ASA's National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference Fights 'The Dark Side'

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    Harborside Heath Center general manager: Medical marijuana advocates are like rebels in ‘Star Wars’
    By Kay Steiger:​
    Medical marijuana activists gathered at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. on Saturday to talk about resistance to federal law. It’s clear that these activists view themselves as performing civil disobedience, risking jail time, legal fees and stigma. One activist and medical marijuana dispensary worker even compared the movement to the rebels in “Star Wars,” saying that finding legal weaknesses in the federal case is like “finding the weakness in the Death Star.”

    Things are slowly changing, though, said Valerie Corral, director and co-founder of the Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana, which was founded in 1993. She described getting interviewed recently by the New York Times style section about the etiquette of smoking marijuana.

    “This is the mainstreaming of cannabis,” she told the room, prompting laughter.

    Andrew DeAngelo, general manager and brother to the proprietor behind the much-beleaguered Harborside Health Center in San Jose, California, noted that his facility has been particularly targeted by the federal government in its effort to enforce forfeiture law to shut down their dispensary.

    Forfeiture is a civil law that uses allegations of criminal misconduct or wrongdoing to prove breach of contract. The federal government has used this strategy to pit Harborside’s landlords against them, even though the dispensary operates within the bounds of state medical marijuana law. DeAngelo screened a three-week-old parody video the dispensary produced, in part to “blow off steam” due to the frustrations of the legal challenge.

    The video tells a stripped-down version of the dispensaries legal troubles in Dr. Seuss-style verse, with a fictional ending in which President Barack Obama removes U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag from her position and is instructed to “smoke a spliff instead.” Haag has been the attorney leading the fight against Harborside and other medical marijuana dispensaries.


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