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Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by NorthwoodATX, Jun 23, 2004.

  1. NorthwoodATX

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    I have been smoking bud since last summer and I’ve done all kinds of **** while high and there after. I’ve drank alcohol and all sorts of drinks. However, I recently began drinking Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey. I have noticed that I have developed "mosquito-like bite" sores after smoking. They go away and whatever but they only appear after smoking. Is there a chemical reaction or what could it be? I thought it could be excess THC building up in my skin’s fat or something. I don’t want know what to do since I can’t see a doctor. I smoke blunts by myself sometimes (no I don’t finish them in a single smoking session) but is a THC buildup possible?
  2. Greenbud

    Greenbud Activist

    Are you smoking outside? Got pets? They might be bug bites.

    What you are describing sounds a little like hives. Do they itch? Are they large? Do you have any other swellings (face, hands)? Did this start after you began drinking the green tea drink? You might try cutting that out and if you still get them, and you've ruled out the bugs, you may have developed an allergy to weed. Not common, but not unheard of.

    Hope that's not the case. Good luck man.
  3. NorthwoodATX

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    Thanks For your Responce, Greenbud.

    Yes i do smoke outside around 1am in a somewhat bushy area with trees. However im not sure they're bugs or not because i have smoked and developed the "iches" when im not smoking in my usual smoking spot. i will consider to stop drinking the tea. i hope it's anything else instead of an allergy.
  4. Greenbud

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    Shouldn't this thread be in Chemical and Physiological?
  5. GonzoGarbonzo

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    Maybe you're allergic to tea, honey, or ginseng? Try taking these seperately and see what happens.
  6. B4ckInTheDaze

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    Bug Bites

    I recommend going into the environment where you smoke and sit there for about 5-10 mins and dont smoke. This way you can tell if its a bug bite without the greate deal of confusion you may get from smoking. After you figure out what is causing the problem I would recommend smoking a phat blunt and jamin to some phish.
  7. NorthwoodATX

    NorthwoodATX New Member


    It was the tea. i stopped drinking the tea and everything is back to normal.
  8. Greenbud

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    Cool. :chokin: I'm glad you were able to figure out what it was. Glad it wasn't Mary.

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