Back Pain Caused by Smoking

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by super20g, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. super20g

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    Back Ache Caused by Smoking

    Can daily use of marijuana cause back ache?

    I seem to have mild pain, more like ache in my lower back when I am stoned. I recently took a break from smoking (2 months). Then when I smoked the other day, I had the familiar back ache and I realized some of the back troubles I have[digenerative disk disease in lower spine] could be negatively affected by the pot(or the wrong kind of pot).

    Didnt know if there was any info on this stuff or if I am just way out of line and just paranoid.
  2. The_Doors

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    no it doesnt cuase back pain. i myself am 18 and have a horrable lower back but marijuana has helped me deal with my pain. :poke: :poke: :poke:
  3. Zilos

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    Umm, do you slouch when your stoned? :shrug:
  4. Higher Logic

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  5. jaman

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    yea , could be you just need to get up off the couch :laugh:

    sorry , couldn't resist .
  6. Higher Logic

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    I guess it just comes back to the old fallacy of causation: just because you have back pains doesn't mean it's because you smoke. Perhaps smoking it allows you to feel what you normally don't, and maybe you should start doing stretches everyday or exercising; if that fails maybe see a doctor.

    PS - Dr. Drew is a moron when it comes to drugs. Cannabis has ZERO toxicity. What kind of toxic buildup could there be?!
  7. super20g

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    Haha, I guess I am just crazy.

    I have digenerative disk disease in my lower spine (yea, and i am 22 :/ I was waaay too wild durring teenage years and now I am paying for it ) I smoke to alleviate the pain, but seem to have an ache when I smoke lately :/ Maby its just all the "life" stuff getting to me.

    Thanks for the link BTW.
  8. Higher Logic

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    This would have been helpful to include in your first post ;) Perhaps you aren't use the right kind of bud, what you need is a really strong 100% Indica verse a Sativa or hybrid (mix of the two). It's the CBD/CBN that you want, not the THC. Try smoking out of a vaporizer, it tends to allow more CBD/CBN in verse THC.
  9. super20g

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    Sweet. Great info and great group you have going here guys.

    I can't really control the strains that I get right now, but once I get out on my own this summer I will head back this way when I start setting up the 'closet'.
  10. Higher Logic

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    Cool deal, that's your best bet especially if you are using for medicinal purposes. Do some searches on the following:


    And check out when you are ready to grow :) Welcome to the board!

    PS - Don't forget to check out the following links:
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    Stress creates Back Pain :liplick:

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