Aspirin-Dilution Test

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Highanxiety, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. Highanxiety

    Highanxiety New Member

    I have 2 gallons of gatorade, bayer aspirin, tums, and test kits at the ready. I have already taken creatine, potassium, vitamin c and a multivitamin today.

    I am going to go through a "test" run on this method tonight and see what the results are. At the end I will post my results.

    Background: 5'10", 200 lbs., moderate metabolism, heavy smoker up til 9 days ago, nothing since

    See you guys in a couple hours :)
  2. YouLiveAndLearn

    YouLiveAndLearn Sr. Member

    Be sure to post the results and good luck...:)

    Big Dre
  3. Highanxiety

    Highanxiety New Member


    Like I said in previous post I had already done the vitamin, potassium and creatine thing earlier in the day so I did not do this during the test as S2 described. Everything else I did right down to the letter.

    And the results were promising!

    I peed like a race horse so that part was true. :laugh: I started at exactly 9 pm and finished up at exactly 11 pm, took my home test and noticed a VERY faint line for negative! I had tested myself this moning and failed so this is step in the right direction. Main problem I had was color as it was almost water. Will need vitamin b to help there, but this method does appear to have an impact.

    I do have some sub coming tomorrow but will consider this dilution method as a back up plan if need be.

    Thanks S2!!!
  4. KonaGirl

    KonaGirl New Member

    This is good news.

    I'm waiting for the fedex guy to deliver my home test. So far I'm 18 days without and am really stressing.

    As all the good people here have said, the only way is to just test yourself. I didn't even know home tests existed until this board. So I found a place on the net and paid the extra to have it shipped here pronto.

    Soon as I get those little dipsticks, I'll let you all know whats up.

    All the best to those of us in this horrible limbo.
  5. scootertrash

    scootertrash New Member

    hey ummmmm they sell those at the pharmacy FYI
  6. Wizard1

    Wizard1 New Member

    Your doing your homework... Good girl....
    It is the only sure way to answer the question..."will I pass" that is asked here so very often. After 18 days, you should be able to pass with proper dilution. Follow the method posted here by S2...N2, and Mel.
    Home tests are available to all of us... Why not use them??
    We wish you the best with your test!!
  7. Highanxiety

    Highanxiety New Member

    be careful, my stomach still isn't right, i may cut down on the aspirin next time...
  8. Highanxiety

    Highanxiety New Member

    my interview went really well today! since i have another for a different job on thursday i let this place now i would let them if i wanted the job friday afternoon, hopefully giving me another 6-7 days (14-16 days total) of cleaning up! i hopefully won't have to dilute as much at that point because i am under the impression that along with drug test there is a physical, i really don't know how to hide sub when wearing a johnny if it comes down to that.

    anyone ever have to take a physical with a drug test? how is it done? etc.
  9. Bodhi36

    Bodhi36 New Member

    Tell the people at the place you have to pee while you're still in the waiting room- or just before they start the physical and they will probably go ahead and get your sample.I don't think thay would subject you to a physical if they knew you had to go and they most likely will not waste urine casue sometimes people can't pee again for awhile. Good luck and thanks for all the good info you've put in this forum.
  10. KonaGirl

    KonaGirl New Member

    You guys are lucky to have pharmacies around. I called every pharmacy with a driving distance I had time for, and nobody carried them. So much for living in the woods...
  11. killavanilla

    killavanilla New Member

    You might want to try testing closer to when you plan on testing. I other words, if you plan on testing at 3 pm, test at 3 pm. It should give you a more accurate representation of your chances as your body will be around the same cycle.
    Aspirin can irritate the stomach. Wish someone warned about that.
    Good luck.

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