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Discussion in 'Places and People' started by seanph, Aug 18, 2002.

  1. seanph

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    I will be in Lisbon and other parts of Portugal in about ten days. Wondering if anyone can fill me in about attitudes to marijuana there. Is it readily available and where and how would one go about procuring a little while there? Thanks.
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  3. DoritosMan

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    The current marijuana laws in Portugal were made with Brazil but for some lame reason our gov't gave the law isnt in progress here, but in Portugal carrying weed is now only a fine and no jail time, but watch out since you be a turist, they might deport you or'll fall in international drug laws...

    ps. Pan nice avatar :) Pimpin' aint easy but it sure is fun :p
  4. Bongzilla

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    I was just about to comment on that avatar... Lookin this cool is a full time job :chokin:
  5. STL

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    actually i went to Lisbon this summer and i was offered hash and bud every 15 minutes. Fun Fact --------> there are no drug laws in Portgual, every drug out there is legal.
  6. DoritosMan

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    Thats not correct my friend, Portugal decriminalized most drugs and not legalized. Posetion wont take you to jail,

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