Are portable Vaporizers 'safe' legally..

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Ghoast, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. Ghoast

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    I'm really trying to cut down on smoking and it's fine if I'm at my house because I can just eat a brownie or w/e or vape but when I go out with friends the night always seems to end in someone's house smoking some joints..

    For this reason I'm looking into getting a portable vaporizer that I can carry at all times, that way if I stumble upon a smoke with some friends I can just vape instead..

    My question however is, when I'm just carrying it around will it have resin in it? I need it to be legit so if I get searched it's completely clean.. If it has resin it's just going to get confiscated and that will get kinda expensive, not to mention potential fines and court etc..

    So yeah, once I vape out of it can I get it 100% clean fairly easily - I don't mind having to wipe it out with a wet tissue, but I'm not going to get out the rubbing alcohol..

  2. 5drive

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    It's not as bad as a smoking device, but if you get stopped it comes down to how smart and informed the cop is, and how closely he inspects the vape, and whether he smells it or not. Vaped herb doesn't smell nearly as strong nor does it smell like smoked herb, but if your vehicle is smelling like exhaled weed vapor the cop is gonna be suspicious even if he doesn't know the smell. As for cleaning, you can't just wipe. To remove residue (condensed vapor) you need a solvent like rubbing alcohol.
  3. Mars1977

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    You get caught with the MFLB and its gone!

    1) As if they wont know its drug paraphernalia , and 2) they could easily swipe it and they will most definitely fine traces of cannabis.
  4. Linx

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    Yeah I had my Vapir taken after they found trace amounts of material in there. They seemed to figure out it was Herb, so give these police a little credit some are not as dumb as they look.

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