Apartments smell pot through vents??

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by transcended, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. transcended

    transcended New Member

    Daily I know someone who smokes a couple oneys of chronic and blows it in the vent that sucks the air in his bathroom (the shower fan)
    He's probably been doing this for about a year since he moved in.
    Today, they posted a sign on his building (with 10-15 or so more apartments) that said:

    Someone in this building has been smoking marijuana and a neighbor can smell it.
    Please stop use immediately
    Or we will notify the authorities.​

    This has got him worried, but it doesn't make sense. Why now? Is it possible that the vents carry the scent to another apartment? He lives on the second story. Maybe it simply was someone else in the apartments? He's worried about smoking in there anymore, and that's one of the only ways he ever can.
  2. thrice twice

    thrice twice Stoner

    I don't know, I live in apartment, and don't even worry about blowing into a vent, I just toke up right in my living area. Been doing so for about 5 months.
  3. transcended

    transcended New Member

    In his case, he needs to keep the smell out of his house, which is why he goes through doing the fan thing.
  4. GrassyAss

    GrassyAss New Member

    I live in an apartment but we have like little radiators ont he wall and not venting. So I jsut blaze in my room and upstairs, so does my padre.

    Never been been busted.
  5. SkyyVodka

    SkyyVodka Sr. Member

    lol okay maybe it does travel through a Vent downstairs etc, My sister's friend lived upstairs and he smoked and it would smell like Weed when he opened his door. :laugh: It might just be a next door neighbor giving him a warning.
  6. p.funk

    p.funk New Member

    close the vent and turn own the shower or get a air purifier for his room .now do he stay there by him self and if not dose his room mate smoke
  7. whatistheworld

    whatistheworld New Member

    an easy solution is to just smoke in your apartment as normal. don't blow into anything just exhale on your couch. doubtful neighbours will smell it if your doing a couple hits. i mean if you smoke a bunch of joints or something it might smell in the hall. towel would fix that right up.
  8. Illuminati420

    Illuminati420 Banned

    Burn incense every time you smoke it covers the smell completely and if you smoke cigs you should light one up it always helps to mix up the smell. I guess it all depends on your neighbors. I smoked everyday blunt after blunt(shwagg). after bogging out the apartment and lighting an incense an hours later all you could smell was Ebony Love. Although some workers found a bag of off topic powder and didn't say anything and didnt take any either! If you dont like your neighbors try to find a new place.
  9. imported_feble

    imported_feble New Member

    my friend and me have this spot that we smoke up and ther is a vent that sucks air into the buildings and we blow smoke into it and it sucks it right in its very cool :devil:
  10. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    BAD ADVICE!!!! I used to think the same thing too, up until about 2 years ago. I was smoking in my apt's living room, when I got the munchies and decided to leave. I opened the door.....only to find myself face to face with two police officers. Long story fiance and i were arrested (all I had was 3 damn joints and a homemade bong!) for possession and paraphenilia, I lost my job (was a correctional officer at the ironic!) and it generally fcuked my life up big time for awhile. Why did this happen? because i thought a towel under the door would be sufficent! Needless to say, my long gone narc neighbor thought otherwise and kindly reported the scent from my apt to the police. I don't take stupid risks like thinking a towel is going to save me anymore.
  11. I build homes for a living and can tell you far certain, unless something is f'ed up with the vent for the fan there is no way it should be venting into other people's apartments. Bath fans are there to get moisture out of the air after the shower is used so that mold doesn't grow in the bathroom. If the fan is venting to other units instead of directly to the outside it completely defeats the purpose of the fan, which is to get the excess moisture out of the building. Every fan should have its own line to the outside so I doubt the smoke is being vented to other units through the fan.

    His problem could lie in this though. If the building is heated by a single central heating unit then the smoke could be entering the return line to the furnace and then be circulated to the rest of the units. Unless it is an older complex I doubt this is the case either though, as most newer complexes have an independant system for each unit.

    His problem is most likely with a neighbor smelling the smoke coming out of his unit. I know you said he blows the smoke into the fan, but I can tell you that there are very few ventilation fans that work properly in apartment complexes. The fan is most likely just sucking the smoke in and blowing it right back out into the room again, in essence doing absolutely nothing to vent the smoke.

    When I lived in an apartment we would just go into one of the bedrooms close the door and put a fan in the window to vent the smoke. This seemed to work as we never got any complaints.

    I hope this long winded explanation of bath fans and heating systems helps.
  12. transcended

    transcended New Member

    Thanks for the replies. The apartments are about 2 years old, so very new. We think that it wasn't his smoke they were smelling, there are a lot of college kids living around here too.

    He's been doing it for so long, there would be no reason to complain about it now.

    Thanks for the help :)
  13. KmKToker420

    KmKToker420 New Member

    I know someone who lives in an apartment, it ALWAYS smells like weed. He lives with his mom, but she's cool with it. One time we were toking to the max and his moms boyfriend walked into the apartment and was like "Jesus I could of gotten a hit outside." He's been doing this for a long time and never been busted, he's crazy though because he's a dealer. If I was dealing I wouldn't want everybody within a 1 mile radius to smell my weed 24/7. He just has weed friendly neighbors I guess.
  14. TimeGuardian

    TimeGuardian New Member

    I've been into a guys apartment, and we smoked out of his bong, and the guy smokes joints in there and everything.. I was wondering how he didn't get caught.. but I forgot to ask him about it when I got the spins and threw up for a couple of hours.
  15. herb4liFe

    herb4liFe New Member

    Thats funny, I moved into an apartment about 3 weeks ago and I noticed a nice vent right above the toilet in the bathroom. I started to go in the bathroom and just blow the smoke carefully in the vent, been doing it ever since. Its been going great for me.. My mom comes home 20 mins after i smoke and she doesnt notice a thing. We are on the 3rd floor of a 3floor apartment with 8 apartments in the building.
    Im pretty sure its undetectable because we are on the 3rd floor West wing, the the vent leads right outside doesnt go throught any other apartments or up a floor.

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