Anyone wanna share some first time stories? I'll go first.

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Was your first time being high good or bad?

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  1. Alex Halding

    Alex Halding New Member

    My first time (being high) was awesome. (my first time not being high I was in the woods at 3 a.m. with my friend. Turns out I was inhaling wrong.)

    Now for the story of my first time getting high. Me and my friend (in the previous not getting high story) were at his house and we made a campfire. His whole family was out there and some friends, but they slowly left and went into the house. We were probably a football field away from the house. I was having a good time with his family. We bought 2 grams from my dealer earlier, in which we invited him to the camp fire later that night.

    Well, around 11:45 it was just me, my friend and and my friends brother. We said we were packing up, and started putting out the fire and acted like we were headed in in a bit. He decided to go in, and then we re-built the fire and called our dealer. He said he was headed over with a friend.

    He came over, and his friend did too. There we were, Me, my friend, my dealer and his friend. All looking at each other and smiling. My dealer's friend pulls out this huge ass joint, and me and my friend don't know what to think of it. My dealer says "Are we cool? Is this all cool here?" giggling as he says it. "Yeah, Yeah" and "Yeah" were our responses. "Let's do it." my dealer said.

    I took 2 hits as we were puff puff passing and didn't feel much. On my 3rd hit I followed my dealer's instructions of "inhaling it like taking a deep breath and then swallowing." Then I felt it. I could feel the smoke, the thick smoke in my body and I started coughing before I could think. My eyes started tearing up from the coughing, but I started to smile as everyone else was laughing. I then asked my friend if we could go get some water bottles in their garage. Me and my friend went. I felt nothing almost nothing at this point. When we got back, I went to put some wood on the fire. After I put the wood on the fire, I stared at the fire and started walking back to my seat. Before I know it, I look down and I'm hardly even walking to my seat, i'm moving so slow. The fire seemed so far away, then close. The street which was 200 feet away felt right next to me. I sat down, and felt gravity was pushing me to the right. I was cracking up, at everything. I felt like I was dozing off and back, but I wasn't. It was most likely the greatest night, scratch that, it was the greatest night of my life. It felt like 10 hours, but it was only about an hour. And that was the first time I got high, and haven't smoked weed since. (haven't had the time)

    So whats your guys first time high moments?
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  2. HippieBrittnee

    HippieBrittnee New Member

    my first time I didn't smoke much. I took a couple hits from my friends pipe & laid back on my bed & just giggled. then I fell asleep.
  3. Kitube

    Kitube New Member

    I love reading stories here on the forums, all kind of stories, when iam high, which thank god iam right now!
    ill tell about the frirst two times.
    the very first time was at birthday party of a clasmate, me being 16 at the time, was drinking my my friends and got pretty drunk. then the brother of my classmate and couple of his mates goes to the back of the garden and start smoking a joint and eating cana chocolate. me and two of my friends start talking with them and each of us took a few hits and ate some chocolate. (the brother is actually my dealer for over a year now) the whole night was a haze but mainly from the alcohol, iam not even sure if i got high at all.
    thats why iam gonna tell the first time i really got high.
    it was at a party from some guy one grade below us, me still 16, and a friend of mine got invited, it was pretty small, maybe 20 25 people.
    basically we talked, drunk some beers and then notice some dude one year above us in the corner toking. we already knew him and started talking to him and he let us smoke the rest of the pipe twice.
    it was first kinda just felt happy, then i got REALLY happy and i started hugging anothe rfriend of mine and always picking him up, when i asked him on monday about it he said he wasnt at the party and he really wasnt so i was hallucination as fuck, when the partty was over me and my buddy went to eat mcdonalds adn thata was basically it.
  4. fightingroost12

    fightingroost12 New Member

    My first time was way too much for me to handle, i don't know how i got out alive. Before i started smoking i was strongly against weed, looking back on it i feel so embarrassed about how much of a weenie i was (its the best way to describe how i felt about weed). I go to my best friends house from out of town and hes a huge pothead, he knows I'm not into it though so he offers but never forced me, he found it funny. I didn't want to take a hit but i was sitting in the living room with him and two other guys smoking their own blunts, at the time i thought it was going to get me fucked up and i was a little worried. a week later i go to another friends house and she tells me shes having some people stay over and they are making pot brownies, i don't know why but i was excited. Maybe from sitting in it, i don't know but my attitude was more open. Anyways the brownies were pretty strong, i had two and everyone told me not to have any more because i never smoked. I wait until they go to another room and have another, then an hour later i say I'm not feeling anything so they let me have 2 more, this is now FIVE brownies. 20 minutes goes by and still nothing, oh how naive i was. They start passing a pipe and i decide to take two hits, I'm not sure if i did it right but i got somewhat high and asked if i can have more brownies, my buddy asked everyone if they wanted more and they said no so i has two more. Now that's SEVEN, when it kicked in i was finished, it wasn't gradual either. I spent 20 minutes like.. am i feeling it? I think im high... wow im high... am i? then BAM!!!!!!! it was like a truck hit me, i never laughed at everything so hard, i watched youtube videos and didn't understand why they were funny. A friend of mine came over drunk (loud drunk) and starting screaming about me being high and how awesome it was and i was just like "Dude i love you but your like an explosion and it hitting my soul, please calm down". Later that night me and one of the girls slept together, which was also amazing. Now i smoke every weekend when i don't have work and me and two friends of mine are getting an apartment together (one of which is my huge pothead best friend) and to celebrate we're smoking in the bathroom of our new apartment the night we finish moving in.:thumbsup:
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  5. Kitube

    Kitube New Member

    man, if its ur apartment GET A FUCKING BIG ASS BONG!! its the coolest, get one where you can put ice inside so its nice and cool!!!
  6. fightingroost12

    fightingroost12 New Member

    oh hell yea! i always laid out the ground rules, the apartment wont be a party house but if they want to have a buddy or two come over and smoke its totally fine (as long as they don't eat all of our food of course)
  7. spritezero

    spritezero New Member

    My first time I got high was when I bought weed for the first time. I had just gotten a number of a dealer from my friend. I called him up and ordered an eighth of dank for 60$. Now the thing was that I had to be hanging out with my friend to be out of my house since my mom used to be really anti-smoking. We ended up going through some whole ordeal of where to go to wait.

    I ended up having to go home and I had recieved a text from my dealer saying that his car had broken down on the road. I was walking home as we were talking and I saw a broken down car on the road so I went up to them and made the deal.

    The bud did turn out to be really dank. It was pretty interesting for a 14 year-old at the time. So naive and innocent.
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  8. Noobie101

    Noobie101 New Member

    My first time smoking was amazing me and my friend got a deal for 2gs of mids for 10 bucks and rode a four-wheeler out into my woods and proceeded to smoke it all when we got back to my house everyone was out and we made the most delicious cheesy rice we ever had then i rode my four wheeler and almost wrecked almost a million times since it was almost pitch black out and the headlight was broken. day i'm never going to forget
  9. Girlwithnoname7

    Girlwithnoname7 New Member

    That is actually an awesome story haha. So many brownies...
  10. fightingroost12

    fightingroost12 New Member

    yea knowing what i know now i should have slowed down, if the wrong person did what i did they could have started freaking out. A friend of mine just had her first time with me, she smokes cigarettes so she already knew how to take a hit, it was 20 dollars of good stuff in one joint. We both went to the beach with our friends and looked at the stars it was so nice
  11. Girlwithnoname7

    Girlwithnoname7 New Member

    Thats awesome. The first time i took brownies was 30 minutes before a huge softball game I had to play in. Me and my friend were absolutely baked and I was freaking out in right field because I didn't want the ball to get hit to me hahaha
  12. bdwu420

    bdwu420 New Member

    fightingroost, your second story was pretty damn crazy. I wouldn't even think of eating 7 brownies (I eat 1 every time i get a batch of brownies and get fucked up enough as it is)
    Now for my first time smoking weed and my first time getting high stories. My first time smoking weed was in a really deep ditch with a couple of my buddies on a cold December night, wind was blowing and the moon was glowing. There was four people with me and buddy #3 had a small glass pipe not any bigger than my middle finger. Buddy #1 and #2 were with me from the start of the day, it was actually #1's birthday. At night #1 got really pissed and we went to #4's house to see if he had weed, where he and #3 were chilling out. #4 had weed so we all decided to mob over to the ditch nearby his house. #3 loaded the weed and we all made a huddle wind-block, and began to toke. I knew how to use a glass pipe from seeing one before and having it explained (the individual was dry on weed at the time though). I took 3 hits but didn't get high. Pretty memorable experience though, because it was years ago and I can still remember the date.

    My first time actually getting high I bought some white kush from a friend (never had the strain again since) and smoked it with another friend in a fucked up shed that looked like it got hit by a tornado. We smoked a bowl out of a little blue glass pipe. I remember that I couldn't remember what weed had tasted like from my previous experience and was kind of disappointed this time. I had bought a ten sack but out of kindness had gave my friend a bowl and saved the rest for another time. I was pretty high though, ate a whole bunch of cookies and chips, met up with an old friend, then had to help my mom unload a mattress from a truck. Now that part fuckin sucked because I had like no strength.
    I remember that I wasn't in a rush to get high, but if I ever got the opportunity I'd take it. And my friend asked me if I wanted to buy weed, I had the money, that was my opportunity. Or like on my friends birthday everyone wanted to smoke weed so I was like "ehh why the hell not?". I never had much against marijuana because I didn't know anything about it besides that you grow it, and can smoke it or make edibles; and because a lot of people I knew smoked it.
  13. Serk

    Serk New Member

    My first time was amazing aha, the second time was not so great :p
    But I'll tell you about the first time.
    So I was at school and we bought some weed, and brought it to my friends house, the five of us sat there and were trying to think... now how are we going to smoke this (My friends dad stole his bong and his pipe) so there goes one of my other friends, and he comes back with a pop bottle, and right off the bat we all nod, sinker it is.
    So I smoke 3 hits of it and I'm just flying, a bit nervous at the beginning, but my friend was like dude, chill its going to be awesome, so I took ghis word for it. After that I was laughing at this youtube video for like 10 minutes straight, and then get up and start putting my hands on the cieling walking slowly saying that Im walking on my hands, funny stuff!
  14. bucs420

    bucs420 New Member

    Alright guys here's my first time storie. It was my first time ever smoking weed. Me and 2 friends ( 1 experienced 1 newbie) built a campfire and got lots of food. The experienced fried brought like 5 or 6 bowls worth of weed. Something he called
    Blue oyster and then another that was a mix of strawberry cough and some other shit. So we are sitting Around the fire an he goes and gets his sweet white and black pipe and the weed out of his bag in the tent and I take like 5 hits of blue oyster and he takes a bunch of hits like 5 also ( other kid was gay and wouldn't try weed ) so then I'm not feeling anything and I'm like it's my first time I don't wanna smoke to much. But he gets out the better stuff and insist I take a hit to see if I can tell if it's stronger and boy was it. So I take a hit of that and cough like hell. So we're just chillin and I'm not feeling anything, then we get up to go over to the tent and my legs feel like 20 pounds heavier. So we go back out to the fire and I'm sitting there an I feel like I'm totally safe likely surrounded by walls and I'm munching like crazy, also I skipped like a DVD or cd once or twice. For te rest of the night I just felt awesome and I could make any animal out of the coals of the fire and like I could concentrate on the fire so hard. Then we went to bed I our tent and I got
    Mad at the gay kid for taking my awesome
    PillIow and slapped him an the rent felt really huge and then really small. It was awesome and sorry for such a long post.
  15. jiggallyjohn

    jiggallyjohn New Member

    the first time i did it i didnt really get that high i just remember having the best cereal in my life (cupcake rice crispies). but the 2nd time i did it i got so fuking high it was crazy, i had no idea how much i smoked at the time but it was 4 blunts on about 4 people in a garage. so me being a noob to smoking i just kept going with it taking hits as they came to me not realizing the powers of weed. after awhile i sat down and noticed the room was moving and shaking and i felt really really good. my frinds told me later that the room wasnt moving it was my head moving hahaha. but anyways i went to go walk around right after toking up and i just felt like i was in a dream i kept waking up in a different place not knowing how i got there lol i eventually found myself standing right next to a snow cleaning truck just staring at it lol pretty awesome high i wish it could happen again but never did. guess you cant ever get as high as your first time

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