aspirin for niacin flushing, still same effect?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by jamie123, May 5, 2009.

  1. jamie123

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    I have a test coming up in 2 weeks or so, pretty active, workout 3-4 days a week, but have been blazing for the past 2 weeks or so. I've had many friends take niacin with positive results. I've read that the reason niacin cuts down the time thc is in the body is because it expands the capillaries and allows more blood cells to flow through, which creates the flush that niacin gives. I've been taking 500mg everynight and the flush is really starting to piss me off, really bad itching, etc. If i take aspirin, the flush goes away. My question is, if i take aspirin, will this negate the detoxing effect of niacin? Or do my capillaries still expand..just doesn't make me itcha s much and stuff..?

    edit: beliefs aside, i don't want someone coming in here and saying "niacin doesn't work" whether its what you believe or not, I want to know whether the aspirin has an effect on the expansion of capillaries. Niacin alone wont' work, but combined with exercise and water it can do wonders for your metabolism.
  2. lew scannon

    lew scannon Banned

    Exactly how does the expansion of capillaries have any effect on the rate in which the THC metabolites are taken from the bloodstream and deposited in the bladder by the kidneys? Am I missing something here?:shrug:

    What youve read was nothing but junk science. Junk science brought on by an individual with no medical training whatsoever - L. Ron Hubbard, the father of Scientology. The same man who charges $25,000 to join his sect. The same man who believes in total silence during childbirth. The same man who, along with his disciple Tom Cruise, told Brooke Sheilds that niacin, exercise, and forehead pats would cure her post-partum depression and get rid of all demons. :rolleyes:

    Would you really want to trust Hubbard and Cruises quacked-out theories to pass your drug tests? :wth:
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  3. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Since niacin has no "detoxifying effect", aspirin won't reduce it. You're wasting your time with niacin.
  4. jamie123

    jamie123 New Member

    No, I wouldn't, but I do trust common sense, and if you put two and two together, it seems to make sense (not to the extent that most people argue it, that is that niacin covers up all traces).

    Fat is burned throughout the day, slowly, releasing toxins and nutrients that have been stored earlier. Most of you would agree that exercise helps detoxifying immensly, I know from personal definitely does. Simple fact..less fat, less time to detox. Because there are less places for thc to be stored. The thc gets released from fat, into the bloodstream, and is processed and eventually excredted through urine. We can all agree on that I'm sure.

    Niacin speeds up your it expands the capillaries as well as kick starts the liver into detoxifying (which is why too much of it is dangerous, inquantities over 1500mg). Let's say I go for a run with a dose of niacin in my system. Fat will be burned and release toxins, toxins will flow through my blood, and be excreted through my liver, other parts of body, and eventually urine. By allowing for more blood cells to flow (places where only one blood cell would fit, now could include 2 blood cells at once 100% increase), things can "move around' faster. I originally didn't believe niacin, but after reading just vitamin information (not drug test-niacin info by hubbard, i actually saw his shit and then xed it out) it does kind of make sense, i don't know HOW much it will effect it, but anything that boosts your metabolism will help to some point, whether its niacin, a diet pill, or exercising
  5. lew scannon

    lew scannon Banned

    Where did you get your information from? Please cite your source in form of a link.

    While niacin may open up or dilate the capillaries, theres no correlation that dilated capillaries increases the rate in which the body removes THC metabolites. There is no cause/effect relationship between the two events.
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  6. MestUp7

    MestUp7 Sr. Member

    This is a topic that has interested me lately. So many people tell me they have tried it and it has worked.

    If it does truly increase your metabolism, wouldn't that get the THC out of your system faster. In the past, everything I have read about weed being flushed from your system deals with how fast your metabolism is.
  7. lew scannon

    lew scannon Banned

    The thing is, Mest, is that you dont want your metabolism operating in high gear if the test is just days away. If you engage in fat-burning activities too close to test time, you'll be releasing excessive amounts of the stored THC metabolites into the bloodstream and from there, the kidneys will pick the metabolites and deposit them in the bladder, making the urine sample testing positive. For 3 days before the test, you want to avoid any fat-burning activities and be as dormant as possible.

    So many have told me the same thing. Its nothing but a fallacy of causation. Theyre assuming that because they took niacin and passed that it was the niacin that was responsible. Just because B happens, does not mean A caused it.

    Purely coincidental.
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  8. MestUp7

    MestUp7 Sr. Member

    So when trying to get clean, would taking niacin in maybe slightly above average doses help in the weeks leading up to your test? Also, I know A isn't always caused by B, but these people are daily smokers. What else could have done it?

    It is just bothering me right now because this one friend of mine was asking me about niacin. I had to tell her that it was a myth (due to the constant enforcement of that belief on this site), but she insisted that other people claim it works for them. And to be honest, I really didn't have any reasoning to back up my beliefs.
  9. Webdox

    Webdox New Member

    What else could have done it?

    The water they consumed before the test.

    They could just have easily been loading up pez instead of niacin, the results would still be the same.
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