohol is a depressant It will wipe your anti-depressants right out of your system.
    - For People that are naturally depressed ( hereditary depression ) When off anti-depressants Life really sucks and most people sometimes choose to smoke dope than to take anti-depressants daily but even though weed is an anti-depressant itself I strongly recommend medication for depression . I took Paxil for 6 months then when i decided to smoke dope everyday to cure my depression It worked at first but after the Paxil wore off i was depressed and smoking weed just elivated my mood and sometimes made me more depressed.

    THere is some more things to know I just can;t think of right now. Please share your stories on this topic.

    Love weed
  2. HillBilly

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    whole lotta love

    Howdy raegp1!

    Thank you for the testamonial!! I'm sure others will benefit from your sharing of experiences. Allow me to add on to the alcohol and drug interaction...

    We have receptor cells in our bodies. These receptor cells accept chemicals and introduce them into the specific organs, which in turn allows our bodies to function as the drug action takes hold.

    When there is a build-up of chemicals usually in the liver and kidneys, bad things can happen. Such as organ congestion and inflammation. Picture someone's liver.. Kinda looks like a 2-3 pound slab of beef. It metabolizes chemicals... If it is already trying to acept drugs such as pill form medication, it can be stressed by an overload of alcohol. What it boils down to is too many chemcials competing for the same receptor sites. The organ itself can enlarge to try and compensate for the increased chemical receptor need.... LONG TERM result could be organ failure, or chronic problems.

    When doctors, nurses, pharmacists say don't drink while on this medicine, there's good reason for it. When a person such as yourself adds negative personal experiences.. Hopefully other people will take it seriously.

    For the most part, a little bit of marijuana goes a long way. It's chemicals are recieved by specialized receptor sites cannabanoid receptors. These special receptors make marijuana relatively benign (harmless).

    hope my rambling makes since

  3. AndieBear

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    I too suffer from depression and use marijuana along with prozac. My only problem is that I tend to forget to take my prozac, especially when it's working. I don't have any side effects mixing the 2 but I have experienced them before. It was when I was taking a tricyclic antidepressant; pamalar. I was in High School at the time and my dad had to call in for me. I was so confuzed, I had to tell my dad everything I had done the night before. (He thought it was some other kind of psychedelic drug) Luckily, he was smart enough to figurure out that it was a combo of the 2. I wish there was a way to figure out what medicines will have negative effects when mixed with MJ. I know a lot of people who take several different medications and are apprehensive about using it. There aren't any Dr.'s in my area that would be willing to talk to about it.
  4. HillBilly

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    Howdy AndieBear!!

    Side effects are different for everyone. Medications have a basic method of action in the body.. How the chemical breaks down, what cells it affects, and what the net result are. That's the basic drug description.

    But, like I said, any drug has the potential to affect people differently. Aspirin, for example might make me deathly nauseated for me. And you might be able to take aspirin without any problems at all.

    As for reactions:

    I can't stress this enough

    Marijuana DOES have psychotropic affects! Marijuana DOES change the way our brain transmits, recieves, and processes information. Marijuana DOES have physical properties, lowering blood pressure, intraoccular pressure, in some people unsteady balance or walking difficulty. Marijuana DOES produce sleep (if you smoke enough of it) Marijuana CAN cause confusion, or unclear thoughts.

    Anyone already taking medicine, Be it Prozac, Pamalar, Nardil, Xanax, Tylenol with Codeine, Cough syurp. Blood pressure medicine, medicine for acne.. any type of medication that can cause these things could be EXAGGERATED when combined with marijuana.

    However.. some medicines are deadly or have very negative effects when combined. I have never seen anything that indicates that cannabis could be that harmful when mixed with another medicine. It could cause some stupor, or light headedness, much confusion.. even a psychotic episode (especially if person already being treated for psychosis) But it won't kill ya!!!


  5. mexican dirt weed

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    yah dudes i take celexa and trazadone for depression. and i smoke weed a couple times a week and it doesnt effect me at all other han the fact that i get stoned. but a last week me and a couple of friends drank alot of hard cider we had been making. it was fully fermented so we drank it. i was realy hammered and what not but when i woke up the next morning with a slight hang over i was realy realy depressed like when i forget to take my pills and i had completly screwed up dreams so i guess no alcohol for mebut definatly weed doesnt hurt yah at all when youre on anti depressants.
  6. 5werdz

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    Well, raegp1, as a fellow sufferer of depression I have had some interesting interactions between cannabis and anti-depressants. I currently use Effexor and experience no unusual side effects when enjoying the sacrament. However, for a short period of time I was prescribed Paxil, and discovered a rather peculiar(re: disturbing) side effect. During my period on Paxil I was smoking a LOT of hash oil, and feeling GREAT, might i add, but during my frequent fits of severe animation-induced laughter i would begin to feel as if i was going to vomit. I would literally feel myself go into convulsions that would often appear in multiples. I found this to be amusing at first, but quickly decided it was an indication that all was not well with this "Paxibus" equation. My solution? I stopped taking Paxil, and switched to Effexor. Although, I must admit that its negative reaction with cannabis was not the sole reason for the switch. I had been taking Paxil for a very short period of time(approximately 12 days), and found that it left me extremely drowsy, and in a state of vertigo, whilst stranding me in a bought of insomnia. I hope that my testimonial will benefit anyone who suffers from depression and uses cannabis in conjunction with either of the psychotropic medications I have mentioned. Depression is a horrible illness. I merely hope it does not exceed its current status as a struggle in your life and progress to become the cause of your death. My heart goes out to each and every one of you who is suffering.
  7. elijah1

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    im taking paxil and zyprexa for depression. i smoked up for the first time 3 days ago on monday. it was a joint and i took about 8 hard hits from it. even though alot of my friends told me that they didnt get high until their third time i got high right away. in the beginning it was great, i felt like i was floating and i couldnt stop laughing. but then i felt like i was falling out of reality and then i felt like i was burning all over-like i was experiencing hell. it was the worst feeling i ever felt. i started begging god to get me out of it. finally after about thirty minutes i started coming back. but still there was the burning- everything i felt was burning. then i went to sleep and i woke up ok. then, the next day i wanted to get a normal high so i smoked again but not as much-about 4 hits. i was ok for the beginning but then i started feeling the same thing as the night before. but this time i could control it so i didnt totally trip out again. but the burning and tingling sensation was still there. i went to sleep and the next day the burning was still there. i spoke to my doctor and he said itll go away but its thursday and it still hasnt gone away even though i can control it somewhat. so im still waiting for it to go away. so i guess taking antidepressants and smoking weed really messed me up and if someone is taking antidrepressants they should think twice before smoking marijuana.
  8. Blazing

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    I have been smoking weed for a good 5 years. I am now 20 years old. I have a story, to tell everyone. I smoked weed everyday not thinking much of it for a good few years bong hits, etc. Some things have dramatictly changed in my life, I never thought to be a stressfull guy, I'm not the type to worry about things.... Than ..I started feeling sick at random times.... I mean like Nautious sick... Like you feel like you want to throw up and than you do, at first I thought it must be weed withdrawl, as I'm a heavy smoker, causing depression or anciety.... I have lost like maybe 20-30 pounds in the last year. I have been to the emergency hospital about 6 times already, and all they do is pump my veins with fluid and give me the strongest anti nausia medicine they have which was for some cancer keemotheraorpy patients they said. Anywheys, I have just started taking Mirtzapine.. (Anti Depressant) Because he thinks it's depression... I think It's extreme Anicety + Depression.... I Still smoke... while I am on mirtzapine, I realize this is not good, but my doctor did not reccamend a heavy smoker like me just stopping.

    So it's been 2 weeks and 2-3 days, I have been taking mirtzapine everynight before I go to bed 15 MG.... At first I found when I took it it would sedate me... now i feel like its doing nothing..... My appetite has gone down hill, I have a few court cases. and a new born baby, I realize this can cause stress, but I Just need a solution for my problem..... I like smoking weed.. but I want to cut down.. and not feel sick anymore.. and throw up....
  9. bananapants

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    I'm 26-years-old and have struggled with depression and anxiety all of my life. I've also been a heavy pot smoker for the last 10 years or so. I think marijuana is a really good crutch, and I'm aware that that's exactly what it is. However, I recently started seeing a PMHNP who initially prescribed me Effexor. I experienced adverse effects with it such as extreme nausea and vomiting, shaking, breaking into a cold sweat, insomnia, etc. And this was only after a couple of days at the lowest dosage. I felt too sick to even attempt to smoke pot for those couple of days. On the third day, I stopped taking them and called my NP who suggested we try Zoloft instead. At first, the 50mg of Zoloft did wonders, even with my continued usage of marijuana on a regular basis. Then some stressful things happened in my life that caused me to go into a depression, and I talked to my NP about increasing the dosage, which he agreed was a good idea. Today is Friday, May 25, 2012 and I started my dosage increase on Thursday, May 17. On Monday, I ran out of pot and was unable to get anymore until this evening and I've felt absolutely dreadful these last four days without it. It got worse with each passing day. This morning, I was vomiting and shaking, and feeling many of the same effects I felt with the Effexor. My appetite definitely went down, which I guess isn't necessarily a bad thing in terms of not eating as much, but I am also hypoglycemic. So not eating regularly throughout the day to keep my blood sugar level makes me feel a little nauseous in itself (I always opt for healthy snacks like almonds or Larabars). Of course, as soon as I smoked pot this evening when I was able to attain some, I felt instantly better.

    So, I guess what I'm kind of wondering aloud is this: Is the marijuana effective in helping to mask the adverse effects of my anti-depressants, or was I just experiencing intense marijuana withdrawal? Neither one would surprise me. My NP does not know about my marijuana usage, which is obviously completely my fault. I just know that most doctors, even in my "hippy dippy" town, would likely advise me to stop smoking it, and I don't really want to. If made to choose between the marijuana and the anti-depressants, I would surely choose Mary Jane. I find that even before I went on medication, I had highs and lows all the same with my continued usage. But without it, I definitely feel myself spiraling downward to the point where it's hard to leave my apartment, anti-depressants or not.

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