Arrested for 2 grams in Texas - Help?

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by AlliedFreedom, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. AlliedFreedom

    AlliedFreedom New Member

    Let me start this off with a few facts.
    live in Texas.
    I have extreme anxiety and don't deal with cops very well.
    I barely had 2 grams.
    I had a small pipe(paraphernalia).
    My car was towed.
    I went to jail over night and bailed the next morning.

    I obtained a court appointed lawyer.

    I'd like to know what is going to happen when I go to court.
    I'm pretty sure I'm going to get probation but does anyone have any ideas?

    I'm extremely anxious about this all the time now, I'm just worried about what might happen.

    I told my lawyer this, which is true... The doctor gave me an anti-depressant which i guess I was allergic to or something... I began puking daily, up to 7 times a day. I was smoking weed because it alleviated these side-effects.

    I also told my lawyer I found the weed in a park which also had the pipe in the bag with it lol, hey, weird things happen.

    I guess I just need to talk about it and just forget about it til I get a court date... Surely nothing big is going to come of this... What would the judge thing of me finding weed in a park?

    Already feeling better, laughing about this shit. LOL...!

    My questions are serious though... I was worried about them coming to my house saying they have a warrant, I've even dreamed of such things happening. I just don't deal with cops... Nor should I have to! currently, even if they did, I have nothing.

    Also, I've been pulled over since then. I don't think it was coincidence, I think they tend to be watching me. It was a state trooper both times.
  2. jikaboom123

    jikaboom123 Sr. Member

    They aren't going to get a warrant.

    You will probably get probation, drug treatment classes(mandatory in Texas), and a bunch of fines. You're will almost certainly get no jail time.

    Fix your post, hard to read, lol.
  3. AlliedFreedom

    AlliedFreedom New Member

    It's against the law for them to give me jail time being a first offense. I know that much.
  4. BartSimpson

    BartSimpson Sr. Member

    It's also against the law to possess marijuana and a pipe. Pot, this is Kettle; Kettle this is Pot. Just Sayin'.

    Discuss your anxiety with your Doctor honestly. Discuss your case with your Attorney honestly. And for effe's sake, discuss your circumstances with us honestly. Found it in the park is pure bullshit, why are you giving us this silly excuse?
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  5. kontroversy

    kontroversy Im Stpwned

    I dont know about you guys, but I get all my weed under the tables of parks.
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  6. BartSimpson

    BartSimpson Sr. Member

    Man, have I been doing it wrong.

    The OP is distressed, obviously, but the advice from this forum is going to be much more valuable if the OP just sticks to the facts. Who thinks lying to your lawyer about what the facts are is going to improve your defense - particularly when the circumstances are so silly.
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  7. DarthCitizen

    DarthCitizen New Member

    Yeah, when I was discussing the fact that the cops broke the law as they were arresting me for breaking the law, my lawyer (who just happens to be a jackass) said basically the same thing Bart Simpson just said regarding the pot calling the kettle black.

    It only made me hate him, distrust his allegiance, and make me want to punch him in the neck.

    If the OP needed that kind of bullshit "advice", he'd just go talk to his dad about it.

    BS, if you need an ego boost, go take it out on one of your pets.

    Yeah, OP, just deal with the facts on here because you're anonymous and you don't need to worry...That way, you can get advice based on the facts, that you can use to help you. Same goes for your lawyer...He is legally bound to keeping what you tell him in confidentiality...And your doctor, too...The doctor MAY be able to write you a scrip for medical MJ, or somehow parlay that into some kind of defense...I'm not saying it's likely, but it's better than filling the folks who you PAY to help you with false info....
  8. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    I've always liked the "I don't know how it got into my pocket" defense... :D
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  9. O High O

    O High O Sr. Member

    These aren't my pants Ossifer!
  10. Secs

    Secs New Member

    So what you are basically saying here, is that your lawyer should lie to you and say stuff you want to hear rather than stuff that will prepare you for reality.
    I get it now, you say you should be honest with your doctors, lawyers, etc, but if they are honestly frank with you and you don't like the answers given, fire them!!!
  11. AlliedFreedom

    AlliedFreedom New Member

    Thanks for the criticism! I don't think the doctor can give me a medical marijuana script because I live in Texas where it's illegal even for medical.

    I can't trust anonymity guys, I'm just a fuckin paranoid stoner! Let my people go!
  12. Ygdonmir

    Ygdonmir New Member

    Yeah your guaranteed to get probation, especially if it's your first offense. You'd pretty much only get jailed if it's the 6,000th time they picked you up or you had intent to sell. The cops will be hounding your ass, as well. My buddy was picked up with a roach in his pocket and they always knew we always smoked together. So they would always try to search us for about three months straight before they lost interest.

    Plus mandatory classes in Texas. As long as you represent yourself with a level of dignity in your step you'll just have to face the music. It's a bad experience, but in a few months you'll forget all about it...just try to pass your probation urine tests and it may even get wiped off your record. That's all the advice I can really give you.
  13. AlliedFreedom

    AlliedFreedom New Member

    I appreciate the advice Ygdonmir, funny thing is, I've taken up meditation here recently. I burn some sage and just relax... It's gotten me by in a few of these hard times. Sometimes I really think I need some weed but I always get by some how.

    Also since I've joined a couple forums, that's really helped me, believe it or not! Just talking about it I've become more at ease about the who situation.

    My anxiety and depression still BLARE but that's just something I'm going to have to deal with until Texas comes around and legalizes for medical at least.

    I could get medical marijuana if it was here... I have bad anxiety and depression. If that didn't work, I also have Restless Leg Syndrome - I use to think RLS was fake... Now that' it's happened to me I highly disagree...
  14. Jared_320

    Jared_320 New Member

    Dude I live in sa, TX and this is probably the last state that will legalize it for medical reasons. They are actually going the opposite way, lol. I also have pretty bad anxiety and know exactly where I got it from, my dad. He is the worst behind the wheel and needs to take up pot. haha. Even if they did legalize it anxiety won't be on the list of debilitating conditions. First, you need to be very conservative and cautious to avoid situations like this. Second, this does happen to all of us so I recommend you get a good lawyer and pass your drug screens. I had a friend fail one and it is now on his record. It was his last one so be careful with those drinks that clear your system, their not 100% guaranteed. Best of luck to you bro as my tax dollars will go to good use with this case. lol
  15. AlliedFreedom

    AlliedFreedom New Member

    I'm sure dude, I'm sure. Once I get all this probation and whatever dealt with, I'm moving... I can easily obtain a medical marijuana prescription but not here.

    Now that it's over and I'm done arguing with my friends and whatever... I see how dumb I was for gettin' caught... I just can't think about it... Oh well... You know, life's life.
  16. mondaymonkey

    mondaymonkey Sr. Member

    I can understand your pretty ruffled up.

    Who wouldn't be for only having 2 freakin grams? I've accidently carried more than that in a jacket pocket through 5 airports, including a airplane breakdown, and subsequent overnight stay.

    Honestly, i really feel bad for you, esp if you use marijuana for a legit purpose (alliveate vomiting). Being locked up overnight is scary as well. This "war on drugs" certainly claimed you as a victim.
  17. Jared_320

    Jared_320 New Member

    One last thing, next time try to eat it if u thing u can, lol the cop won't stick his hand down your throat haha. But, dont dwell on it dude we have things like this happen to us. It is already in the past and if only we had a time machine but we dont, all things will work out in the end. Take care man and best of luck to you bro.
  18. AlliedFreedom

    AlliedFreedom New Member

    I totally would've ate it! I just couldn't think the entire fucking time.

    I had to ride in a state troopers car and then I was escorted in ANOTHER, local cops vehicle. That night sucked. lol.
  19. Jared_320

    Jared_320 New Member

    Remember, everything is easier in hindsight. Also, time will fly and it is not by far the end of the world for you. Watch for 2012 though LMAO You will be fine. I can't smoke right now either cuz of my meds so were in the same boat, not to mention the same state. lol
  20. txtx

    txtx New Member

    sorry to dig this thread up but this situation is almost exactly like mine, except im not lucky enough to just find bud AND a pipe. i was busted with the stuff in my apt room (long story).....its my first offense and if i pass a piss test soon i could get it dropped. However if i happen to fail im sure it will go to court and im wondering if the above statement is true. NORML site shows that 1st offense can be up to 160 days so this post seems to be wrong. Can anyone verify if it is indeed against the law to put me in jail for my first offense?

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