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  1. Ccole420

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    My buddie drinks tea with a bunch of anitoxidants in it and take antioxidant vitamins when detoxing.... Do antioxidants actully help?
  2. Ccole420

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  3. Secs

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    Well, they are healthy for you, but I really don't think they help pass a drug test.
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  4. Ccole420

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    o alrite... thanks
  5. Monster

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    antioxidants have plenty of vitamins and help you pee more so it does help. Sorta like cranberry juice.
  6. lew scannon

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    While antioxidants may help maintain a healthier life, they have no effect on ridding the body of THC. It may make you urinate frequently, but the rate in which the kidneys filtering THC metabolites from the bloodstream (known as glomerular filtration rate) remains unfazed.

    The only proven way to rid the body of THC is time and fat-burning exercise. But it must be understood that all exercising should be avoided if you have 3 days before the U/A. The reason is when fat cells burn, the stored THC metabolites get released into the bloodstream, and end up in your urine as a result of the kidneys filtering the THC metabolites from the bloodstream.
    During those 3 days, you want to be as dormant as possible, so you dont release a bunch of THC metabolites into the bloodstream, which end up in the urine to be detected.
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  7. Webdox

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    Peeing more doesn't rid your body of THC and thus does not help you detox. Cranberry juice does nothing either other than taste good. Thinking you will detoxify your body by drinking lots of anything or peeing thousands of times leading up to a drug test is a myth.
  8. Monster

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    oh ok thanks for clearing that up

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