Atrial Fibrillation/Heart Murmur

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    I haven't been formerly diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation or a heart murmer, but from everything I read on the net of the symptoms, I can almost bet that I have A.F. I ended up in the E.R. one time because my heart was racing and wouldn't stop, but before that happened I noticed my heart missing beats, then thudding afterwards, and being light headed during those times. Then I started smoking weed, and during the 6 months that I did, those symptoms went away. I didn't attribute that to smoking until I quit and the symptoms returned. At that point I began to wonder if weed helped. I started smoking again, and just a month ago, I quit again. Sure enough - the symptoms have returned in full force. I have searched the net for stories of this happening to other people or studies done in reference to this, but I can't find any! I would like to know if anyone has heard of this happening to anyone before?
  2. dyolF kniP

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    :( I dont mean to scare ya but one of my good friends died from that. :(
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    see a doctor and get a checkup....
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    Actually, I did get it checked out. They had me wear a Holter monitor for 24 hours, but told me that what I had was harmless. I do plan to get another opinion though. I was just wondering if anyone knew anyone else who found that weed eased the symptoms that I described.
  5. Shaman

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    High BB, welcome to CheapTalk! I've not heard of marijuana providing relief for those symptoms, in fact it usually speeds up my heartbeat. My friends brother once snuck into his room and toked about 12 bowls out of his bong... he had never smoked before... ended up going to E.R. because his heart was racing so fast. I explained to him in great detail that you CANNOT die from smoking marijuana, I THOUGHT that I had him convinced. Nope. Last week he was in again for the EXACT same thing! GRRRRR!
    That's two more "pot related emergency room visits" for the prohibitionists records. :(
    Anyways, you should know your body best. If pot is helping the symptoms, by all means use it, but be SURE to get a second opinion about that A.F. thing because you could have problems down the road with it. If you live in a state where they have medpot laws, I'd tell your doctor that you find relief from pot.
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    You may have what I have, SVT. SVT stands for Super Ventricular Tachecardia. Sometimes my heart will kick into a different mode and will beat about 2x fast as normal. If I hold my breath until I am about to pass out, exhale real deep and breath in real deep, it will feel like it skips a beat and then it will thud really hard. Next time it happens to you, try that and see if it works :)
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    The problem is that my heart skips beats all day long. I can also feel my heartbeat all day long in my chest and in my upper arms - so much so that I can feel my body move with every beat which keeps me awake. I went to the doctor and told her what I thought it was (Mitral Valve Prolapse) cuz I exhibit MANY of the symptoms. Tell me this...what is it with doctors? When you go to them with what you think is wrong after doing a good amount of research, why do they shoot your ideas down? Why do they test you for everything else they can think of first? Why do they not at least entertain your idea? Is it their egos or something? So doctor pissed me off so I decided to self-medicate with the herb last night...I am happy to report that I feel better today than I have in a couple of weeks at least. I have to actually concentrate and listen in order to hear my heartbeat today and I have had no episodes of skipped beats - that were noticeable at least...=)
  8. AnarchistBarbie

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    It could also be an anxiety or panic disorder of some kind - and those are often alleviated by cannabis.

    Something not cannabis related - have you tried meditation and yoga breathing?
  9. legalizeit0001

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    can i get some resorces

    - have a heart murmur that I was born with and the only thing that helps me is to smoke weed. When I don't I get shortness of breath and it gets really hard for me to breathe and it hurts real bad. What can I do to get medical treatment for this through DHS medicsl marijuana program in oregon???
  10. pHAETON

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    I had to wear one of those 24 hour heart monitors. While I had it on went I ahead and took four good vaporizer hits, more than usual, just to see. Even noted it in my booklet. Well, turns out the pot had exactly no effect other than the holding my breath part sped it up a little. Turned out that synthetic opiates are even worse for me than the natural item, seizing up the heart, but inhaling THC did not raise any alerts on the machine.

    No two folks are the same but THC had no harmful effects while I was being tested.
  11. wrongrex

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    mary jane and my heart

    hey bunny, im 47 i was born with a heart murmer. i smoked weed until 14 days ago and now my atrial fibrillation is bothering me. when i smoked weed i did not notice it unless i was super baked and drinking alot and smoking cigs alot. when i smoked weed daily i slept well and didnt notice my heart problem. now that i quit ,whenever i lay down to sleep my heart flutterts. i have been looking on the net and cant find anyone other than you and i who have this odd situation. i wonder if it is anxiety related withdrawl symptoms?

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    My dad had a heart attack at the age of 37. He was pretty healthy, not fat at all, and ate decently. He was actually playing hockey when it happened. I guess it was genetics. He has A-Fib now, he actually had it minorly today. He gets it when he is stressed out mainly.
  13. KenSoCal

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    I know this is a really old thread but it pops up on Google page one for 'marijuana atrial fibrillation' so I'm going to go ahead and reply.

    I am 52, about 50 pounds overweight and have suffered from AF for about 10 years. I get palpitations that sometimes do not result in a full blown AF attack but for the most part they are an indication that an attack is imminent.

    I take heart rhythm medications that help reduce the frequency, but they do not eliminate the episodes.

    Contrary to published medical opinion, I have found smoking half of a medicinal marijuana cigarette prevents the palpitations from becoming a full blown AF attack. In almost every case where I was able to smoke after experiencing palpitations, they stopped and did not recur.

    Maybe it is the combination of the heart medication and the marijuana, but it is nearly 100% effective for me. I felt compelled to document my experience after reading medical opinions that state marijuana can cause AF attacks. That is simply not the case with me and is in fact contrary to my experiences.

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