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  1. Darkdrift

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    I just discorvered mass quantities of ants infesting this cabinet in my bathroom, now I HATE ants. Not as much as spiders but ants are up there. So my first reaction was to go grab the Raid and poison those suckers. But instead I'm going to take a huge rip outta my bong and blow it all over them and shut the cabinet. I wonder what the ants will be like....

    ps- sorry if there are super peta people here who care about ants, but c'mon the little fuckers suck.
  2. Darkdrift

    Darkdrift Sr. Member

    Well I blew out the big hit, and as I suspected the smoke started to freak the ant out and they all started running. Luckily I had the raid handy, and got every single last one of them. now im just waiting for it to dry so i can clean it all up and really get em out.
  3. Plaidheart

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    go for it

    I won't tell PETA, go for it lol
  4. Darkdrift

    Darkdrift Sr. Member

    Just cleaned it up and I feel rather satisfied.Although, from their perspective they went from a booming colony with a stocked food source (an open container of syrup that I found) to nothing in like 5 minutes. Im sure there still one or two living ants, I wonder if they feel as if they've just had a huge tragedy or if they just go on in their scavenger/gatherer lives.
  5. Plaidheart

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    I'd say it would be a tragedy for the ants because sometimes you see them carry dead ants around. Possibly for burial?
  6. iamskfan

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    My whole house is inundated with ants on a yearly basis. we have found large nests of them under our house and in our shed. We spray, we exterminate, we powder, we do everything but to no avail. The exterminator said they've lived here so long, their nests are VERY deep into the ground.

    You leave one soda or piece of food out, and the ants will be swarming. I just killed a ton of them last night in my youngest son's room. He had a mtn dew can sitting in the floor and there were hundreds of ants.

    The ants we have are the little black (I call them sugar ants) ants. We kill them by the millions every year. If we do manage to kill a nest, they just come back somewhere else.

    Last year, my kids left their tent out in the yard for the whole summer, when I finally got them to go pick it up, the ants had nested in it. I know there were thousands if not millions of ants in that thing...all with their larvae scattering about to get out of the tent when we picked it up. I wound up just throwing the whole thing away.

    I've even had them nest in my car before :angry: I hate ants too! Constant battle. And I think we're losing!!
  7. negaDuck

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    Take some powdered boric acid and mix it in with some crushed up cornflakes and sugar. Tha ants will eat that shit and die, either from tha boric acid or because they can't digest tha cornflake crumbs.

    another "fun" thing to do (i hate ants as well) is to take some chalk and draw a thick circle around one lone ant. They don't like crossing chalk, so he'll bounce back and forth inside tha circle for a good while
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  8. Doc Zee

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    Haha, you keep syrup in your bathroom?

    I'd love to hear the story behind that ;)
  9. Or something darker.

    Or to eat them.
  10. vcisjb

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    I would feel comfortable assuming that before the year 2040 ants will have taken over us as humans. And Friend and I have a bet going, if ants have overrun us by year 2040 he owes me 20 bucks.
  11. Killerchron

    Killerchron Get ya shine on

    Ant bites hurt.

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