Average yield per plant?

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    Idk if this has been asked before, my search returned no results. Just wondering how much you think one could get from a single well grown plant?

    Lets say that the set up is "hypothetically" similar to this:
    +Grow Box - 20in x 20in x 72in
    +28watt LED grow light (supposedly replaces a 250watt HPS)
    +All the fixins including fans and fertilizer, good soil, etc.

    Now obviously each plant yield will differ with strain and whatnot but what do you experienced growers say would be an average yield per plant based on that set up (that box would only hold 1 plant btw)? Half oz.? Oz? More?

    Side note: One more question, all the seed yield averages on seed websites use m2 "sea of green", how many plants would be ideal for one meter squared of space, 4?
  2. Bud Is good

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    Well I hate to tell you that the general rule of thumb is one gram per watt..That's based on hps, mh lighting..

    Now I'm not sure if that applies to the new led systems or not..

    I have also seen a led grow where they guy got a little over a gram per watt..Now that doesn't apply to veg time and height of plant but since your limited in height..I would have to say you might get your ounce..
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  3. Equilibrium

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    Where did you read a 28watt LED replaces a 250watt HPS? I find that hard to believe.

    I would make the box bigger so the plant can stretch out more,but I would guess a couple ounces if grown properly. Its pretty damn hard to say.
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    CRIMSONxSOLDIER All Aboard the Canni-bus!

    It was on the sunshine systems website. their glowpanel 45 supposedly replaces a 250watt MH/HPS and covers like 5 sq ft. Im not actually making a grow box for only one plant though, this was just a hypothetical scenario for one plant =P
    Maybe a HPS and LED combo would be better?

    Thanks for all the replies though, I was just curious as to how much I could potentially expect from one plant and I know its extremely hard to say exactly due to so many different factors but all I was looking for was a general idea :)
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  6. planehopr

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    I saw a beginner grow tech using similar space and cfl lights. The guy said you could try to aim for 2 ounces per plant. There are a lot of variables with light, space, conditions that would have an effect on that.

    I tried looking at a M2 calculation...lets say your plants in 9 square feet would produce 400 grams under ideal lighting. 20 in x 20 in = 2.7 square feet. That looks like 120 grams in ideal conditions or like 4 ounces. In this beginner tech I referred to above the author states he has grown more than 4 ounces on one plant using CFLs in a small space...so who knows.

    Ultimately mother nature will decide. Like the people above who know a lot more about this stuff than I do, you probably safe to expect an ounce and be pleasantly surprised when it does better.
  7. gabriel420

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    i wouldnt get my hopes up too much, i know that theres plenty of people out there who claim theyve worked wonders from those LEDs... but we were totally dissapointed with em, ended up giving away some 1000$ worth of lighting, with the few that we could actually get some result from supplementing real lighting on the sides n here n there.
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  8. gabriel420

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    and keep in mind sog isnt about individual plant yield, its about overall yield. the point is that you're raging dozens (or hundreds) of small plants, pretty much mainly colas with a few side chunkers, so you can harvest as quickly as possible. so you might only pull 1-1.5 zips
    (dry) from each plants, but you've got 30-100 of those plants at a time, and they're budding in around 6 weeks.
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  9. Equilibrium

    Equilibrium Cranched Scanner

    yeah a combo might be great, I'm still learning all the time.

    man thats sucks. I was really looking into LED lighting.
    It seems like the only LEDs worth buying are the really expensive ones. I found a 300W LED that supposedly equals a 1200watt HPS, but it cost 1999$:rolleyes:.

    What kind of LEDs did you get?

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