Are "Hot Hands" handwarmers too hot for quick fix

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by cofergus, Jan 21, 2011.

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    Yes, I have tried the search button, but have yet to get a definate answer.

    Are there any differences between the warmers that the synthetic urine companies (like quick fix, whizzinator, urinator, etc) any different than the "Hot Hands" hand warmers. Like do they contain more or less "chemicals" or charcoal so that they keep the urine closer to human temp and dont overheat. I havent had a chance to practice with them yet so any help would be nice. Hot Hands is the brand I bought and if anyone has any experience using this brand to heat there synthetic, please let me know. Or should I just buy the more expensive ones specifically sold on the synthetic urine websites
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    Dude you need to practice first. Your plastic bottle should have a built in temp stick. I heat it up first in a microwave oven. Its ok to overheat. That just buys you more time. I find in the summer time you don't even need the hand warmers. I like to get it up to 100 degrees purple on the temp stick. Most times when I am ready to pour it into the beeker I am at 96 degrees green. Perfect. PRACTICE!!!!! You have to PRACTICE!!! I sometimes rubber band a handwarmer to it in the winter time months. Any type hand warmer is fine. If its too hot just let it sit in the beeker and blow on it. It will cool down quickly. I sometimes pack a cig lighter in my sock in case you need to try and jack up the temp in case of a 911. Remember you have about 4 mins in your locked up bathroom. SO PRACTICE and get it right. But once you have your temp down and wear the right kind of undies. Pack that sucker down by your jewels and you shouldn't have a porblem. I can't say PRACTICE enough. Its the key to everything.

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