Anyone here tried to make hash from his AVB?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by m0sh, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. m0sh

    m0sh New Member

    Hey guys, I got about 32g of AvB and will have approx 40g by the time I start working with it.
    I was thinking about making hash instead of weed butter.
    My GF is vegan and I can't really figure how to make a proper cake, so I thought maybe about a quick ISO Wash and produce some hash from AvB is brownish and even a bit of green (vaped at 190C and not more)

    What do you people think?


  2. 1406

    1406 Retired

    I used to make brownies/butter with my ABV but I never got a product that was worth the effort. I now save up my ABV in a mason jar, add alcohol, shake for a while, strain, and let evaporate. The 'hash' is more dry and crumbly than regular hash, but still smokes/vapes nicely - and I vape headies slightly upwards of 400ºF (~200ºC).
  3. m0sh

    m0sh New Member

    what alcohol are you using ? (96%?) and how long do u wash it
  4. 1406

    1406 Retired

    Any alcohol without any additives (except water) will work, the higher % the better. Use 91%-99% iso alcohol, or alternatively high proof grain alcohol.

    If I were you I'd take ~half of your ABV - finely ground, almost to a powder - and put just enough alcohol in a jar to cover it. Shake for 15/20 minutes. Strain. Add the rest of the ABV to the jar and put the alcohol tincture - which should be greenish brown by now - back in the jar and repeat the process. Then pour it onto a glass baking sheet and let evaporate - a fan helps expedite this process.
  5. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    Tried making honey. It sucked...
  6. Qbit

    Qbit New Member

    Here's a method for maximising the quality and efficiency of your ABV extract:


    Mind you you can also use this for unvaped weed, although, as with any iso extraction, it's going to kill the fruity flavours (which has already gone from your ABV, of course).
  7. m0sh

    m0sh New Member

    thanks mate will get a thorough look on just a week from now! :)

    edit: seems like a really long period one week of washing it in water, then 3-6 days soaking with alcohol...

    but its probably worth it
  8. kmak

    kmak Sr. Member

    when i try this i dont think im even going to bother washing vaped bud in water, despite what the writer said
  9. m0sh

    m0sh New Member

    why not?
    I'm gonna try this now :)

    edit: so I made my first mistake, I took a big bowl and put it all in should put your AVB in a girl socks or so (like the writer said) and then put in the bowl of I lost a bit of AVB but that's ok...started with 36.6G ... will let you know whats up next week.
  10. Qbit

    Qbit New Member

    The pantyhose will make things easier, but it's not essential. As long as you strain the water out or scoop out the ABV it'll be fine and you wont have lost anything. You can do this by pouring the water with the ABV through whatever fabric you can strain with.
  11. Qbit

    Qbit New Member

    No you don't have to wash your ABV - it'll just make your hash oil cleaner.
  12. m0sh

    m0sh New Member

    I didn't really lose much just when I filtered the water, some ABV spill down...

    You think 0.5liter is enough alcohol for this method?
  13. m0sh

    m0sh New Member

    So one week after I finished with the curing part... the whole ABV weights 22g and not 36.6g ... so i just stored it in a glass bottle with 95% alcohol ... i will wait some days and get back to you...
  14. m0sh

    m0sh New Member

    Ok so I just finished with a big smile - what is left for me is dark and thick oil that is in a drinking straw...

    Well , I cured the weed for 6 and half days and left it out to dry for one day speared on a tshirt...then I put 95% alcohol and left it for 4.5 days...

    My method for evaporating was simple - the sun.
    All the liquid was spared on glass took about one hour to evaporate
    The problem is that some of the oil just got stuck to the glass and I couldn't scrape it at all...

    I've yet to try this but I will definitely do it soon!

    I wish the tutorial would have told me how to keep the oil itself properly.
    One more note, it smells pretty bad but its to be expected after such a long period in alcohol.
  15. m0sh

    m0sh New Member

    So I just wanted to let you know finally that the oil sucked :(
    I don't know if it was the method but this was my 3rd try with the AVB and I've gotten super light THC oil or butter(when I cooked)
    I really thinking about throwing it away next time
  16. Qbit

    Qbit New Member

    Sorry m0sh, I lost track of this thread a while back, and missed your updates.

    Hey what was the 95% alcohol you used? I just noticed that the post with the instructions I linked to didn't mention what type of alcohol. Damn - I wish I'd noticed that earlier.

    Normally for extracting hash oil, isopropyl alcohol is the type recommended, because it totally evaporates, as opposed to drinking alcohol (ethanol), which will leave some sugar residue (and probably other stuff). It's also a lot cheaper than drinking alcohol. Drinking alcohol is used for tinctures, which you take orally. If that's what you used, and you've got some left, you could make yourself a tincture with your future abv. Of course don't make tinctures with iso - that stuff isn't for drinking.

    Mind you, the amount of hash oil you're going to get from your abv depends naturally on how well-vaped it is. The lighter (or greener) your abv, the more goodies left. But if it was vaped at a high temperature, leaving dark brown abv, then there isn't going to be loads left to extract.

    But don't toss your abv even if you don't want to extract the oil (or make a tincture), as you can also cook with it. You can use any recipe that works for regular weed. I like to cook mine in straight cooking oil (about 10-15 ml, or 1/3 to 1/2 an ounce, per gram of abv) for 30 mins to an hour at around 120C (I use an oil/candy thermometer).
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  17. kmak

    kmak Sr. Member

    how would it make it cleaner? you already vaped it wouldn't it loose some of the remaining cannabanoids

    I could be wrong im just curious
  18. Qbit

    Qbit New Member

    Well cannabinoids, being oils, have a very low water solubility, so losing them to the water isn't an issue - you lose about 1 milligram in a cup of water at room temperture.

    However there's still stuff in weed that is water soluble (eg chlorophyll), and it will be drawn out by the water. This means that when you do the isopropyl alcohol soak you won't get the water solubles, making for cleaner hash oil.

    The link I posted on the first page has a better explanation from someone who claims some expertise on these matters. Here it is again.
  19. m0sh

    m0sh New Member

    oh dear, I'm afraid I did use drinking alcohol ... because I got it in a liquer store...I can get (its probably the right one) 91% alcohol in the pharmacy but its like 8$ for 100ml here :(

    I do vape up till 195C with my EQ, its pretty green-brownish and I did make butter twice before and made brownies :)
  20. Qbit

    Qbit New Member

    Well I sure hope the 95% drinking alcohol is cheaper around your parts than mine. Here in Melbourne, Australia, 500ml of 95% Spyritus Polish vodka (that's what they call it - vodka, heh) sets me back a good $60. And 500ml was probably 2 or 3 times more than you needed anyway.

    But you'll still be able to eat that hash you made, but just don't have too much at once - .1 to .2 of a gram should be plenty. And yeah, if you've still got some of the alcohol left, save it for a tincture.

    Now the stuff at the pharmacy is very likely to be iso, as it's used as rubbing alcohol, but in that quantity (and from a pharmacy) it's going to be expensive. Iso is also used to clean electronic equipment, so if you check around your area at appropriate retailers (such as those who sell electronic parts) you might get a much better price. It's not all that easy to find around here, but I know a stage equipment hirer near me that usually stocks 1 litre bottles for around $30.

    Mind you, once you've got abv hash oil, it's not going to work all that well in most vapes - and not just because most aren't really designed for concentrates. The problem is that the abv hash oil is the stuff that your vape didn't vapourise, since it's mostly made of high-temperature-boiling cannabinoids - temperatures your vape might not reach. So what you need to do is hotknife it, or do some variation on the principle. People who do a lot of hash oil usually get a dedicated piece for the job, such as the Kut Pipe:

    [ame=""]Calvin and I dabbin - YouTube[/ame]

    But if you're just using a small amount of hash oil, you can stick a little on the end of a pin or a paperclip or something and dab it onto any metal that's hot enough, and suck up the vapour through a tube of some kind (even just a rolled up piece of paper will work). A knife or a spoon that's been heated over a gas burner will work, or or you can even dab directly onto an electric hotplate, if that's what you've got.
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