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Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by MJBlessMe, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. MJBlessMe

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    I recently got into trouble with my school (the University of Maryland) for my on-campus arrest for possesion. They kicked me out of the dorms, imposed 60hrs community restitution and random drug testing (3+ times per semester at my own expense) for the next two years. Communist biotches. Anyhow, the written statement of my sanctions contained everything but it made no mention of my drug testing. I did however, sign an agreement to drug testing while I was in the director of judicial programs' office after my hearing.

    Now I'm wondering... had I not signed he agreement, would I have gotten off without the testing because it wasn't in the letter? Can I still get off the agreement because I was a minor when I signed? I don't they can impose MORE sanctions at a later date if my drug testing is not on the original sanctions letter. Does anyone know anything about how university systems work in this case?

    I think it is pretty dubious but I figure its worth consideration.
  2. urania3

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    How were you a minor when you signed if you were born in 1986?

    And you mean, "fascist," not "communist."
  3. MJBlessMe

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    dob 12/27/87
  4. Cassius

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    Minors cannot enter into a legally binding contract, so "signing something" as a minor doesn't technically mean anything. Of course, if you tried to fight it, although you could technically win on this point, that might cause them to make your life hell in other ways. If you live in a dorm, they could start randomly searching as it is their property. They might be able to exclude you from extracurricular, yet school-sponsored, groups. The point is, it's often better to go along with something even if it unjust rather than to rock the boat if it has the potential of making the situation worse.

    No different than if a cop searches your car unjustly, the smart thing to do is to contest it in court, not to tell the cop how wrong he is on the scene.
  5. urania3

    urania3 New Member

    While true, since you were admitted to university, your guardians probably signed some sort of binding document that says you will obey the university's rules as well as any consequences of violating them.
  6. Arise -SWS-

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    What's up, fellow Terp.

    I got busted freshman year for herb at UMD and it sucked majorly. While I didn't get kicked out of housing (my arrest was more than 250 feet away from a residence hall) they did impose 2 years of drug testing (at my expense), a witheld suspension, and make me take anti-drug classes.

    Fact of the matter is, you're not getting out of the University's punishment, but there are ways to make things easier on yourself.

    The first is testing negative on the very first piss test they make you take. Doing so qualifies you as "low risk" which means you get tested less frequently. I don't know if their prices for testing have changed, but it was $40 bucks a pop when I was put through the system, so it'll save you some loot in the long run. Even though you'll get tested maybe 5 times a semester in the "low risk" category, DO NOT SMOKE. They're tricky bastards and will test you twice in a two-week period at least once, just to see if you're blazing right after you piss in the cup.

    While we're talking about piss testing, be sure to call in when you're supposed to and don't miss more than one test. If you miss or fail more than one test, you will not be eligible for early release from drug testing. I succeeded in this and got a year shaved off of my testing.

    In their anti-drug courses, you can be as rebellious as you want. All they care about is that you've taken them, not that you've learned anything or had a "sudden epiphany" about the consequences of smoking pot. I used this opportunity to speak some truth about pot, and about the ridiculousness of UMDs response to marijuana violations. Believe me, you're gonna get hit with so much anti-drug propaganda it will make you sick, so just give them the truth twice as hard.

    I think I've spoke enough on this. Sorry to hear that you got popped for possession on campus, happens to the best of us.

    BTW, you CAN smoke during winter and summer breaks without penalty, just so long as you piss clean by the time you come back for classes. Tell as many of your pothead friends as possible, cuz I did and got hooked up majorly for like a month after I was released from the program.
  7. WNB

    WNB Seasoned Activist

    I'd suggest you transfer, two years of random drug testing is nuts.

    When I got busted toking up in the dorms my freshman year, there was literally no penalty from my school, although I had to deal with the legal stuff (which was STILL less painful than what you're dealing with).
  8. oneluv4boognish

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    Will the school make the new school you'd transfer to aware of the drug possession?
  9. WNB

    WNB Seasoned Activist

    ^Probably, but if they still let him in...

    Plus most schools don't drug test, which is the part I'd be most concerned about. That can add up to a lot of money, and it can screw up your social life.

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