Arrested For Weed? Every 42 Seconds Someone Is Busted For Smoking Pot

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    Journalist, publishing manager, correspondent, and LGBT rights activist Dan Savage diverged from his normal core issue (civil rights) with a new Youtube video detailing the plight of Marijuana arrests in the US. One person is arrested for pot possession every 42 seconds in America.

    American Savage - On Sunday, Savage posted "42 Seconds: Pot Legalization and Marijuana Reform" wherein he recapped legalization in Washington and Colorado, and listed "reasons why everyone should be happy and everyone should get involved."
    He mentioned the $40-$100 billion in estimated new US tax revenues that would come if pot were legal and points out that there have been "shitloads of studies proving that" cannabis is beneficial for some health conditions.

    Legalization also ends the select persecution of minorities and young people for pot crimes, and raises tax revenue for real, violent crime.

    Savage also delved into pot prohibition's "douchebag racist" roots, and makes a pitch for donating to NORML.
    "We can't be afraid to talk about the implications of pot prohibition," Savage concluded. After all, five people will be arrested for weed while you watch the video below.

    "This is a scandal, you can do something about it."

    Source - Eastbay Express

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