Back in Alabama Sand Mountain Meth Capital of the world guns going off within feet of my apartment

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    Ok here's a funny story about where i grew up in Alabama returning back from college in ATL I lived on sand mountain in marshall county during the meth boom in '04-'07 where there were meth busts in my neighborhood each of those years, it got better a few years ago '08-'11 but recently it got bad, someone broke into my mom's car and my old truck that I no longer drive, (paid it off my junior year so I kept it and I got the cutlass supreme with money from working on it, but my car wasn't raided just my shitty truck, the same methhead cat-burglarized my whole block, I wish he would have tried to break in my house, I have legal guns and I would have defended myself, and also having an apartment near little 5 points in ATL (the HOOD!) which sucks for a white guy, I'm no stranger to crime and/or crazy people/ drug addicts, and all combined but some methheads were shooting high powered rifles/shot-guns near my house which is legal to fire guns I live far enough from structures and out of city limits, so I shoot guns all the time too (even hunt squirrels sometimes) I eat good but these dudes were on meth and firin off guns Near my apartment (even more out there then my old house) you can fire off guns all day I even hunted some crows or just went to a crow shoot it was fun, never handle guns while intoxicated.

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