Avoiding the munchies?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by CrayzStoner, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. CrayzStoner

    CrayzStoner New Member

    I love the way weed makes me eat, but when I dont have weed I completely lose my appetite and it seems like nothing sounds appetizing anymore. Im sure many of you have this problem as do alot of my friends.

    I was wondering if theres any pills or vitamins that will stop me from getting the munchies, because most times I wanna be high but I may have just eaten before and dont want to be hungry again.

    Any advice?
  2. 1406

    1406 Retired

    Self control. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but all weed does is stimulate your hypothalamus (part of the brain that regulates hunger).

    There are no pills or vitamins you can take to get rid of the munchies.
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  3. deadstar

    deadstar Member

    Not sure why, but I never get munchies any more. Sure, if I haven't eaten I'll get hungry, but typically when I am high now I don't even like to think about eating. I guess that's a good thing.

    The only advice I can give is to eat before you get high instead of getting high first and then waiting for the munchies to set in. That's what I do and I wait for my buzz to start wearing off before I eat again. After that, I'll re-up my buzz.
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  4. DimebagPanterA

    DimebagPanterA New Member

    yeah dont get munchies anymore, i used to get it bad. the longer you been smoking the more you can control yourself. and eating brings down your high, and that sucks..
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  5. noobsaibot

    noobsaibot New Member

    i agree a lil bit of self control goes a long way. im a junk food junkie all the time, but i don't go all out when smoking. i love juice and soda but can't really drink it when smoking because it makes me want to throw up. i rarely get the munchies where its so bad i gotta eat something. i normally just drink water.
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  6. Hemostrat

    Hemostrat New Member

    Eat before hand. Not only does it *probably* get rid of the munchies, it'll make your high *in theory* last longer. Plus, sitting back in a chair, stoned, and with a fully belly? Amazing.
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  7. Blunt Wraps

    Blunt Wraps New Member

    Self control. Or eat a lot before you smoke.
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  8. Scruff MacPuff

    Scruff MacPuff New Member

    Yeah i mean i always get the munchies but if you kind of just tell yourself that you can't eat and deal with it you'll get over it because a lot of the time you don't "need" to eat you just want to really really badly haha but yeah once you don't munch once its easier to do it another time
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  9. CrayzStoner

    CrayzStoner New Member

    Thanks for the responses guys, but I find that even if I eat beforehand and smoke ill be just as hungry again. Im really skinny so im not gaining weight but its just hard because with the economy food aint cheap and I have alot of expenses. I could always cut down on weed which is no problem but I was mostly j/w if theres any pills to reverse your appetite. Any advice would help thanks all!
  10. Scruff MacPuff

    Scruff MacPuff New Member

    Actually yeah i just thought of something i remember seeing a commercial for this powder that you put into your water that is supposed to stop food cravings when you try to diet i'm looking up what its called right now and i'll post when i figure it out
  11. Zeroxtreem

    Zeroxtreem News *****

    I can only imagine how many people, who are high as sheit, come on this website and read topics like this like "OH YEAH THEY MIGHT FINALLY HAVE AN ANSWER TO THIS" and by the end of the thread they're disappointed when the only 'real' answer is self-control.

    Then, pissed off, they head to the kitchen because this thread made them hungry thinking about food so much.

    I was one of those people.

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  12. Scruff MacPuff

    Scruff MacPuff New Member

    Alright i have no idea i cannot find this thing but there are a ton of products out there but what i've seen is that eating nuts and fiber will make you feel full so i mean instead of munching I guess you can just much on peanuts or something just don't eat them all hahahaha
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  13. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    Drink a big glass of water.
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  14. metanoia

    metanoia Smoke. Weed.

    thanks for reminding me where my food is
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  15. Zeroxtreem

    Zeroxtreem News *****

    And it's so easy to get there...the kitchen that is. Think of what you have in that bitch.

    Do you have what I think you have? I think you do.

    Go see if you do.

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  16. metanoia

    metanoia Smoke. Weed.

    I got some motha fuckin almonds
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  17. deadstar

    deadstar Member

    Well, I sure wish I was one of you. Those who can eat tons of food and stay skinny. :hail:

    I'm sure there are more medicated routes you can go to keep hunger at bay.

    Also, drink lots of water. Water is a great way to fool your body into thinking it's full.
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  18. Zeroxtreem

    Zeroxtreem News *****

    You can't control yourself when you get high so you want to become medicated and find pills that suppress your hunger?

    Come on now. Just eat three good healthy meals a day with some snacks in between if you're real worried about it. Schedule when you eat, that way you can plan when to smoke.

    Don't take pills to make you not hungry though. Seriously. :(
  19. Treadstone01

    Treadstone01 New Member

    water. lots of water.
  20. Lady in Green

    Lady in Green New Member

    Can't really do anything about the munchies. Eat healthy food! To me I think it tastes way more delicious then junk food haha. Munch on things like mixed nuts or fruits. Drink juice, water, milk.

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