are delusions and paranoia normal when high ?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Craxx, Jan 4, 2002.

  1. Craxx

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    Hi all I havent posted in awhile but I was just thinking about something tonight. Often after I smoke weed when my high is peaking I sometimes get paranoid and think up weird delusional things. I have been smoking for just over a year so far and I dont know if I have always been this way but for quite a while when high I just get really paranoid and delusional. When I am sober I am never like this. Even when I am thinking things that are delusional I deep down know they aren't true and don't believe what I am thinking. Does anyone know about this and is there something wrong with this? Maybe I am smoking too much at a time (always smoke about a gram+ at a time with friends). Would it be best just to totally stop I am kinda confused on this issue. I did read on a webpage that paranoia, delusions and halluenations are one of the four basic effects of marijuana I will paste the link if you all want to check it out
    All helpful feedback would be appreciated.
  2. schwadood

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    Marijuana is a hallucinogen, and that means that one effect will be that your moods are heightened. The molehill of paranoia in the back of your head can easily be turned into a mountain. As long as you don't believe the delusional thinking that is the important part, at least in my opinion, I'm no expert. Your mind is probably just reacting to your paranoia and creating some weird thoughts because you're high. Thats another effect, your mind will move rapidly(the odd thing is that stoners might seem to be dumb because their mind is moving so fast that they can't figure anything out. Also weed has dual ability to let you zone out and think of nothing) and often jump from idea to idea, and can "run away" with a thought.

    Some people do say that they have hallucinated on weed, but i have only ever gotten mild trails. You have to be pretty high, but your paranoid mindset could have made it easier to get visuals.

    I got two things for ya. It could just be a normal bout of paranoia, which hits everybody from time to time, some more than others. In that case my advice would be to find a place where you WON"T get caught, somewhere comfortable, and with people you are comfortable being around. Somewhere free of stress.

    Thhe other thing I'm thinking is that it sounds similar to what I've heard called Anxiety Disorder. I think Mamabudz posted some info about it in another thread. I'm not saying thats what it is, like i said, I'm no expert. But it sounds similar to other peoples experiences I have read.

    I hope all this makes sense and is of some help.
  3. Paulie420

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    And just so you know... if someone has anxiety disorder - mild or a bad case, weed will amplify that when you get stoned. Other than that, schwadood covered it pretty good.

    I do believe that the paranoia that is normal to get DOES cause the brain to think weird things, combine that w/ AD and I could understand stoned delusions.
  4. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    My research has disocvered another link...

    It appears that Cannabis sativa is more likely to casue the paranoid/anxiety then Cannabis indica..

    So there is a nother part of the puzzle...the different strains of cannabis.
  5. techno_trancer

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    i've hallucinated off weed once, that was when I mixed it with alcohoal for the first time, my friend who was with me said the pupils in my eyes were huge, and when i got to a mirror at my house, indeed they were, you could hardly see any of the brown color my eyes are, just think of mad frames (and i mean hardcore DIZZY frames) which stoped after about 10 mins at the beggining of my trip and started 4 hours of complete body numbness, passing in and out of concisnese and seeing things. (the things I saw were little cartoon charectors like roger rabbit and daffy duck, i even saw the lucky charms guy) the actual visuals i knew at the time were just images that popped into my brain without me even thinking about them or anything related, and there was probly alot more that i jsut dont remeber. so in my opinion, yes weed is a hallucegin when smoked in almost pure THC keef form and mixed with a fair share of alcohoal.
  6. Craxx

    Craxx Guest

    Mama you could be onto something there! Sometimes I can smoke and be totally cool and other times and can get paranoid and think up all kinds of crazy delusions. It may be that I have anxiety but on the other hand it may be the kind of weed I am smoking. I have also heard though in higher doses that weed can make you delusional, paranoid and halluecinate. I have read that on many webpages but it seems I am the only person who gets like that. When I smoke like a bowl out of a bong as opposed to a joint I seem to get less paranoid maybe just because its a lower dosage. One day I'll smoke up and be totally cool and chill and the next day when I smoke I'll wig out which makes me think that maybe I should just stop completely. Anyhow this whole situation confuses me and I'm constantly worried about if I am going nuts or if just certain strains I can't handle. A friend of mine also said that he can't smoke hydro (kb) because it makes him really paranoid he only wants to smoke sess (schwag) because that makes him relax more.
  7. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    Well Hydro has become a name for "really good weed" even if it's grown in soil or aeroponically and youa re more likely to find things like AK-47, Durban Poison, Jack Herer, Nevills Haze, Shiva Shanti, etc. which are all high percentage Cannabis sativa hybrids.

    Schwag, or Regs, what's usually found on the street is often bud that went to seed (either it met up with a male or a hermaphrodite and the female plant got pollinated givng you seeds) With the resin going to make seeds, there is a lower THC count, therefore less psychoactive delta9THC.

    Cannabis indica has a faster flowering time so a lot of folks grow that and when grown without males, it is seedless and doens't have quite the paranoid anxiety hyper-ness of the sativa strains. So there is some "Hydro" that wont, or at least shouldn't make you anxious.

    Canabis will not cause anxiety disorders or schizophrenia or bipolar disorder but it will make you more self-aware that you might be a candidate for one of these disorders. Check out for self-exams that might help you decide if you need to see a trained professional counselor or psychiatrist. There is no shame to being self-aware, and there is great pride in caring for your self and your well-being.

    Toke responsibly,

    Mama Budz

    (PS. It was brought to my attention that webMD no longer has the "self tests" they used to...they do but they are hidden under lots of drug company ads...if anyone needs help finding a self test, let me know and I'll give you a hand! Hugz, MB)
  8. Bongzilla

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    I don't know what kind I was smoking, but I know if I buy from a certain guy it makes me very jumpy and paranoid. It's not like any Sativa I have had. I bought an ounce of it, and everyday at lunch I would have a bowl, and would think the guys working for the park were secretly spying on me... lol

    I don't think I have gotten true hallucinations or even trails, but I sort of 'think I do' sometimes. My vision can get very weird... not quite fuzzy, but it seems like I can't see detail, and in return I feel like I can't really see anything.

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