Anyone here have a drug assessment before?

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    PERSON_OF_DOOM New Member

    I have to schedule an appoint for one at a place nearby called Jackson Recovery. The reason I have to is because security found a bowl or two in my room. If anyone could prepare for what I'l be up against, I would really appreciate it. I assume a pee test will happen, and I think I'll pass as I have a low body fat %, haven't smoked in four weeks, and didn't smoke a ton before. But do you think they will do a blood or hair test?

    Also, I assume they will ask questions about how long I have been doing it, etc. Would it be best to say I've only experimented once or twice? What else will they ask?

    Any answers would be greatly appreciated, and I put this here instead of the drug testing forum because I figured it would fit better as the topic covers more. Thanks.
  2. Zandijuana

    Zandijuana Member

    Yeah, they will basically just ask you the questions you assume they will ask. What drugs you have used, how old when you first smoked, drank, how much you do it , etc. I wasn't drug tested but I know they had the ability to administer them there. I personally lied and it worked fine, just look the part. Had I told the truth I probably would have been sent to rehab; Good luck
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  3. cj117

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    How old are you?

    Tell them to SUCK IT!!
    Then kick 'em in the balls and run down the hallway screaming "FRUIT LOOPS! FRUIT LOOPS!" while flailing your arms around in the air. That should do the trick.

    Oh.. wait, I thought you were asking how you should go about getting committed... ahaha my bad.
    In that case, my advice is the same.
    Addendum - Afterwards tell them you were drunk at the time and should really have mellowed out by smoking a joint.
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  4. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    Its basically a questionaire used to determine your substance abuse history and to identify any areas of concern. While I've actually been trained in GIVING the assessment, and thereby know how to answer to get the intended result, I have no experience in actually "faking" one's way through the test. When I took mine, I not only wanted help with my issues, but needed it, therefore I was basically honest when answering.

    PERSON_OF_DOOM New Member

    Troublemaker, do they do a pee test as well?
  6. PepeTheMano

    PepeTheMano New Member

    Tell them what you think they would want to hear!
  7. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    No, at least not in my case. Once I enrolled in their "outpatient treatment" program, I signed something stating they COULD drug test me (was court ordered, not like I had a choice to sign) but throughout the prgram and the aftercare segement, I was never drug tested (which, as it turns out, is a good thing, as I decided I'd quit drinking but continue to smoke, something I've stuck to to this day.
  8. snowboard_loser

    snowboard_loser Sr. Member

    the only drug assesment ive ever had is what do i want to buy.
    troublemaker, big ups to you on quitting drinking. im sure that helps big time with the trouble making!
  9. Frid

    Frid New Member

    Like most others said they ask you about your history with drugs. They will drug test you if the court order'd. I lied my ass off and told him I only smoked about once every two weeks.

    PERSON_OF_DOOM New Member

    Yeah I told them I have only smoked twice in the last half year and I never drink. And I passed my pee test!
  11. muttdawg509

    muttdawg509 New Member

    Tell thhem Barack Obama must have left it there when u guys were smoking! In all reality though, u should be just fine, even if they did do a blood/hair test (which they won't) it seems like u have very low thc levels, and to top it all off u havent smoked in a month...... I wouldn't stress it if I were u.

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