Are you, or do you know someone who is addicted to Marijuana?

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Are you, or do you know someone who is addicted to Marijuana?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Maybe

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  1. rick

    rick Moderator

    This poll is brought to you by my wife, who asked me this very question. The argument is the standard, "You're addicted", "It's not addictive" argument. I know im not the only one who's been here.

    Interestingly enough - I went to to see the definition of "habit" and this was there 3rd Definition;

    3. An addiction, especially to a narcotic drug.

    Guess the terms "habit" & "Addiction" really have blurred.

    Habitually addicted -
  2. Greenbud

    Greenbud Activist

    There was a time when I was smoking once every day, but I stopped that after a couple of weeks. Now I smoke marijuana about once or twice a month on average. I've never considered myself an addict, since I've even gone years without smoking it. I missed it sometimes, but I never craved it.

    I have a lot of friends who smoke, and virtually all of them are occasional users like me. Some smoke more than others, but I don't know anyone personally who smokes it all day every day.
  3. WNB

    WNB Seasoned Activist

    Heh, I smoke all day every day, and have for years, with the only break being last winter and spring, when I got arrested, and had to quit for several months. But than again, quitting wasn't too bad, so I doubt I'm an addict...just a college student with nothing better to do over the summer than get high and relax :)

    Anyway, I've always defined addiction as something you like to do, that you can't stop when it begins to adversly affect you. I don't think how often you do it really matters.
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  4. His Highness

    His Highness New Member

    If we define addiction as habitual use (like before going to bed every night), some would have to answer yes to the poll. However most people I talk to equate addiction with a physical dependence, and later a physical withdrawl when usage is stopped. Most of us who smoke the green have probably had dry periods, or periods where we quit in order to pass a urinalysis test (I recently did 90 smoke free days to get the job I'm currently working). . .

    . . .so in that sense no marijuana smoker is really an addict. The body will not adapt to THC, and then suffer when the substance is missing. If marijuana "addiction" caused serious physical withdrawal there would probably be a lot fewer users. I sure wouldn't touch it if I could look foward to delirum tremors, severe abdominal pain, possible death, etc, every time I ran dry.

    My thoughts on it, anyway.

  5. fight4rights

    fight4rights Activist

    I am pretty sure that at least one of my friends is addicted. When he has a dry period he says “Dude, I haven’t smoked in such a long time. It’s been like 2 days.” He also said he was going to quite until harvest, but he didn’t. he told me later that he had been smoking everyday for about 2 months.

    You have to be careful about your use, or it can consume you.
  6. S2

    S2 Just another bonehead

    IMO, in the context of drug use addicted is when the desire for use of a substance overwhelms a person's desire not to. In that instance I have known many people and I have myself been there in the past.

    Failing to abstain when you "want to" to pass a drug test for a job you really need to support your family -- thats addiction in my book
  7. StewScum

    StewScum Activist

    Well, i wouldn't call your friend who said he has stopped forever and only stopped for two days, is sounds like all he was doing was smoking. When all you do is smoke in your free time, and then you stop, that free time is still going to be there and you will get insanely bored, making the time crawl. If you want to stop, then stop and do something else, like work out or something. Your friend obviously just tried to stop smoking and do the same thing he has been doing while he was smoking, probably nothing.
  8. Cassius

    Cassius Seasoned Activist

    I answered no, because I took addiction to mean "physical dependence". If you meant something else, your wording was unclear. Actually, it's unclear anyway, so I don't think this poll will be indicative of anything at all except for the vast difference in opinion on what "addicted" means.
  9. cpd92574

    cpd92574 New Member

    well i know a guy who has smoked every 2 hours, every day unless he wasnt in the U.S., for 17 years straight.

    i think hes addicted. he said it wasnt hard quitting when he had to (family vacations etc), but if he doesnt HAVE to then he wont.

    i myself have pretty much stayed high for the last 10 months. i think that im addicted soley because my reaction when asked was "i could quit if i wanted to!!" :goof:
  10. SevenLeafs

    SevenLeafs New Member

    Well, by the third definition I would HAVE to say that I'm addicted, because I do smoke Mj as a habit (in reference to ALL the other definitions, well, almost all), but, because of this very reason, because the definitions that apply are more, or outweigh the "addict" explanation, I have decided I am not an addict (though I didn't decide this just now).
  11. TANJ3113

    TANJ3113 New Member


    :D Well I toked for over 25 yrs until random testing was implimented in my trade - then I quit for over a year - just started back occasionally - And lovin every min of it - but that does not constitue addiction - which I belive is a physical and mental need for a substance - I am addicted to air - cant live without it :D
  12. Gentle Giant

    Gentle Giant New Member

    Marijuana and addiction don't belong in the same sentence.

    I take 'addiction' to be construed as a physical element. That your body has to have it. As many may know, this government has spent millions of dollars trying to get those darn rats to self-medicate itself, but they didn't. I've smoked fairly regularly for about 33 years now with occasional drying periods, because of employment or probation constraints, but each time the withdrawal wasn't a physical withdrawal, it was a psychological withdrawal, lasting about a day. Marijuana has always been my beer after work, after dinner, relaxing to a movie, listening to music, or going to sleep. It's comforting and relaxing, plus much safer than alcohol or tobacco. But, I don't like the word 'addiction associated with marijuana, because it isn't physically addicting. That's what addiction means and that's exactly what the government wants the unknowledgeable people to think.
  13. psthbng

    psthbng New Member


    :sulkoff: Quick and to the point!! ;) Rather a buzz then straight :wave: But to commit a crime (other then the act of smoking it) to score a bag?? No way
  14. iGame3D

    iGame3D Activist

    Ok I answered "no" because "Hell no thats stupid!" wasn't an option.

    Read recently somewhere about "herb's addictive" quality, that the high of marijuana is actually the WITHDRAWL symptom of the initial hit of the drug. It was hard to believe, the page, if my long term web-surfified brain remembers, was full of other propaganda. But hey, if thats the worst withdrawl gets, give me more.

    I was at last year reading all kinds of interesting drug tales.
    On addiction to cannabis these are the symptoms of "withdrawl" that I made mental note of becuase they mirror my own dry time.

    within 5 minutes to 48 hours of smoking the last crumb of stash: ....anxiously looking from little bit I dropped or left somewhere.
    I'm bummmed out that it went so fast and its so expensive, so my mood is set something in this order
    A) anxious to get mellow (fight the caffeine overdose)
    B) depressed about my economic situation, povery sucks
    C) wishing I was growing my own, then poverty would suck much less
    D) pissed off at this goverment and its last 80 years of nonsense.

    24 hours to 4 weeks
    Getting to bed is "why" kind of thing, instead of being "finished" at the end of the day, there is just one more thing to do..lack of concentration = lack of production = lack of next inspiration. On pot this is negated, I'm in "the zone" hour after hour of coding and GUI design and crazy new concepts spill into the computer bucket!

    Emotion/Sensation A completly passes, unless I'm struck by a super creative mood that is jitterized by too much coffee, and the baby and wife are out, then I'll smoke resin(ugh) and get some good work done.
    Lets say I don't though.
    Emotion B comes and goes as the money only goes
    Emotion C is really strong, nearly tempting, but this isn't my house, within less than 100 feet of a high school, no money for lawyers or fines so instant jail time if things go bad. really Getting depressed/angry

    Emotion D gets stronger and stronger. There are not words for the feelings I feel. Prohibitionists and sheeple....really get my fire going, hellfire.
    I find myself distracted by politics and world events outside my control when not high. I shouldn't care..but for some reason I feel this need to feed my rage against the entities that corrupt.

    My underarms begin to sweat again, usually, and mostly right after a cup of coffee, and its AWFUL. God the reek! I read on lycaeum that herb reduces sweating, and then when you aren't using, blam the toxin build up starts ooozing out again. But no studies have been done, and I for stinky one and very curious to see some research on "Hemp the Under Arm Deodorant and AntiPerspirant!"

    Then lets see, 4 weeks, thats as far as I go these days for economic reasons. If I was loaded, or living in a free country, then well no day would be dry, by MY CHOICE, not by body or mental addiction.

    Before my first dry period I used to be terrorfied of not having herb.
    Its like your making love to your girlfriend and in the middle of it she says "I'm going away for a while, don't know when I'll be back, you can deal right?" the moment it sounds wrong, dreadful, disasterous, but after a day or two its like that moment never occured at all.

    Someone mentioned earlier that if pot were as addictive as nicotine there would be a lot less users and he wouldn't smoke. Same here, I got junked on tobacco at a young age, and it spelled out that addiction is to easy so
    all substances are researched for addctive history before use, avoided if they pull that trigger. Cannabis does not pull the trigger.

    Before ending I'd like to say I've been a steady user for 12 years, my health is about 98% perfect considering my sit at a computer work and sit at a computer work hobby habits. I've noted that throat and respiratory infections that I use to point to pot smoking for have decreased 100% in the past 5 years that I have not been sharing joints, bowls, and bongs with other people. Thats right, not sharing weed means a whole lot less mouth and hand germs messing up your life.

    (bring your own bong)
  15. godfather

    godfather New Member

    I would have to say I am not addicted. I don't really smoke that much, and never really plan to. I haven't smoked in a few weeks, and probably wont for a while because of these stupid drug tests. I would also have to say that one of the reasons I smoke weed is because it's not physically addictive.
  16. cassiusclay

    cassiusclay New Member

    I've smoked regularly for over 30 years. I recently moved to a place where people who grow don't know what they're doing. The stuff they sell around here makes you sick, literally.

    So I've decided to stop wasting my money and grow my own. I've also decided to quit until harvest to clear my system of all the crap. I've discovered that without weed I'm actually less healthy, mentally and physically. I feel vulnerable to all the stress in the world. Stress can kill you, its a documented medical fact that the more stress in your life, the greater your risk to disease because your body is heavily taxed by pollution, a$$holes, etc. MJ can protect your neurological system, thereby boosting your immune system, as long as its good pot. Bad pot contains nitrogen, mold, etc and doesn't really contribute more to health than it takes away. So it really depends on what you're smoking and calling "marijuana".

    I've noticed that everybody has a drug. Some peoples drug is sex or money or food, religion, politics, power, etc. Some people seem addicted to making other people miserable. I think it makes them feel superior to see someone squirm when they use whatever power they have over others.

    Marijuana has so many positive benefits to my life in terms of creativity, happiness, and overall well being and I believe the world would be a MUCH better place if everybody could just relax and stop fighting each other.

    Am i addicted to health? Hell yes. Am I addicted to schwag, no way.
  17. sideoftheroad

    sideoftheroad New Member

    I said yes, but that someone that I know is also diagnosed as being bipolar and ADHD and has a history of depression and eating disorders, so if it isn't bud it's just going to be something else. In fact he's begun smoking cigarettes and his weight fluctuates from average to obese throughout the year, so it's definetly HIS doing and not the flowers.
  18. supercybergeek

    supercybergeek New Member

    I am addicted and I know tons of people that are too

    At first it's hard to see addiction when you enjoy it so god dam much. During the end of my high schools years both my parents left the country for work and rather than staying home by myself everyday I would go out every night instead. I the begining we (my buddies and I) would smoke every weekend, laugh our asses off for hours on a .7 gram between 4 of us. After a while it we began to meet up every night after my friend got off work becasue he used to get it by a guy near his workplace. Soon it was everynight. Now zoom 10 years later and things have esculated to a whole new level. One before work, on after work, one after dinner and about 2 or 3 more before bed. This has become a regular habbit which increases more with vacations and weekends. About 3 years ago I decided it was getting out of hand and I decided that I needed to quit. I lasted about 2 days before I relapsed. The next time I quit was for about a week becasue I though it had somthing to do with my slow thyroid. After a week I replases and started on the daily habbit. I knew it was getting out of hand so I decided to cut down at least if I couldn't stop, and that worked about pretty good. I stated using a small pipe rather than to smoke huge cannons. But in the end I began to feel alienated from my friends so I began to hang aournd them again and thus the cycle continued. About 10 months ago I decided to move to China for employment purposes and also to give myself a chance to clean up my act. It was working great for the first 4 months, I didn't have any cravings at all, only mild ones that were far and few. After 4 months I took a trip back to Canada and smoked my brains out. I enjoyed being high, but at the same time I felt I needed to get back to work. Things were working pretty good until I met up with a friend of mine in Hong Kong who is a regular stoner. I would vist her once every few months and have a few sesssions thinking that they were perfectly harmless. It turns out that those far and few between sessions ignited a craving inside me that is incredibly stong. I have had dreams of buying or smoking marijuana for the past 4 days straight. I find myself thinking of ways to either find it or smuggle it in which is incredibly dangerous in these parts of China. I recently confessed to my girlfriend that I do just to test if she could find me some, it turn out she had a bad reaction to it so I guess that is helping me come to my senses. I still talk to people back home on line and they are still smoking like there is no tommorow. A few of thing talking bull**** about cutting down but it's all talk and no action. So if you asking me if it's a addictive, I would say yes it is incredibly addictive. If you smoke it daily for more than a year, it is increidly hard to break it off. Or maybe it's just in the genes and alot of people I know have this gene that craves it.
  19. JTP

    JTP Seasoned Activist

    Wow ^. I am a long time smoker who regularly has to stop smoking for a week or two at a time every month and I have never experienced cravings of your magnitude.
  20. BurgerHut

    BurgerHut New Member

    yes im addicated and so are all my friends

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