Anybody ever Used Sure-Gel???

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by VisaliaCAL323, Feb 20, 2005.

  1. VisaliaCAL323

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    Hello all.
    I have been lurking here for a while and you all seem very educated on the topic.
    I was visiting and I came across the method below. This guy and others on that board swear that it works, but I am concerened about how diluted the sample will look if I try this.

    AaroninIraq on Tue 21, Sep 2004 07:20
    I am a soldier in the US Army. I have been smoking since I was 16 and I have never stopped. I have passed 4 "random" drug tests during my stint in the army, due to this wonderful thing called Sur-Gel, used to make jams,jellies, jell-o...ect. I have passed tests the day after I smoked. The stuff is outstanding. You wouldn't believe how many people in the military smoke every day and pass tests with this stuff. My friends and I used to go to work high and actually worked better than when we were sober. My Sergeants not only knew that I smoked weed but that I was high at work. They didn't care because they knew that some of the best workers were the stoners believe it or not. If your looking to pass a test I recomend Sur-Gel. Drink WATER till you piss clear, add a packet of Sur-Gel to a pop bottle sized container of water and drink. Continue to drink water and give at least and hour for this to work. You will be good for the next two to three hours. I have proven this to work personally. $1.17 @ Wal-Mart.

    So what do you all think? Have any of you tried this? I guess the better question would be, would any of you try this?
    And if you have, how exactly does this work? This guy is no longer active on the hightimes boards, so I can't get an answer out of him.
    Thanks guys!
  2. wickedbuzz

    wickedbuzz New Member

    sure gel!!!

    I have used Certo which is a different brand of pectan used to make jellies, jams, etc. I have passed several piss test this way. I find that Certo is in liquid form(like snot) it mixes better than the powder kind sure gel. It comes in a box with 2 packages inside... I mix 1 package with apple juice (it helps with the taste) then I start drinking water. I make sure to piss at least 3 times before I take the test. You will be clean for a couple of hours. I also smoked the day before taking these test. Good Luck!!!
  3. Wizard1

    Wizard1 New Member

    I've researched this, I cannot find any data that supports this. I'm not saying it isn't so, but I can't find any data with info on WHY this would work.
    Mel, N2, S2...can you sound in on this for me?? There a just too many people saying they got good results from this for me to dismiss this just yet.
    There was a guy on this board who said he got info from someone in a proffessional capacity (my spelling just sucks) that this absolutely works, but he would not reveal his source stating that person could lose there job.
    Thank you.
  4. Dr.Crusher

    Dr.Crusher New Member

    My experience with Sure-Gel

    My ex boyfriend of about 3 years was arrested and put on probation, drug tested regularly. He couldn't say no to the bud, so he was in jeapoardy of going back to jail. He had a friend in the military who said that he passed all of the time with sure gel so he gave it a shot. I think he put a whole entire packet into gatorade and drank it.. Very nasty.. He drank water all day up until his test. Anyways, when he pissed, his urine was crystal clear, and I mean like clean pure water clear. His PO knew something was up, test came back way to diluted. She gave him the option of a retest which he took. The test was scheduled for the next day. He tried again, thiis time, instead of drinking water he drank apple juice, soda, orange juice.. Test came back the same, far too diluted to have not been tampered with.

    They kept him there for hours, made him test again about 4 or 5 hours later. I don't remember how they were able to hold him without him being arrested, but he was scared and wasn't going to argue or try to leave. When they tested him again, they supervised him. I think they thought he was putting stuff in it. This time, his urine was much less diluted and he failed.

    Now, he is the only person I know who has tried this, however I have heard lots of folks, especially folks in the military swear by this method.
    I'm a little scetchy at this point, but somebody who has nothing to lose should give this a shot.
  5. Wizard1

    Wizard1 New Member

    Well, that just sounds like it was the dilution and nothing else. There might be something that holds back metabolites from urine for short periods of time....but if no one on this site has heard of it, and myself with hours and hours of research and self testing has not heard of it....No one has found that gold nugget as of yet. I think I'm going to look for some sort of online medical professional or something.
    Peace all.
  6. Locutus

    Locutus New Member

    yes it is just the water diluting. we had 20 stoners on another forum test sure jel & certo out recently... and 5 of them FAILED. :( to me that is not very good odds... and it's certainly was not 100% nor foolproof as was claimed. the only way you can know it really made any difference is to pretest yourself with a home test to make sure you're positive, and then try it with just the water instead of the sure jell and restest to see if it worked just as well. check out the sticky threads here on dilution and tips for more info
  7. Wizard1

    Wizard1 New Member

    Thanks Locutus. That's good to know.
  8. d4rk3

    d4rk3 New Member

    i think using certo or sure-gel leans more toward the "not so good cover-up" form of passing a test. my personal opinion. but i have some friends that swear by it, so i dunno. never personally tried. like locutus said, i'd like to conduct an experiment sometime...

    take the certo, and keep pissing until my piss is a normal yellow aka the fluid you drank it with is gone. THEN, if it keeps you clean for a few hours, let's say you're not dilluted after an hour, take a home test and see how it turns out. and of course, make sure you know you wouldn't pass a test for this kind of experiment without the aid of something :)

    after i get off probo i will definetley try this
  9. nikolai1

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    How To Cover Up Dilutionb-12




  10. JackBauer

    JackBauer Sr. Member

    You do realize this thread is 1 & 1/2 years old. Actually, it is vitamin B-2 Riboflavin that adds color back to your urine. Anyway, color is only important when looks matter. Your urine can be yellow and still fail other validity testing such as pH and specific gravity as well as creatinine clearance. Creatine is metabolized into creatinine and should be taken 24-72 hours before the test. Read the dilution threads because there is more to it than just these things.
  11. 1tokeovertheline

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    That must be why they WERE HOLLERING!!!!!:D
  12. mmm1220

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    Just to let everyone know i have tryed this whole sure gel bullshit... i will say that it does work but you pay for it later.... i did this on a monday it is now one week later on the fallowing monday and i am laying in bed with a temp of 102.3 and have been feeling shitty ever fucking since.
    Using sure gel works... BUT just remember you pay for it later!
  13. Secs

    Secs New Member

    Well, you passed due to the water, you might get the shits from the sur jell, but it doesn't help you pass any more than if you just drank the water. Now you have either the stomach flu or you ate some bad food or whatever but you want to give sur jell the credit for that too????

    This thread is old, the sur jell theory has been discredited many times. Why do people insist on bringing it to the forefront? :sigh:
  14. 29yeartoker

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    Maybe for the same reason people keep bringing back all the other ancient threads. People just don't want to leave the past in the past.

    People please understand....SOMETIMES THINGS CHANGE!! Oops, sorry didn't mean to yell.
  15. maxwell12677

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    it has something to do with the pectin coating the kidneys so that blood and toxins arent released into the urine for a brief time.kinda builds a wall allowing the water you drink to pass right works,i did it for 3 years on felony probation...but thats the more simplistic drug tests like 5 panel....cant say anything positive towards lab test or anything
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    wow, replying to a 5 year old thread? Old thread is old.
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    so what? i didnt study the damn dates,WHY are you still getting notifications to a 5 year old thread? shut up.:chillpill:
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    You bumped the thread to the top smart guy.
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    then its a 2 day old guy. who fucking cares how old the question is? i wanted an answer 2 days ago not 5 years ago. and i saw a question someone wanted to know the answer. i answered it. guess what,if anyone ever proves what came first the chicken or egg,bet your ass someone will answer it reguardless of how old the damn question is. i must have bumped your oh so important post down a notch. sooooo sorry. shit stirrer.....:soapbox:
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    Right who gives a fuck how old a thread is, I know of other boards that don't like the same threads posted over & over so they want you to search for old existing threads. People are like o my fucking god this thread is so old!! Ya so what who gives a flying fuck douschbags

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