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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by xljclx, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. xljclx

    xljclx New Member

    As the title reads, I'm scared for my army rotc drug test which I will probably have to take the day after I get to school, on the 29th. I'm basically going to college on this scholarship and whatever input I can get from you guys would be great.

    I started smoking for the first time around may 12th or so, for the first 3 weeks it was a once a week kind of thing, but after that I began to do it twice a week for 2 weeks, then every other day till school ended around the 20th of june. shortly after school ended, I pretty much blazed every single day and towards the end of july, I would even blaze 2 or 3 times a day knowing that I would have to quit around august. I went to the lil wayne concert on august 1st as my celebratory quitting day so that I could pass my drug test, thinking that around 28 days would be fine for the THC to get out of my system. However now I'm pretty much paranoid about failing the drug test, as I read stories online about how people failed even after having quit for over 4-5 weeks.

    I still have 2 weeks left, is there anything I can do now to help get the THC out of my system? I am currently 167 pounds and at 8% bodyfat, and I workout daily and since I have quit I have been working out and running daily. But still I am paranoid of failing the drug test and losing my scholarship and getting kicked out of school. I wish I would have been smarter and quit earlier but w.e I can't change that now.

    Please, any help will be great.
  2. Ksobro90

    Ksobro90 New Member

    I am going to a drug test today >_< but my advice is to read N2 Dilution Method....
    Work out until 5 days before your test
    Start taking Creatine (You can buy it at wal-mart for like 15$)
    and drink 3-4 hours before the test around 40-48 ounces.
    In my opinion I wish i had 2 weeks notice...I smoked 5 days ago and im getting tested today! Yikes i know...well good luck and ill keep you updated to see if i passed.
  3. xljclx

    xljclx New Member

    damn sucks :/ yeah i wish i could dilute, and i read the sticky but it's not possible from what i hear. they send you in a room with a corporal watching you take a piss into the cup. either way i am going to start taking creatine again and the night before try drinking 2 gallons of water
  4. Ksobro90

    Ksobro90 New Member

    You are getting confused with dilute and substitute..... Substitute is trying to make synthetic or piss from another making it come off as your own....Diluting is taking creatine days before the test and drinking lots of water the morning of your test.... Read Diluting not substitution haha :) Diluting=your own piss but low levels of THC metabolite so that they are undetectable
  5. Secs

    Secs New Member

    Get a couple home tests and test yourself a couple days prior to your real test. That should help you out with the worry department. At least you would KNOW what you are facing.
  6. xljclx

    xljclx New Member

    i thought diluting was where you put water into your piss.

    is there anything i can do to help speed up the process?
  7. lew scannon

    lew scannon Banned

    Not really. Diet, exercise, and testing yourself periodically is all you can really do.
    As Sec advised, test yourself a few days before the actual U/A. When home testing, use the first urination of the day. If you fail this home test, stop exercising, eat large meals, and be lazy as possible from there until after you take the U/A.
    For more info, you can do an advanced search, using the terms exercise metabolites and storage mode.
  8. Secs

    Secs New Member

    In the mean time, read the dilution sticky and understand that you should never, never add anything whatsoever to your urine specimen.
  9. w3st3d

    w3st3d New Member

    Where is this drug test? Is it at some office at your school?

    If you are just going in to piss that day, you can dilute like mad. The military does not care about diluted results. It's really not hard. This is 10000x easier than trying to dilute at MEPS too. You should consider yourself lucky.

    With your stats and timeframe, I would be very confident you would pass with dilution.
  10. xljclx

    xljclx New Member

    i am pretty sure that before i get drug tested i will have to take the army physical fitness test which consists of running a mile and a half, doing pushups and situps, all which are timed. would that cause my piss to have a higher concentration of thc?

    i also heard that if you are an athlete that thc metabolites only stay in your system for around a day or so. throughout my days of smoking i continuously worked out and ran, will this have gotten rid of a lot of the thc in my system to start off with?

    also when i drug test myself, why should i use the first piss of the day? will that have the most thc in it?
  11. w3st3d

    w3st3d New Member

    I don't think it would make much of a difference, if at all. If anything, it gives you a good excuse to drink a lot of water to make your urine diluted. Like I said before, the military does not care about diluted samples. You can piss clear as water and they will accept it.

    If I had to venture a guess, I would bet your urine test is before the physical part of your test. They usually like to get them done right away before the rest of the day gets started.

    Some people claim this to be true. Just because you can pass a drug test, does not mean you are clean. There are many different kinds of tests and just as many ways to beat them. I am 'athletic,' I was running 4-8 miles a day 6-7 days a week both during and after ceasing smoking. I was still dirty for an alarming 40-50 days. Then again, I was a heavy smoker of the kill. Everybody is different on this front. The objective here is to lower your levels below the testing threshhold, not to "get rid of the THC." Excercise will help your fat turn over quickly, but will not purge the metabolites out of your body.

    When testing yourself, you use the first void of the day because it is the most concentrated. If you pass this, you should be able to pass later in the day as your levels will be lower as you become more dilute.
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  12. xljclx

    xljclx New Member

    damn. 40 days. i know this kid who gets drug tested at home every other week and he literally smokes every day, and he only took a week off for the first one and ran 3 miles a day for a week and he passed his drug test. he also has low body fat %

    in the past 2 weeks that i have quit, i went from 170 to 164. i measured my body fat % and i have lost around 1% of my body fat. i am also 5ft 11". at this rate hopefully im looking to pass. for the next two weeks i am going to run and work my ass off. thanks for the help so far.
  13. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    There is a lot more to a dilution protocol than simply taking creatine and drinking a lot of water. Please read the dilution sticky at the top of this forum's listing and don't mess up your test. You can drink too much water. You can have too low specific gravity.

    The military doesn't care about the color of your piss. Neither does anyone else, really. They are checking for the concentration of various chemicals in your piss. If they are out of normal human ranges, you'll fail the test with a "negative-dilute" result.
  14. xljclx

    xljclx New Member

    okay. so today i went to cvs and bought the first check drug test, and threw out the box by accident. took the test and got my results but didnt know what they meant. looked on the website for it and this is what it said for the negative results


    A red or pink colored line next to the C (Control Line) AND a red or pink colored line next to the drug abbreviation (THC and/or COC) indicates a Negative Result for that drug, regardless of how dark or light the lines may appear. No further testing is required.

    I PASSED!!! 14 days from my last smoke, no special dilution and anything. I PASSED!!!!! i have a bold red line next to the C and a dark pink line that is slightly faded in the middle. but that means i passed!!!
    thank you all for your help. im going to continue my workout routine and test myself a couple days before i go to college to see if the line gets bolder. thank you all
  15. w3st3d

    w3st3d New Member

    In most cases, this is correct. With military intake testing, however, they don't do any validity checks. Recruiters commonly send their recruits to MEPS with a gallon of water in hand and instruct them to drink 2 gallons prior to their test, right in front of the MEPS personel. I personally drank over 100oz of fluid prior to my test, and I got through. I have never heard of anybody getting any kind of flak for being dilute in terms of military entence tests... And I looked a lot during the "zomg am I going to pass" phase.

    The reason I mentioned color is because, depending on the person taking your sample, they will reject it on appearence and make you sit there and wait to try again. I saw this happen to a few people at MEPS. Mine was nearly rejected for being vitamin-nuclear-green but I convinced the "murse" that it was from vitamin packs.

    **edit: If you are taking this at the school and not at a military facility, I would give you a 75% chance that you're getting a $2 dipstick with no validity. The same kind recruiters use in DEP.
  16. xljclx

    xljclx New Member

    **edit: If you are taking this at the school and not at a military facility, I would give you a 75% chance that you're getting a $2 dipstick with no validity. The same kind recruiters use in DEP.[/quote]

    so if i passed the home test, im pretty much safe? nice. thank you so much
  17. Secs

    Secs New Member

    The reason they don't do validity testing and they use instant type tests is that all military tests are observed. They know the specimen came from your body and that you didn't mess with it or substitute with someone elses pee or synthetic. You had an observer see the urine flow from your body and watch that urine until the collector either tested it or sealed it up.
  18. w3st3d

    w3st3d New Member

    I think you are good. There is a chance they will take your sample and have it sent to the lab, but I don't think you have to worry about that until you process at MEPS. I have never gone through ROTC, so I could be wrong.

    Good luck.

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