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    This will be my first post.

    Just moved up to atlanta, and am taking classes at Georgia State. Got a sweet job up here.

    Just as a quick background. Dropped out of high school as a junior to tour the US in some sweet bands. I'm a guitarist, then I went back to school and got my diploma and actually graduated EARLY. sold all of my equipment (currently rebuilding my rig) and paid my way through a jr college for a year and got straight A's and transfered to GSU w/full HOPE scholarship. i'm pretty athletic too. road biking is a great hobby

    looking to play some music up here soon, but work and school take up all my time now.

    I Have a pretty good hook up, but he's an hour away. Most of the friends i've made commute, or don't burn. I live in a strict apt complex (24 security, etc) but i smoke in my room all the time. You don't HAVE to be a student to live here but it is kind of 'student oriented'.

    Anyways. i cant find any good connections. pretty sketched out about approaching gangsters, people are always super weird here. i don't get it.

    should i drive an hour away and get some tonight, or are there reliable, safe ways to get it up here that you wouldn't mind sharing? tips? advice? :confused: :hail: I'M NOT WORTHY

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