Attn: Would-be drug test passers, pay attention!

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Somnium, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. Somnium

    Somnium New Member

    There's been several threads recently that all seem to have one thing in common: people who desperately need to pass their drug tests yet refuse to stop smoking. Maybe its just cause I'm tired and cranky, but are you all touched in the head? Rudeness for which I apologize for aside, what are you thinking? How does smoking pot factor into your attempts to foil a drug test? It doesn't, and each and every one of you who does this is just shooting yourself in the foot. You all know that you're going to be tested in one way or another, why do you not stop putting THC, the very source of your doom, into your bodies?

    I just really want you all to ask yourself this question and think about it honestly. What is more important to you, getting out of whatever shit hole mess you're in so you can smoke later with impunity, or getting high right now? People have developed this mentality where it seems like they either ignore their problems in the hopes that they go away or will be easily solved, or just don't really give a fuck about really passing their tests. No one is willing to put forth an iota of work and self sacrifice in order to get out of their problems, instead they continue on their destructive path recklessly and without abandon. What is wrong with you people? Have you developed such an overblown entitlement mentality that you really think you can keep doing the thing that's causing your problem while trying to solve it? That's like writing an English paper and erasing the whole thing right before you get done, or trying to solve a maths problem and erasing all the work you did to get to the point where you can solve for X or whatever.

    The methods on this board, from what I've seen, are ways to supplement self discipline, circumvent blatant invasions of privacy, or serve as an emergency stop-gap measure in a situation where you're getting a test sprung on you with no prior knowledge. They aren't provided so you can make a fool of yourself by not making an effort to pass via your own will power and convictions.

    The point I'm trying to make, sleep hazed ramblings aside, is that if you know you're going to be given a drug test, quit smoking. This absolutely cannot be said enough times! If you're on probation quit smoking, otherwise you very possibly might go to jail for the rest of your sentence! If you're looking for a job your smoking could possibly ruin a several hundred thousand dollar a year job opportunity! Don't be an idiot and run the risk of fucking your life up over a plant that is supposed to be an enhancement to an already positive life, not a crutch to rely on.
  2. zonecode88

    zonecode88 New Member

    Here is the only part of your post that I feel is worth responding to.

    For any unobserved piss test, your point is 100% irrelavent. Any UNOBSERVED test can be foiled with GREAT efficiency using substitution. Given that more and more companies are utilizing pre-employment drug screening (mostly UA), I would estimate that the highest percentage of visitors to this site are doing research for this type of test. That being said, pre-employment UAs are pretty much ALWAYS UNOBSERVED. If you know anything, you know that proper exececution of subbing (which, IMHO, is some of the most useful information contained here at can pass this type of test.

    On the other hand...
    I realize your post, because of generalization, refers to probation drug tests also; concerning those, I agree with you. I will also add military tests, and any test that you discover is OBSERVED. Tests of these nature render substitution impossible (unless you wizzinator, but I can't comment on that, I have done little research on the use of it).
    Now, if you you can't substitute, then you know your only other choice is dilution. Concerning the dilution method, you are correct that the longer you quit for, the better your chances are of passing the UA.

    I understand that you are trying to help people who are trying to pass drug tests... however, the fact that you do not distinguish between observed and unobserved tests, and their respective necessitites (or lack there of) for abstaining, is an important omition. A distinguishment which is very important... For example, I recently passed a pre-employment UA, and I was high when I took it. I never quit, I subbed instead.

    Anybody who will have someone in the bathroom watching them physically urinate... ignore what I just said. But blanket statements about "all drug tests" ignore the important scientific and practical differences between the many natures and types of test... some of the specific information which people come here to find.
  3. Somnium

    Somnium New Member

    Yeah, I was tired and frustrated when I wrote that so it probably came out a lot rougher than I wanted, partially because there were so many posts up from people freaking out about an important observed test who didn't stop smoking, but my point still stands and I'm not backing down from it.

    What if you had been observed? What if the test administrator was having a bad day and was looking for an excuse to ruin someone else's so they decided to observe you? What if they run a GC/MS test on you for some reason or another and you didn't sub out and were hoping dilution would work but it gave you a dilute result instead? I've seen people on here be observed for pre-emp tests before and it ruined their day. I'm not ignoring the differences between observed and not observed, I'm saying that the best and safest way to pass a test is to be clean, because you never ever know what's going to happen when you go in. Relying on outside methods to pass is never 100% reliable, being clean is.

    That's basically what I was getting at and getting upset over. But again, if you knew that observed test was coming you should have stopped right then so you wouldn't even have to risk a dilute failure.

    No one wants to quit smoking or wants to hear that they might have to quit smoking, but sometimes thats the only way.

    PS: Why don't you post more, you seem to know about this stuff.
  4. Wrecks

    Wrecks New Member

    The only upside I've seen to these drinks, is that some of them supply enough of the right TDS so that urines specific gravity appears normal, when the sample is actually diluted.

    One would have to do a ton of research to choose from the dizzying variety out there. For post accident, and random testing, I'm from the camp of cleaning out naturally for a pre - emp, then moderation / short term quitting to keep my levels low enough for plausible deniability.

    I would just be too worried to try to cheat.
  5. Darius927

    Darius927 New Member

    Dam Good Post

    Great post Somnium, I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head, even if you did come across a bit harsh :D . But that doesn't change the main point of the post.

    I fully understand how hard it is for most to quit smoking even temporarily, hell, I was one of those people for the LONGEST time (years). What brought me around was what I finally realized after I graduated college:


    That being said, I realize that most people have to test on very short notice, for whatever reason. Those situations can't be helped, but the INSTANT you know you have to, as many people have put in their signatures, QUIT RIGHT THEN! Even if you start smoking later, it will have been worth it if you pass.

    Once again Somnium, WORD.
  6. zonecode88

    zonecode88 New Member

    No worries bro. I do the same thing sometimes. But I do like the way you restated your point. I agree with your entire point.

    Thanks for the compliment bro. I am still a relatively new member, with more to learn. Therefore, I try not to post anything unless I am certain that I have a proper grasp on the subject matter being discussed.
  7. AuNatural

    AuNatural New Member

    I totally get you about quitting, man. But that was a little harsh. I finished up the abuse class months ago and they told me I was good to go. Then, three days ago, I got called in because I was never tested in the first place. Once I found out, I DID quit, but I only have until Wednesday. I'm not stupid, you know. I was just looking for some advice. So, thanks for your help. :rolleyes:
  8. Somnium

    Somnium New Member

    I'm glad people seem to be in agreement with me on this, not cause I want to get all ego-boosty but because I truly feel like its the best advice possible, and am glad no one's come in here and been like 'nah dudebroman all you gotta do is take some golden seal, 12 niacin pills and some Vale that morning and you'll be fiiiiiiine'. >.<

    There's too much bad information out there and it bothers me because it keeps spreading, that's also what caused my backlash, and people begin to think they're safe because of this totally wrong knowledge; that along with the damn detox drink companies peddling their crap and trying to fool people into thinking their products are all people need. These things combined lead people down the path of self destruction in their blatant falsehoods, lies, and trickery.

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