Army Vet And Medical Cannabis Patient Not Evicted From Housing By Volunteers of America

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    Full blown crazy...for fu@ks sake the Vets are coming home in mass soon, and smoking weed - to keep some of the demons at bay - should be the least of any housing complex worries. Be they nonprofit, or otherwise. The feds need to wake up and smell the blood stained psychology behind PTSD, and how medical marijuana can help our vets.

    John J. Walters - Yesterday afternoon was the moment of truth for U.S. Army Veteran Jeff Crawford, who, due to his medical marijuana use was in danger of losing the subsidized housing he receives through the nonprofit Volunteers of America.

    Crawford was understandably nervous about the meeting, fearing that he would be separated from his wife and two sons if he didn't start passing drug tests. But Ben Perdue, a case manager with VOA that has been sympathetic to Crawford’s use of marijuana to treat his stomach ulcers, migraines, and arthritis, called the whole situation, “a big misunderstanding.”

    In a phone call, Perdue said, "He’s not going to be evicted at all. Drug screening is just to help us help people who fall off the wagon with drugs like heroin." I also spoke with Orlando Ward, executive director of external affairs for VOA in L.A., who said, "It’s not an untruth in terms of our transitional housing policy [that he could be evicted], but we consider the medical needs that are there… In this case, we don’t have approval from the VA [for medical marijuana use].”

    Crawford says he's getting mixed signals from the Department of Veterans Affairs, too. He claims his case worker, Katie Hashimoto, initially told him that if he didn't return a clean urine analysis he could be put in Narcotics Anonymous, removed from his apartment with VOA, and separated from his family. When Crawford met with Hashimoto yesterday, he says she denied telling him he could ever face those consequences. An attempt to reach Hashimoto for comment was met with a referral to VA's public affairs office in L.A., where a public affairs specialist told me, "Marijuana is not prescribed by VA clinicians nor dispensed by VA pharmacies because to do so would be a violation of federal law."

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