Anyone here been to Rainbow Valley in Washington

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by Calico Jack, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. Calico Jack

    Calico Jack New Member

    Like the title says has anyone here been to Rainbow Valley in Washington. I used to go a few times a year until they closed it down. I think the owners name was Gidian and I think he got busted. Does anyone know what I am talking about. That place was kick ass. I really want to go back.
  2. tunami56

    tunami56 New Member

    What was it?
  3. Calico Jack

    Calico Jack New Member

    Four or five times a year they would have a "Hemp Fest" in this huge valley that was just south of Olympia WA. It lasted three or four days depending on the weekend. Everyone would bring drugs of every description (stoner drugs) and go totally nuts. Usually five hundred to a thousand people would show up. They also used to bring professional fireworks and you would have the best unorganized fireworks show ever that would last all night. I've went to some great parties in Washington but Rainbow Valley was one of my favorite. I love Washington and I really want to move back. It's a great place if you’re a stoner. But anyway the owner got busted selling crack or meth to undercover cop and they closed it down (this was the story I was told but I am not sure how Gideon got busted). I still have all the fliers from these festivals. I thnk I should frame them and put them up on my wall. I will actually post a flier tonight or tomarrow morning.:hippy:
  4. Plainsman1963

    Plainsman1963 New Member

    Ashes at the end of Rainbow Farm.
  5. Calico Jack

    Calico Jack New Member

  6. tehbagel

    tehbagel New Member

    Sounds so cool...I could have gone! Washington has everything cool, man. I love it here.
  7. claudiav

    claudiav New Member

    hell yeah grew up there and i thought he got busted on white collar stuf actually look it up was definetly best partying ever
  8. crazyred1313

    crazyred1313 New Member

    i so grew up going every weekend with my parents ... i also worked the gate checking cars and taking donations i was real young like 12 i am now like 30 somethin lol i would love to talk to u more we have crossed pathes once why not again ... i miss that place 4th of july was the best every year i went it was so rainy one year all the hippys were naked and rolling in the mud .... we also had a booth we sold hand made indian trinkets made from leather and we added beading and whatnot omg so many memories
  9. Superfluous

    Superfluous New Member

    Hey man... The brochure links are dead... This brings back fond memories. Trying to remember some of the bands!
  10. forrestg187

    forrestg187 New Member

    oh yeah i was there

    i was there many times i grew up in port townsend wa and me and all my friends would go 4 weekends a summer i believe it was always like labor day memorial weekend 4th of july and one other one i believe i would say i went all 4 times 93 94 95 96 i think 96 was the last year and it was like up to 5000 ppl showing up it was crazy sheets of acid every where drum circles bands camping they wanted like 20 or 30 bucks a car load to get in but if you had no money they would let you slide cops could never come in cause it was private property but they would line up outside for miles pull and people over coming in and out im 32 and live in north carolina now but i think of that place all the time im surprised more ppl havent commented here prob because the hassle of signing up to blog here i almost didnt do it i wish i had some pics to post of when i was there but i have none some of my friends prob do though ill have to do some digging maybe one day ill create a wiki page on the place that way people can post pics on there
  11. bonghit98661

    bonghit98661 New Member

    i have tons of pictures we wouldgo every 3 n 4 day weekend for 2 years...we sold beaded jelwrey and lots of "other" green stuff...
  12. doc_gordon

    doc_gordon New Member

    Rainbow Valley is still true to hippies in a way.

    Back in the mid nineties I went there 2 years in a row. They had a fest every year, I think it was in August. Rock bands, great people, "recreation", and even herbal remedies. I don't remember that much more of either visit, but for a while, I was a local (Oakville, WA). I think you got the owners name right. His was the BIG yellow school bus in the driveway. I moved away for a few years and when I went back it was a nursery. People used to say they didn't actually own the land. That they were just squatters, or whatever. Shame. The place was great. Anyway, it WAS in Littlerock.
  13. mosfet303

    mosfet303 New Member

    OMG @ the memories, suprised i can remember...

    no kidding, it took me 3 times just to get my activation email. Then I typed a fuckin book for the last hour and clicked submit and it tried to make me log in again loosing every keystock i typed, so fuck it
  14. mosfet303

    mosfet303 New Member

    I was there every event from 89 to 96

    Since i enjoy reading about rainbow valley so much, Im gonna try this one more time. This time on note pad incase it logs me out and wipes my form data again!! I just hope i can hit all the points i had in previous post attempt.

    Anyways, I never missed an event. The last time i was there was July 6th 1996, 2 days before i left to live in Florida. I heard after i left that there was a gang shooting there and it was finally over, among the other reasons for closing. I remember seeing an ocean of crips in some kind of formal gang uniforms in the back 40 and thought to self, "Oh boy, its all over now." i think there was even a rape that year too, giving the valley an even more of a bad rap!! The cops did try to get in a few times and i recall one of the trout scouts would park a car on the bridge, lock the doors and walked into the valley.
    Seeing the twinkling cop lights in the fog down both ways out and telling ppl that try to leave at night, "Your stupid if you leave now, look at the road blocks!!" Some of the night partiers were dumb. They key was to camp and only leave during day hours, and never even see a cop!!
    I used to hang out at the trout scout camp just inside the bridge alot. Walker, rest his soul, was one of the coolest ppl there.

    Canoeing on mushrooms around the creek seeing all the hidden camp sites around there. I remember Brent the main acid guy in the valley (rest his soul too) and his twisted stories, grossing ppl out, about fecal fetish and beastiality stories. omg while peaking it was too much lmao. Anyone remember the hotair balloon landing in the midway one morning, i think in 95... they hit the ground and this little caveman looking biker dude that was hanging around Brent, come out of bushes and pounced on edge of basket thinking he was gonna hold the balloon down, but it bounced back up about 100 feet in the air with him holding on for dear life, i died laughing from my campsite. Imagine what those old ppl were thinking about thier pilot's choice of landing spots..OMG LOL and a buddy of mine skydived into there on 4th of july one year.

    There was the homeless looking harmonica guy, i heard him playing Back in Black on it one time. And the mario brothers looking dude with the aquaphone, giving free trips with the sound that thing would make. too cool. I only mention these ppl cuz they, like me, was there EVERY event and they stood out in the crowd. If you spent any time there you will know who they are. Pappa Smurf, Bleu, wow the memories. Anyways, I have a photo album in storage im going to look for and post as soon as i find them.

    I could go on for hours about the things we seen and done there. Well this post is only about half as long as my original post, I guess short term memory loss was a side effect of being there. Im suprised i remember anything from those daze! lol

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